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  1. I just played through action doom 2 again and after sitting through the credits on zen dynamics with the hidden ending i decided to do the same here i saw the cliffhanger ending where the main character's daughter gets a letter saying his fathers ship has been lost around the demois base,could this be where action doom 3 starts? or did the action team chuck that in to be dicks?
  2. trooper077

    Modern Games that you do like?

    Dark souls. Holy fuck this game is golden
  3. trooper077

    Cacowards 2012 nomination thread

    I second that motion
  4. Steam: Trooper077 I play mosty anything on my steam. Usually TF2 Or Counterstrike Source for multiplayer PSN: Trooper077 Shitloads and shitloads of fighters.
  5. trooper077

    Doom's Octodecennial

    Nice job Hobbs. I kinda welcomed the removal of the mockaward and worse WAD. I think another category should be added though.
  6. trooper077

    The 18th Annual Cacowards

    Doomguy 2000 Warzone : Worst Wad. Make it happen so MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, We'll never have to see any more creations from his hands
  7. trooper077


    Just another review on a recent game Apon starting borderlands campaign you get to choose one out of four classes,each class has a special peferance to certian guns and a skill,the hunter prefers snipers and revolvers,his skill is a bird that he throws at the opponet and kills most enemies in one hit,the siren prefers corrosive.fire or electric weapons,her ability is to go invisible,the solider prefers assault rifles,his skill is a turret and finnaly my favorite is the beserker, he prefers explosives and shotguns,his skill is beserk mode where you beat the living shit out of everything that moves,pretty much the doom beserk with more additions to it like an uppercut. Borderlands storyline has you looking for a vault with alien technology that with grant you wealth, fame, power and other such things,it├Ęs a bit weak on the story, but the other quests and challenges keep you coming back for more,and since certian enemy areas are never left deserted and are always respawned with new harder enemies,you'll find yourself going through back into bandit camps just to stock up on ammo or cash. The Enviroment never stood out for me that much maybe once or twice but that was about it The guns in the game a fucking AMAZING.There are about 17,750,000 guns in the game and thats just a approximate amount,Some weapons,(most of them at the beginning of the game)are shitastic pieces of crap,Even then (because all the weapons are randomized) I killed an enemy and he dropped a scoped revolver with a 1.7 zoom! The guns in the game are orgasmic and each player will never have the same inventory of weapons. The multiplayer is pretty good,the one problem I found was if anyone in your group is more than three levels ahead of you it becomes borring,all it would take for the higher level to do is one melee attack on the enemy and hes down
  8. trooper077

    Fallout New Vegas Discussion Thread

    I thought it was pretty good,Kinda goes with the idea "If it isn't broken,dont fix it" Quite surprized to see Matthew Perry doing a voice over in a game, I liked the weapon mods and the ammo types,Kinda goes back to the original fallouts,I was overjoyed with actual aim down sights,I didn't see the point in the three different types of money,most of the time I was only able to use caps with merchants,I wasn't really pulled into the storyline like I was in fallout 3.It was fun! HOWEVER. The game constantly crashed on me,On my ps3 no less,I usually get an hour or two in before I get realllllly bad lag or a complete lockup,Thank god for autosave,If I didn't,I would have quit awhile ago.
  9. trooper077

    Child Molestors in my School District

  10. trooper077

    Michael Jackson MMO in development

    Does it invole the option of skin colour switching and painkiller addictions?
  11. trooper077

    Buying Second-hand games could now be illegal

    Well,Thank god I live in canada,I personally this is a dumbass move. Lots of stores would struggle if they can't sell second hand games and alot of vintage stores would go out of buiseness
  12. Yep!!! Playing through Soul reaver right now,its still pretty good afterthe years
  13. trooper077

    Marvel vs Capcom 3

    Looking forward to this one,Looks like they got deadpool down perfectly
  14. trooper077

    US federal authorities shut down 9 pirate sites

    Im not trying to rationalize doing it,im saying im not gonna put up with buying different versions of the game just to get it to play on a certian console
  15. trooper077

    US federal authorities shut down 9 pirate sites

    I'm in the middle of piracy,I believe downloading music is a shame,for the artist put alot of effort into(Unless it's th trash they play on the radio).But if I want a PC version of,Lets say oblivion,And I already have a version for the xbox 360 or PS3.I'm not gonna go give the company more money for buying another copy just so I can play it on the PC.The way I look at it is,I gave your company 60 dollors for the game of the year edition when it came out,I'm not gonna pay 30 dollors just to get it on the pc,So I'll go pirate it.HOWEVER,If I never owned the game,I'll buy it on whatever console I see fit and play it on it.So im not trying to say "Pirate games" I'm trying to say "Don't feel like you have to pay the company more money just to get different versions that run on different consoles".
  16. trooper077

    Vuvuzela Doom Weapon

    Bitch,you made it on Attack of the show as the number 1 video
  17. trooper077

    Freedoom now on iPhone

    Kinda defeats the purpose of FREEdoom
  18. Points to the person that can name the game
  19. trooper077

    N-Strike mod for Doom and Doom II

    See,If your aiming for a nerf mod,Use the older nerf models or custom ones.don't create a weapons mod based around nerf guns.It seems like a fun idea but something like a DEATHMATCH(hint) Is better,Try to bring back the fun of getting together with your friends and playing nerf fights in maps like a school,large house,field,streets or a large basement.Even make classes for everyone to choose from,Example would be the Rambo-kid (Bad name)He has the nerf longbow,some type of nerf pistol and a homemade nerf grenade(A bunch of darts inside of foldable-up frizbee).
  20. trooper077

    Deimos Development Thread

    If you think you can do it,go for it,this sounds like a great idea so far
  21. I know it's horrible but I can't stop laughing
  22. trooper077

    Doomworld Cooking Thread

    Take some maccaroni noodles and boil them,take 2 cans of PLAIN tomato sause and chuck them into the noodles after you've drained the water out,Add some butter,usually a quater to half a stick,add a shitload of salt and pepper and you've got yourself a cheap,and good dinner!
  23. trooper077

    Party Dance Music