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  1. I've been playing some of the levels in this mod... I just have to say that the fact that different authors mean different level styles, makes this megawad very interesting. Sadly, some of the levels are so mega-difficult for a player of my skill :lol: Especially funny thing sequence is "A Vile Piece" -> "Entryway to Earth". First one is mega-hard (fighting two Cybies at once with arch-viles rampaging around in the background), the second being a tad easier. Need I say that I enjoyed the latter more (because I didn't burst anything playing that!) The latter actually reminded me of old-school levels, with some very creative uses of basic textures... all in all, loads of very creative stuff we have in this pack :)
  2. Well done, Pcorf! And thanks for the effort :)
  3. @Cap Toenail That looks very very good. It doesn't look like it was too hard for you...
  4. aaglo

    what you're notable for

    What I'm notable for? Maybe for making 300+ units for Civ3. I wonder if some of those could be made into Doom-sprites... only if I knew how.
  5. aaglo

    Hexen vs. Strife

    Maybe the first hub only feels confusing, since - well - it's the first hub. No such things existed in the doomiverse before that. I know the firs time I played, it felt strange to go back to the same level again and again.
  6. aaglo

    Hexen vs. Strife

    You propably haven't figured out the guardian of steel... just before the "fast pilar doors" which let you in the center of the area, there are those pulling switches on the wall - they move some walls in the basement rooms you can reach with those elevators...
  7. aaglo

    Hexen vs. Strife

    I have never played strife, so my opinion on this thread hardly matters, but I just want to say something. I think the level design in Hexen is superior to anything before or since. In commercial games/mods that is. That's it.
  8. Looks like a lamp of some kind.
  9. Hi! This is my first map for Gzdoom. I've done only vanilla stuff before... so here are some WIP-pics. Shortly after entering the map... I'ts cold out here. Here's the entrance to the blackrock castle. Well, it's made of black rock. Here's a view of the "welcome area". This is looks really unpleasant place - how can I make it look even more unpleasant? This room is actually the thing that gave me the idea of this cold place. What's a castle without some lava? NOTHING! Oh look, there's a generator. I wonder what it does. Here's another external view. The mountains on the background are from Isle of Skye - the pic was taken during a holiday four years ago. That's it so far. Maybe 50% done or so. I've no idea how long I'm still going to work with this :) Cheers, aaglo
  10. Those look cool - I like that light/shadow-play.
  11. Cool, thanks GZ. I wonder why I didn't think of that option... :) cheers, aaglo
  12. aaglo

    Problems whit Teleports W1 = WR

    Make sure you have the "repeatable" flag unchecked on the linedef you want to be one-use only. Edit: And maybe I should read posts properly before answering. Yeah, ignore my answer :)
  13. Hi! I have this in my animdef-lump: ----------------------- switch doom 5 swch1 on sound chainswitch pic swch1 tics 6 pic swch2 tics 6 pic swch3 tics 6 pic swch4 tics 6 pic swch5 tics 6 off sound chainswitch pic swch5 tics 6 pic swch4 tics 6 pic swch3 tics 6 pic swch2 tics 6 pic swch1 tics 6 switch doom 3 swrop1 on sound ropeswitch pic swrop1 tics 8 pic swrop2 tics 8 pic swrop3 tics 8 off sound ropeswitch pic swrop3 tics 8 pic swrop2 tics 8 pic swrop1 tics 8 -------------------- Now, The 3-pic ropeswitch works perfectly, but the 5-pic chainswitch does not. First I have to admit, that I don't really understand why the animated switch has to have that word "doom" there. But it does have to be there - I tried without it or replaced it with hexen, the game would not run at all. And I just assumed that the "3" is the number of the pics (since the chainswitch did not work with "doom 3"). So, could anyone help me? The zdoom-wikisite does not give much on animdef animated switches... Cheers, aaglo
  14. aaglo

    DECORATE Tutorial?

    I did something like that in this way: 1. Add this line (or similar) to the SNDINFO-lump $AMBIENT 3 vile/firecrkl POINT 4 CONTINUOUS .55 (3 is the ambient sound thing no., vile/firecrkl is the archvile fire-sound, 4 is the falloff distance (the smaller, the shorter distance IIRC) and .55 is the volume. 2. Add the Ambient sound thing to the fireplace. That'll propably take care of it :)
  15. aaglo

    DECORATE Tutorial?

    Hi! I had similar troubles with the simplest sprites. But the Doom Builder 1 does not know the dimensions or the looks of the sprites in the editor. My code looks like this: ---------------------- actor TMS1 10242 { Height 40 Radius 20 +SOLID States { Spawn: TMS1 A -1 stop } } ----------------------- The editor still doesn't show the sprite, dimensions, ect. It doesn't even show in the 3d-mode. But it shows in the game. Why's this?