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  1. Bishop

    Player Respawning

    Even in single player zdoom, I can't make it work. So, if you're dead, you're dead. All I wanted to do was simulate multiplayer respawning in single player
  2. Bishop

    Player Respawning

    Yeah, that always comes to mind... But I see 2 majors flaws: 1. "ConsoleCommand" was not made possible Zdoom... pity. 2. It wouldn't work in cooperative multi-player, on the count of being a cheat command. I would need this to work even if "sv_cheats" is set to 0.
  3. Bishop

    weak point help

    What you want to do is not that simple in zdoom. It takes very complicated Decorate scripting... You'd need to use very carefully-placed invisible "hit-boxes", that would follow the monster's movment of course. This is possible. "Brutal Doom" does this to simulate head shots, arm shots, and leg shots. Take a look at that mod to see how it all works. However, It couln't say if making any monster immune to all damage unless you shoot at the specified hit-box, is possible...
  4. Bishop

    Player Respawning

    Just wondering if there was a way via ACS (or even decorate) to resurrect the player when dead. Just like the "resurrect" cheat in the console would do.
  5. Bishop

    Zdoom : Particles

    Using 1x1, single colored sprites actually did the trick. I can do whatever I want with them. Plus, I can spawn as many as I want and not cause a any FPS drop. Gzdoom didn't even seem to break a sweat, unlike hi-res RGB sprites. There is a catch, Theese sprites will always stay square and not be effected by gzdoom's particle style option. And something else I did notice, Zdoom's particles seem to have the same scale no matter how far away you are from them whereas regular sprites scale smaller according to distance of course. So, For anyone who might wan't to pull this trick, It's not really the same thing but it works. It works very well.
  6. Bishop

    Zdoom : Particles

    Particles are cool. But I noticed so far that the only way I can use them in decorate is with ROCKETTRAIL or GRENADETRAL... Can I use them in a more flexible way? (like changing color, momentum, direction, fadeout, etc...) Or is it all hard-coded?
  7. Bishop

    ZDoom: A_Warp

    For any decorate experts out there, Whenever I use action function "A_Warp" on an actor that is spawned via "A_SpawnItemEx" from a floating enemy's death state (Cacodemon or Pain Elemental) It seems that if this spawned actor either never spawns at all, or is warped "out of existence"... no way to tell, I cant see it. Ex: Cacodemon => Spawned actor => Warped to current position of cacodemon every tic (Via master/minion pointers) Just pointing out that on any other enemy that is non-floating, this system works perfectly. I'll be happy to provide any other specific details if needed.
  8. Bishop

    GZdoom issue

    Nevermind. Found all the issues on the gzdoom end. I have to settle with version 1.6.0 and nothing later. No lockups, shaders work fine. Probably because the hardware I'm using ATM is so outdated and obsolete. This can be closed. Thanks.
  9. Bishop

    GZdoom issue

    BTW, is there anything else I need to install to optimize gzdoom and all all of it's openGL features? like OGL drivers, libraries, etc...
  10. Bishop

    GZdoom issue

    Thought about that, Did it, but changed nothing. I might consider putting some thermal paste between the chip and the heatsink because I don't remember seeing any when I took it apart to clean. All in all, At this point I don't expect it to be long before the machine shuts itself off and doesn't turn back on again...
  11. Bishop

    GZdoom issue

    The X1650 doesn't work either... strange, shaders worked in my older computer using this card (same drivers) It doesn't matter anyways, I can't even play for 10 minutes (in hardware or software mode) without getting a total system lockup. Knowing that system lockups are mainly due to CPU problems, I checked the temperature out of curiosity and got an outrageous reading... 192°C. Yeah, that's roasting hot. I don't really know what to do about that.
  12. Bishop

    GZdoom issue

    Didn't expect much out of that card anyway... Guess I'll have to put in my other Radeon X1650 instead. Shaders did seem to work then. Thanks.
  13. Bishop

    GZdoom issue

    Hello... Small question, Would an nVidia 6200 LE card support pixel shaders? (Yeah, it's kinda old haha!) From the little I saw, yes (Shader model 3.0) Just asking because I'm having difficulty seeing brightness maps in the game. (Yes, brightmaps.pk3 is loaded)
  14. Bishop

    Zdoom TEXTURES question

    Using the Textures lump to make composite sprites. In particular, doom's torch sprites. The flame patch is seperated from the actual torch stick, thus giving the possibility to make torches with an additive translucent flame (looks kinda cool!) here's a bit the code: sprite BBTCA0, 26, 96 { XScale 1.0 YScale 1.0 Offset 13, 92 patch TRCHA0, 0, 34 // torch stick patch BBFIA0, 0, 0 // flame { Alpha 0.75 Style Add } } Everything's good... Only one problem, the alpha paremeter doesn't seem to work like it should, All it does is "blackens" the image instead of making it "see-though" Anyone know why this is? Note: Sprite lumps are Paletted PNG. Tried to make them Doom Graphics format with no alpha channel, but doesn't solve my little problem.
  15. Bishop

    Slade3 issues

    Looking around google, and not having any luck... I'm having a small but slightly annoying problem with Slade 3 and graphics veiwing. Problem is, when I look at any kind of graphics lump, the latency I get is pretty severe. (even crashes occasionnaly) I'm not blaming Slade, it's most likeley my graphics card and/or drivers because when I disable all hardware acceleration in windows, problem solved. What I'm looking for is a more permanent solution... Any ideas?