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  1. bimlanders

    Still the most immersive game

    I have been playing Doom since 1994 and never take very long breaks. But what really strikes me that the game's appeal lies in the immersive quality in that I really feel like I am Doomguy traversing through the levels. When fireballs, and plasma-balls narrowly miss me, I often find myself involuntarily dodging the projectile by moving my head away from the line of fire. I also caught myself trying to look up, and over, and peer down, to spot enemies that were a bit too low to see from an elevated position. The Cyber Demon's rockets fragging me usually cause me to elevate my ass in my seat, and close my eyes for a second. Why does such an old game cause such realistic responses in reflexes? I am playing with ZDoom, so it's not exactly 1994 anymore, but I am still amazed. I don't really ever have this kind of experience with any other game.
  2. bimlanders

    Things that bother you about Doom

    I love being nit picky about things I absolutely love, because Doom can stand up to any amount of scrutiny and remain supreme! The ICON OF SIN sucks, so that's number one. No proper episode separation in Doom 2, and no real end episode bosses. The Spidermastermind and Cyberdemon would seem more special of there was only one of each Not every level has its own unique music. Back when I played the shareware a billion times before upgrading, I would after a while associate each music track with its corresponding level, since they were all different for ep.1. The Lost Souls don't leave any remains after being killed. I like to admire my kills long afterwards. If I kill ten Lost Souls, I want to see the floor littered with skull fragments! The end of episode one was such a shock when I saw the two barons appear for the first time. I shit my pants out of fear. But they are overused later on to make their appearance more mundane in retrospect. When you get right down to it, there are too few enemies in the original Doom. In Doom 2, there is the right mix and amount of baddies, but (some)wad-makers overuse the damn Revenants in hordes, and in open areas. Fuck you guys. ;) Only one new weapon in Doom 2? It's a great weapon, though. Episode 4 in the Ultimate Doom was so half assed. It's pretty good, but does not offer anything fresh to the original game. No new items, weapons, or bad guys - just a new sky (which looks cool, I have to admit). That's enough for now.
  3. bimlanders

    Trying to play ZDoom on Win 10

    As soon as I hit a certain combination of keys, probably alt and ctrl, the orientation of the screen flips. I used the regedit and set auto-flip to zero, I set hotkeys to zero and the problem persists. Googling the problem doesn't seem to be useful. Any help? I cannot even play right now.
  4. bimlanders

    Everything is too fast

    I can relate. I kept my PC from 2004 as my main PC up until this year when I finally broke down and bought a "new" computer, which is already outdated by far by today's standards. But I couldn't conceive of much of a reason to have the latest. I have NEVER owned a cell phone. I hate phones; and when people call me, 99% of the time it's a call I don't want. I don't have a flatscreen TV, either. My TV was a gift from my parents wayyy back in '98, and it still works fine, so use it I do.
  5. bimlanders

    Doom regrets

    I've often thought about how Doom 2.5 might have gone. I think that replicating is fine, but making it as heightened as possible with new features, monsters, effects, but keeping the core gameplay and feel intact. I guess that's what source ports are for, but there still lies the true successor to Doom in this feeble brain of mine, never to see the light of day.
  6. bimlanders

    Doom regrets

    I agree. I played some of the stuff from D-Zone and a few that were on local BBSs at the time, but nothing that would sustain my interest for very long. I remember trying to make my own maps, but they would always have ram crashes. Later, my PC blew up and died a sudden, painless death, so my interests were forced to shift elsewhere. It wasn't until very many years later when I discovered source ports and Doomworld that I got hooked all over again. Probably my biggest regret is never turning my deep imagination into any of my own Doom maps. Maybe I'm too lazy for mapping, but I think I would have had a better run at it in during my high school years where wasting time not doing school work was a bit a of religion for me.
  7. bimlanders

    Stuff you hate in games

    Old games: Platform jumps that take too much precision Passwords are too long, no save feature, or not enough, or no continues Not enough music - every level except maybe the boss fights have the same song Expected to have every copy of Nintendo Power on hand to solve the game Mid era games, mid to late 90's. Camera is awkward and makes 3D platforming too difficult Controls are not intuitive with so many functions, so I have to reprogram them all to get comfortable. No FPS games are better than DOOM 1, 2 Too many fucking RTS games for the PC to make your head spin! Everyone geeks out over every Star Wars game regardless of quality 2000's to present Haven't we played this before? Haven't we played this before? Haven't we played this before? Video game music is replaced by boring real scores Realism becomes more important than fun Doom 3 sucks a fat one Screw you guys, I'm hooking up my NES! ;)
  8. bimlanders

    What is your favorite DooM Episode?

    Knee Deep... is flawlessly executed and is still the shining example of how to do FUN in Doom. I didn't say challenge, but a showcase of what makes doom complex yet simple enough to not frustrate, never lag, and be visually and structurally interesting. When I first got the shareware, I probably beat Ep.1 a 100 times before getting the registered box. I was so excited to have more Doom to play, and I only assumed that the paid-for levels would be much better (since you had to buy them) that I really wouldn't be playing the shareware ep any more. Well, I remember so clearly when I first revisited episode one after a few months and I was blown away all over again by how perfect and fun it was. It's only a shame that after easily a thousand play-throughs, it's difficult to recapture how fresh it once was.
  9. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, duuuumb! American has more good (craft) beer than any where else in the world. I live in San Diego County and it's fucking beer heaven, and has more local breweries per capita than anywhere else, and damn good ones too. I can drink a different beer every day of the year and never repeat. SUCK IT!
  10. bimlanders

    Kanye West Screams into a Microphone

    Sorry, too busy being a 'shut in' and listening daily to music that I actually like. My last.fm artist list is almost hitting a thousand, and I don't give a shit if they are accepted by the MTV multitude. Time to grow up and listen to real music, I think.
  11. bimlanders

    What are your Doom Habits

    For levels I've played a bunch of times, I tend to always play them in the same order in terms of pathways: for example in KDITD there are usually multiple pathways at the beginning and I will always play them the same way. I don't know why! I also save after every few minutes or so, just because if I'm playing a really hard map, I don't want to have repeat difficult sections over and over. id gave us the save feature because that type of gameplay is frustrating - see Dark Forces!
  12. I may not be the oldest guy here, 33, but these are almost impossible to remember! My first console was Atari2600, and I remember having a handful of games, but no idea what the first was - could have been Pacman, Pitfall, Demon Attack, Moon Sweeper, Combat, Jungle Hunt... you get the idea. First PC games wasn't as long ago. We had an Amiga 500 before a PC, and it was around 1991 when we got a 486, I think. First games I remember playing, Quest for Glory 3, Kings Quest V, uhhh... drawing a blank. I remember, most of all, getting a modem and getting every shareware game we could find from BBS boards, which was the eventual path to DOOM!!! First handheld? Unless we count shitty Tiger games, that's an easy one! TETRIS, MOTHERFUCKERS! :)
  13. bimlanders

    a random id quiz

    Same for me. I never finished Quake 1 or 2, although I greatly prefer part one, plus id didn't interest me much after Doom 2.
  14. bimlanders

    Playing Doom with John Romero

    Yeah, John's comments about how the bar is too high in the mapping community seems especially ironic when you consider how much time a whole team of community mappers took to master their '93/'94 design style, DTWID, D2TWID. Old school maps are still where it's at for me. Seeing imps and zombie/former humans up to the same old tricks in ultra detailed, realistic, high res environments never really clicked for me. Enjoyed the video, btw. This is the second best Doom video after 'A Visit to Id Software'.
  15. I was born in 1980, played Lode Runner on a Macintosh when I was three/four years old, had an Atari 2600, owned a NES in 1985/86, had an Amiga 500, then SNES in 1991, a 486 PC soon after. You can see why I'm brainwashed into thinking that classic games were simply better. I started to lose interest around the same time as the original poster, early 2000's. The last games I remember playing the living crap out of were Baldur's Gate II and Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, oh, and Diablo 2. Things that bothered me the most: -The shift to 3D only games. Remember Symphony of the Night? I remember magazine critics complaining that it wasn't 3D, and yet it stands out as one of the best games from the late 90's, despite is lack of "innovation." -Nintendo in the N64 era losing most of its best third party developers because of their refusal to use the CD format. Nintendo was King to me since I was five, and it was hard to accept that the N64 wouldn't have all the best Capcom, Konami (other than the 3D Castlevanias), and Sqaure games. -The PC in the early 2000's was still riding a wave of generic RTS Warcraft/C&C clones. And also the focus of most of the best companies shifted to online only multiplayer/no single player games. I never thought of video games as social media. For many, this is when their interest in gaming began, but I wasn't interested. I especially found pointless the FPS games where all you do is shoot at other user controlled players and then everyone immediately respawns after dying. -And finally, the generic We Wish We Made Hollywood Movies syndrome. I know that most game developers are nerds, and love fantasy/sci-fi movies as well. But I always kept these separate in my mind. I hate seeing hammy or wooden acting from 3D rendered, not human enough faces, spouting cheesy lines when all I really want to do is play the damn game. Take all the above with a grain of salt. These are simply my experiences and opinions, and I'm sure that there are good games being made today and many exceptions to what I'm talking about. Hey, Cave Story was awesome. ;)