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  1. Stroggos

    Linux users - what's your distro?

    Mostly I use Xubuntu (Essentially Ubuntu with XFCE instead of Unity/GNOME) I like the light weight of it as well as the feel, but mostly I use the terminal emulator to do everything. I'm currently debating moving to Fedora (XFCE Spin), but at the moment I've got Windows 7 installed (Don't judge me).
  2. Stroggos

    Atheists, what do you think of life?

    1. I wouldn't commit suicide, not because I think there's nothing after life, but because I'm not suicidal. Death doesn't scare me, but I don't want to help it along either. 2. Never, at least not seriously. 3. I subscribe to the big bang theory. Of course fundamentalists out there will say that it's only a theory, but as Tim Minchin once said "Evolution is only a theory the same way Gravity is a theory, so why don't you float the fuck away?" I find the world beautiful and evolution a fascinating subject. The Bible story always seemed a little too man made for my taste, even as a youngster (although when I was younger I was reading Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse mythology and drew parallels between their belief systems and Christian beliefs, although monotheist seemed less believable to me than polytheism). Actually now in my early twenties, I would say I'm closer to being an anti-theist, believing that religion is detrimental and we don't actually need it any more now that science is a thing and we are learning more and more about the Universe. But, it [religion] makes people happy and as long as they don't push their beliefs onto others, it really doesn't bother me.
  3. As a bass player I get inspiration from people who did something different with a bass. People like Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), Cliff Burton (Metallica), Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) and Les Claypool (Primus). Outside of that I get inspired by people who do different things with other instruments, I think anyone could be inspired by Hendrix no matter what art form you undertake, Ginger Baker from Cream made me think about time and beats totally differently, a combination of Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Dax Riggs from Acid Bath made me really think about lyrics and what they can do for a song. Outside of music entirely, H.P. Lovecraft, as insanely stereotypical as it sounds, was a good influence, same as Poe's works Tennyson's Charge of the Light Brigade was read to me as a child before I had heard Iron Maiden's The Trooper and that affected me and is still one of my favourite poems. Alan Moore, a comic book writer, is brilliant and dark. Horror films as well are a great inspiration for me, especially those of Italy and England in the 60's, 70's and 80's. And, personally, my Dad. He introduced me to Tennyson, he read me Charge of the Light Brigade, allowed me to watch Hammer Horror films when I was younger taught me the basics of playing a guitar before I lost interest. My mother also read me books as a child and essentially made me literate, which is useful as a composer and lyricist. When it comes to writing though, I never sit down to write something. I generally get riffs and tunes in my head and will sort of whisper nonsense to myself to get a sort of rhythm right. If I'm lucky enough to have a bass nearby I play is roughly and write it down if it's right and if I don't have a bass handy I try to keep it in my head until I do, which can be difficult and almost never works.
  4. Stroggos

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    I used to be really heavily into thrash and heavy metal. Iron Maiden and Metallica's Ride the Lightning were definitely my favourite, as a bass player. But more recently I've been finding solace in stoner rock/metal. Things like Kyuss, Electric Wizard, Sleep and Red Fang. Black Sabbath and a lot of the heavier rock from the 70's is pretty stand-out as well. Led Zeppelin are probably the best band to have ever graced this earth. Some say the Beatles, The Stones or even The Who, for me it will always be Zeppelin in terms of musicianship they are unmatched.
  5. Stroggos

    What was your first M rated game?

    Living in Australia, we have a different ratings system that has only recently changed. The equivalent rating here would be MA15+. I guess that the first game that I played with the rating was Quake III Arena.
  6. Stroggos

    Other FPS games you play frequently

    I got the original Shadow Warrior off of steam with it's revamped menus and things and I have to say that that's taken my attention away from Doom for the most part. That and Eldritch. If you haven't played Eldritch, do so now!
  7. I think this mindset is straight out of the 90's Columbine response. I would actually like the FBI to monitor gamers because I think it would be a total game changer. Just imagine: [FBI Representative] "People that play these games have issues of a social nature and should be monitored to prevent these attacks on innocents from happening" In practise it'd be the most boring and tedious thing to do. [FBI Agent Monitoring a Gamer] "Oh look, there he/she is off to his/her girlfriend's/boyfriend's house." [FBI Agent Monitoring a Gamer] "Oh holy shit he/she's off to University! IT'S GOING TO BE A MASSACRE! Oh wait... He/she's just socialising with friends."
  8. Stroggos

    The 3D Realms main Build engine games thread

    I think he just didn't like competing with id Software as 3D Realms was constantly. After writing the Build engine he did actually (partially) create a 3D engine to compete with Quake but 3D Realms didn't use it, I'm not sure what happened there. But after his work with 3D Realms/Apogee he went back to college to complete his degree. Now I have no idea what he does in a professional capacity but he's still programming and has created some really neat things in the past decade or so.
  9. Stroggos

    Thoughts on Satanism

    My thoughts on it are simple: It's just as bullshit as Christianity.
  10. Stroggos


    There's no option for Intriguing nonsense. I firmly believe in life on other planets but whether or not people have been abducted or otherwise seen aliens is laughable. The question that I would pose to believers is if aliens were advanced enough to travel to other galaxies why would they come to earth?
  11. Stroggos

    me dancing to e1m1

    I've never considered suicide more seriously.
  12. Stroggos

    Is Rage worth buying?

    Texture popping and crap story aside, I like this game as a sort of mindless shooter. Less mindless than CoD but more mindless than Doom 3. The shooting portion of the game is exceptional they really nailed that down, it's just everything else about it, although initially I did enjoy the driving I got over it fast. I haven't bothered with the Scorchers DLC; but I can't imagine that it would add anything to the overall game. The biggest problem I had with it, because I can overlook the texture popping as it's not as bad as people say and the low res textures as I barely ever smash my face against a wall in game, was the ending. I had fun blasting my way though the lesser enemies, feeling the build up to a big fuck-off boss fight, and then nothing. What the fuck was up with that? Did they not play this portion of the game to see if it was any good? Overall I'm happy to have purchased it as it killed a few hours, but it could've been a lot better with a bit of care.
  13. Ken Silverman did actually describe the format in the readme file of another project of his called Slab6. So you can just use what he describes there without the need to tear apart the BUILD engine and use that license.
  14. Stroggos

    Rocket Launcher - frontend for windows

    This is just what I want from my Doom Launcher:Small Fast Easy to use with a little option for command line arguments This suits the criteria perfectly. Continue with the good work!
  15. Stroggos

    Put a joke here!

    Doomworld: Fine and morally outstanding citizens of the internet.