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  1. Ignis Affero

    How to make wad, not a map

    XWE is probably the program you're looking for. I'm not sure of any others. EDIT there's a little more info here I'd recommend either checking out the XWE Forum here or doing a google search for any further info
  2. Ignis Affero

    Just a suggestion

    Is it possible to add a feature that would allow players to insert comments into their maps using DoomBuilder 2? This would be particularly useful for editing maps that contain numerous Reference Sectors. I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem, but it becomes a hassle when I'm making a complicated map that uses probably 20+ Reference Sectors with no quick way of knowing what each one controls. At times, I find myself drawing labels for small groups of Reference Sectors to remind me of what they do. This could also be useful for helping someone else out with their map, or for tutorial maps to help new mappers with certain editing tricks. Let me know what you think and thanks for your time!
  3. Ignis Affero

    Just a suggestion

    Ah, so my idea wouldn't exactly work then. I was thinking of basically a comment Thing that you can place on the map where it is needed. To edit the comment you would right-click like any other Thing and a text box would appear. Once you have your comment set you could hover over it with the mouse cursor, in Edit Things Mode, and the comment would be revealed. But I guess they wouldn't work unless the person was using Doom Builder and never tried to edit it in a different program. I wouldn't mind giving it a shot if I were any good at C#. Thanks guys!
  4. Ignis Affero

    The Self Portrait and Personal Photograph Thread

    I remember I did that once. When finally did go to sleep, I slept like a fucking BEAR.
  5. Ignis Affero

    What makes a map scary?

    That was a really cool map. I've never seen anything like that done in doom before. But that is a good visual reference to have. I hope to have some screenshots up shortly. Maybe tomorrow I'll have some time to work on the map. We'll see how things play out.
  6. I'm getting ready to start a new map, I'm actually still in the process of planning it out, and I want the map to be as scary as possible. I do have some ideas and I've been experimenting with a couple locations I had in mind, but I want to hear some opinions on what you think would be the perfect horror map. This is one of my ideas, taking place in a large drainage tunnel. I wanted to make a relatively large section of the map extremely dark. Dark enough so that the player can only see their gun and a small portion of the floor in front of them. I also wanted a few dynamic light sources to kind of give the player something to follow as well as give them a small feeling of comfort and security being in that light. Most normal people by nature would want to stay in the light, but the map would force them to have to navigate sections of extreme darkness, thus causing insecurity, discomfort and hopefully fear. So far this is all I have to work with, and my only fear tactic being dynamic light sources. However, I want the map to be more than just pitch blackness and few scattered light sources to lead the player to the exit. So, what are your thoughts on ways to induce fear in the player while playing a map.
  7. Ignis Affero

    Your worst editing experience...

    I'm not too sure, pretty much every new editing feature I attempt can be nightmarish (first 3d floor, first script, first custom texture, etc.) I think my worst would have to be drawing my first custom monster only because it took so painstakingly long to do. But I was using MSPaint at the time, so now that I'm better with Photoshop I can do more monsters with a little less hassle. But, I think that this would compete heavily with scripting.
  8. Ignis Affero

    Your name

    Ignis = Fire Affero = To Cause It's backwards because I'm apparently slightly Dyslexic. I made this name to suit my pyromaniac-type nature, and because I wanted a name that was not followed by a number (It just bothers me) and most of the time anything in English is already taken.
  9. Ignis Affero

    DoomBuilder 2 on Windows 7

    I recently upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista and now DB2 crashes when I try to run it. It worked fine on Vista, so I'm guessing that it is a compatibility issue with 7. Is there a fix for this? Has anyone else running Windows 7 had any problems with this? EDIT : Nevermind, I got it. Who'd have thought that there's actually updates on the main website? :P
  10. Ignis Affero

    The Self Portrait and Personal Photograph Thread

    I'm sure I might have posted these at some point, but this is probably the closest you'll get to seeing a normal picture of myself. and then theres this...
  11. Ignis Affero

    What makes a map scary?

    Thanks for the help everyone! I changed the setting of the map, making it an insane asylum instead of a sewer. As soon as I put more detail in the area I currently have mapped out, I'll post some screenshots. I'm also looking for textures. I'm currently just making my own, but if any one knows of any good hospital textures that I could use I'd greatly appreciate it. Here's the textures I have so far. It's not many, and they're probably not that good, but so far they work.
  12. Ignis Affero

    Real Doom Weapons.

    I'd probably be fine with just a standard M-16 and a 9 mm,and maybe a combat knife or machete. That would last until I can find a good shelter. ...or until I inevitably get killed. In that case, I hope I come back as an Arch-Vile.
  13. Ignis Affero

    What monster are you?

  14. Ignis Affero

    What monster are you?

    Arch-Vile. Always.
  15. Ignis Affero

    SetCameraToTexture (how to)

    There's a few example scripts here that you could try. Unless it's the texture itself that's giving you trouble, and not the actual script. In that case just set the texture to TCAMTEX1 and it should work.
  16. Ignis Affero

    Polyobect height question

    The story so far, I'm trying to create a somewhat realistic building (or as much so as Skulltag can handle) using 3D floors and Polyobjects. The building only contains a first floor and basement. I am using a Polyobject to create a swinging door and that is 112 map pixels high in a room that is 500 map pixels high. My problem is this, The door is too tall, reaching the full 500 mp rather than the 112 mp that I want. I've tried setting a 3D floor at the top of the doorway hoping that it would block the Polyobject from going too high (seeing that it does not go through the floor and in to the basement.) That being said, I did try setting the height of the dummy sector to match the desired height of the door, but that didn't work either. I am using DoomBuilder 2 How do I set the door so that it fits the frame?
  17. Ignis Affero

    Polyobect height question

    You probably could put a line in front of the door that is set to activate the Polyobject when player presses use. So essentially you would be placing an invisible switch in front of the door to make it seem like you're using a regular swinging door.
  18. Ignis Affero

    Polyobect height question

    It's working now, Thanks! Using double-sided lines seemed to do the trick. Thanks for the help everyone!
  19. Ignis Affero


    Between my parents and grandparents we have 22 cats
  20. Ignis Affero

    Polyobect height question

    Yes, I was just wondering if there was a way to prevent the vertical tiling of the door. Is there a way to make the door texture a mid texture, like through XWE?
  21. Ignis Affero

    Polyobect height question

    The only problem with that is that the texture I'm using for the door is a repeating texture. Is there a way to make it not repeat, like a script or something? I wouldn't mind trying my hand at Eternity but I'm kind of in the middle of a Skulltag map. So I'll have to do that when(if) I finish.
  22. Ignis Affero

    Poll : Your current web browser?

    Google Chrome > Firefox > Internet Explorer
  23. Ignis Affero

    Fail ebay posting. Somewhat Doom related.

    I think it is the same guy, the description is exactly the same.
  24. Ignis Affero

    Fail ebay posting. Somewhat Doom related.

    Reminds me of something I found not too long ago.
  25. Ignis Affero

    Polyobect height question

    Oh. Thanks!