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  1. Lawstiker

    Rise of the Triad Community

    If you got linux give the Icculus port a try, I think its the most stable port out of all of them outside of vanilla ROTT.
  2. Lawstiker

    Advice for new mapmaker

    Well, your starting small with default textures, and asking for suggestions. Your already doing better than this guy Just be sure to go at your own pace, and no big projects. At least with the intention of releasing them. Its a common trap many new mappers fall into.
  3. Lawstiker


    There use to be some "Somewhat" decent shows on it a long time ago, but now there's nothing even slightly appealing to me with all that COD crap and gameplay videos.
  4. Lawstiker


    Long ago before there site went to shit, but not now.
  5. Lawstiker

    What is your Xbox Live gamertag?

    Same as my name here, but haven't logged in on it in two years. as you can tell I don't play the 360 much online.
  6. Lawstiker

    New Doomguy drawing

    Same as here, but never really posted anything, more of a lurker there.
  7. Lawstiker

    New Doomguy drawing

    That I would be. Remember your "Bigger Guns Nearby" pic like it was yesterday.
  8. Lawstiker

    New Doomguy drawing

    I remember you, use to post marathon pics over at the pfhorums right? Your art sure has improved since then. Doomguy looks awesome here.
  9. Lawstiker


    I do not agree with what wesleyjohnson said. If they will never get completed, whats the point of doing a hexen based project of the same type? It'll just have the same fate as all the others. Why not just aid the projects that are already going? I haven't been following the freedoom stuff lately, but I'm pretty sure Blasphemer needs new management.
  10. Lawstiker

    Work in progress: Hellbrary

    I'm really liking how this is looking. There's something about its simplicity in design thats really appealing to me.
  11. Lawstiker

    Last Week on Earth

    think we all know how that was done.
  12. Lawstiker

    Oblige + Engine

    ManDoom does this: http://users.zoominternet.net/~tain/ManDoom/
  13. Lawstiker

    Your Doom stuff?

    My collections is pretty small, and not likely to change either. Games: -Doom Shareware (CD, Without box] -Doom Shareware (Floppy, In small CD case like box] -Doom II (in CD case, no box] -Final Doom -Doom Collectors Edition -Doom 64 (without box) -Playstation Doom -Doom 32X (without box) -Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil Shovelware: -Demon Gate -CD Doom II Extras - Down & Dirty -Alchemy for Doom, Doom II, Heretic, and Hexen. -Doom2 Mania!!! Vol. #1 Other: -The Doom Movie
  14. Lawstiker

    Your Doom stuff?

  15. Lawstiker

    The /newstuff Chronicles #385

    Didn't quite noticed that when I wrote those up, thanks for pointing that out. I'll work on that, as well as trying to keep my reviews from becoming badly written walk-through like I almost did with The Lost Temple.