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  1. Juiche

    [Project] Doom 3 on GZDoom

    That's very good it works on skulltag too. Is co-op and deathmatch allowed? And does doom guy have doom 3 models?
  2. Juiche

    [Project] Doom 3 on GZDoom

    I'm thinking same.
  3. Juiche

    Music converting

    How I can convert mus files to mid files and mid files to mus files?
  4. Juiche

    Building Brigdes

    And here is room over room: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=H7ASkM92vis&rl=yes&hl=en&gl=US&warned=True&client=mv-google
  5. Juiche

    Building Brigdes

    here is good tutorial how to make 3d bidge: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LPUGBxoOUww&hl=en&gl=US&warned=True&client=mv-google
  6. Juiche

    doom3 experience mod (relase)

    This mod is great! But I noticed some bugs. Player is invisible, when I used chasecam and I think cyberdemon have too little mass. I too tried other ports and it didn't work on skulltag and gzdoom.
  7. Juiche

    Boss music

    iu-part4b.was I opened it on slumpedand I found two good boss musics named: DOLLET HELL TRACK02
  8. Juiche

    Monster Infighting, kinda....

    If you are using doom builder, select zdoom (doom in hexen format) or skulltag (doom in hexen format) when you start making new map. Now, when you go to things, there is marines. Choose marine and it's weapon and check "friendly" (you can make friendly monsters too). Then marines kills monsters not player.
  9. Juiche

    cell charger

    If you script this, it gives cells. Script 1 ENTER { GiveInventory("cell",1); Delay(200); Restart }
  10. Juiche

    Mega IWAD 200X

    Freedoom is legally and free iwad.
  11. Juiche

    Add Monsters don't show in Doom Builder

    Or maybe this theard helps
  12. Juiche

    Add Monsters don't show in Doom Builder

    You can add it by actor number, but if you want it will be shown iin doom builder do this: You can find decorate lump alredy in skulltag.wad. Copy new decorate lump to old decorate lump and delete decorate lump of custom monster (Tell me if you didn't understood). Now custom monster (or weapon) is showing under "DECORATE" in Doom Builder.
  13. Juiche

    Disable map

    It is possible. If you are using doom builder (2), select all lines of map. Then go to linedef properties and check "hidden".
  14. Juiche

    Plutonia 2 - How good do you think it is?

    I voted excelent. Secret maps are very good
  15. Juiche

    XWE: Changing Texture, Maps and Skies

    Use XWE or slumped EDIT: they are for wad and pk3 files