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  1. fen boi

    10 sectors wad(s)

    It's ok, I guess I emailed the wrong guy about it. Will there be another contest?
  2. fen boi

    10 sectors wad(s)

    The intro still spells my surname incorrectly >:(
  3. fen boi

    Playtesters needed!

    I've emailed Nick. I don't display the email because I got a lot of spam, though a quick google search will probably find it.
  4. fen boi

    Deathmatch 2000

    IE 6.0.2600.0000 on WinXP, cookies enabled. Freeserve dialup
  5. fen boi

    Deathmatch 2000

    All I get is http://www.web1000.com/ is there a daily visitor limit?
  6. fen boi

    Playtesters needed!

    I'll test em
  7. fen boi

    The /newstuff Chronicles #104

    new maps?, linkage plz
  8. fen boi

    The /newstuff Chronicles #104

    Time spent on texturing/detail is worth it for DM, it aids gameplay if you know exactly where you are in relation to weapons/powerups/teleports etc when you spawn. If the level consists of boxy and mono-textured rooms its a lot more difficult to memorise.
  9. You guys are easily pleased, very easily pleased
  10. fen boi

    Alien Vendetta

    Ok a few things in map06 sector 345 light->128, ceiling->ceil5_2 159 light->128, ceiling->ceil5_2 344 RROCK09->floor 396 sector 407 cuts into TLITE6_6 texture on ceiling (looks bad) 217 light->128 linedef 381 make monster block? the revenants pass through the walkway but they shouldn't (ceiling should be too low) give doors ceiling texture FLAT20 Make telefrag cybie more repeatable? remove redundant sectors (control sectors for lift thats been removed) Pack sidedefs, saves ~50k
  11. fen boi


    There's nothing wrong with making money, if the games are good i'll buy em. I'm not sure about remaking DOOM2 tho, they've already put the archville in DOOM3.
  12. fen boi

    Alien Vendetta

    Yes those were annoying, and NOT my fault :). There's also some bad looking sector light levels, If I had the chance to fix stuff i'd never finish.
  13. I've no preference, as long as the map is well connected (with no dead ends) it'll work
  14. fen boi

    Something I'm Working On...

    sorta like shogo: mobile armour division?, can't think of a Doom mod like it
  15. fen boi

    True 3D in Boom!

    FYI zdoom beta33 allows room over room effects using the transfer sector heights special + invisible bridges. Earlier versions of zdoom (including skulltag) produce HOM when viewing the sector from outside. But in this version it's gone. Its not that usefull egmonsters wont stand on the fake floor, and corpses fall through it.