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Wadazine Flag Fest #13 - Epic CTF

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Welcome back to another edition of the Wadazine Flag Fest! This week we will be running through part 2 of Epic CTF



-2 Teams


-5 Flag Limit per map


-10 Minute Limit per map


-We play as much as we can / as long as we want!


-WADs rotate per event - unless being continued


-A new game every Sunday night (Americas)


-A welcoming and friendly casual gaming experience - win or lose its all GG's 

More Info:

When: Sundays @ 6pm CST 
Source Port: ZDaemon (Discord link attached)

Location: Dwango United New Jersey (You can search Wadazine in the 'Find' feature, or organize the server list by server population)
Player Limit: 16 - 8 Players per team

No Password - Public and casual!

Remember to join up at the --> Wadazine (Discord link)

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