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I'm an experienced software engineer on all manner of platforms but a total newbie to Doom hacking/porting etc.

I've (just today) been asked to look at porting Doom to a soft-core CPU running inside an FPGA as a demonstration project. I know little of the hardware involved at this point, but I do know that there is certainly no SDL library available.

From searching the net and trying to digest as much as possible from these forums, I've come to the conclusion that ChocolateDoom is my best choice as base project. PrBoom would be a close second.

I'm also aware that I'd have to write some SDL emulation wrappers for the particular hardware on the platform. I've also no experience with SDL so I'm hoping the 'Simple' in SDL is not a misnomer! ;)

I've exported the source from SVN and noticed that there doesn't seem to be a lot of info on building the project under windows - I'm assuming most ports simply use the autoconfigure/make build scripts for un*x - yes? I'm not really interested in Codeblocks and since I'm most familiar with MinGW, I was planning on 1st getting ChocolateDoom building under WinGW for windows, then move onto the FPGA port.

Anyway, if anyone with some experience would like to comment on my perceptions or plans, please do so.


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