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  1. azureace

    Looking for a playtester

    Same as herculine. that exit pit is missing some textures
  2. Grey i can only hope you weren't referring to me. BTW I'll post that mediashare file again so every one can get a master list of all the wads that made it to disk (took some more time to straighten it up)
  3. azureace

    A Little project i am working on

    OK I am FINISHED! as in Done the project is complete to MY understanding and is up to date including wad files added up to 1/14/2010. In my Absence when I wasn't hunched over my computer making the list work (and scripting a executable for some of the source ports to have the list show up) I have been working on my Own little Wad Project that I started with my students (mainly me going over their work and pointing out minor errors we all make from time to time) and some (4) of my own levels this puppy has hit the 35 level mark, and my students are HIGHLY proud of the work they have done, save one who took inspiration from B.P.R.D.... but all in all when I get it thrown together I'll throw it out there for yall to see
  4. azureace

    Which is your favorite Doom boss

    Sorry had to do it. But as for mine I would have to say the end boss of Plutiona 2 and since i am terrified of spiders I will shamelessly admit the spider mastermind is a favorite
  5. azureace

    Recommended wads [level sets are too hard]

    the Lost episodes of doom is rather on par with the original. But i do like the consistency with the levels and the fact that e3m8 takes place on a rather warped version of the mega wads e1m1 maybe you will enjoy this one (its a three episode mega wad so if you use ultimate the name of the 4th episode will actually continue the name field of the third episode.
  6. azureace

    what the stupidest thing you did in doom?

    being all of 12 years old attempting final doom on nightmare (hey it was my first time) needless to say i lasted 1 minute before i croaked and said "Fine I'll play on the wimpy level" needless to say i still aspire to beat that on nightmare
  7. azureace

    Experiences with Nightmare!

    what is inspirational to me being a UV only player is to see that one play through (yes I'll have to find it) of a guy who went to UNF he beat Plutonia on Nightmare i believe the whole vid was about 50 minutes long..i saw the vid once shook the guys hand and went back to my room feeling woefully newb since i was getting my rear handed to me on HMP.
  8. azureace

    What are the controls on the 360's port of Ultimate Doom?

    left trigger was to be held to run right trigger was to fire The A button was use The b and y buttons were to cycle weapons as where the left and right bumpers the X button i want to say was the map
  9. azureace

    Possible new gameplay mechanic from Doom dream

    That was also a mechanic from the thing shooting a uninfected member made the team turn on you and you ended up 9/10 dieing unless you took all their gear from them then took them out but after the first would fall the members would actually gang up on you and "steal" gear from you (cause you have to imagine that the character is carrying the weapons on slings on his back or in holsters not in some kind of time space void pocket... unless thats a perk of demonic invasions every one gets null void pockets "yea lemme pull out my rocket launcher" "OH crap" "what?" "i think i just pulled out a piece of hell..." Or that was the "REAL" reason for the UAC's teleport experiments, the bottomless hole pocket..lol
  10. azureace

    Possible new gameplay mechanic from Doom dream

    well if we were to make this so it would work in multiplayer it would have to be like the betrayal at house on the hill (old avalon hill board game where mid way through a player became the bad guy and had his own objectives to finish then) we could do something like that?
  11. azureace

    Possible new gameplay mechanic from Doom dream

    now that i mention thing and thought about it there was a level editor for the PC version and just located it with a few user levels one of which is a Doom themed one so I'll review it and get back at yall with the details
  12. azureace

    Possible new gameplay mechanic from Doom dream

    That actually reminds me of the game The Thing (kind of a quasi sequel game to the Kurt Russel movie) I remember having moments like that in that game where one minute one of my guys is freaking the hell out when he sees one of the things to the point that we enter a new building and he just becomes this large nightmareish monster (and he had the flamethrower...) But Now that you mention it having a refined squad mechanic like that in doom 3 would be awesome pretty much take the squad AI from quake 4 refine it to make it better and then put in the thing mechanic and then there would be a pretty darn good game. since the whole mechanic was based on "trust" and "fear" like how much the ai trusted you and you trusted them, hand them a crappy weapon and take a big gun for your self was considered that you didn't trust them ,do a blood test on your self and not them raises their trust because they know your still human, and if trust went to zero or fear went to zero you had a MAJOR problem on your hands now seeing this in future doom game with possibly the same level of fear and pacing of dead space that would be awesome IMO
  13. azureace

    Why expect perfection?

    I would have to Agree with Phil on this, I submitted 3 wads In the past 2 months none of them were major hits and none were really major misses.(at least in my own view) Now Alando how is this for kickers I can count all of the reviews for my three wads together on one hand,and even because of that I did not post a thread to give a rather wordy and preachy lecture about why does every one seek perfection, I just sat on it and took the advice from the 2 reviews that were positive and then ignored the other one due to its rather extreme and harsh reaction (the poster wanted me to "Jump off a bridge and save us from your mapping abilities" which I found VERY amusing actually. But back on to topic, Alando you are starting to go a little over board Because it seems to me IMO, that you are not wanting any more 3 star or less reviews and ratings because of that fact you feel your talents are being stereo typed to your past efforts and thus everything is being held to the same light, not to mention your efforts are being held to the standards of the works of our own "Michelangelos, Leonardos, Picassos, And Rembrandts" (if you can understand what i mean i refer to those who mad the wad files that are considered to this day still being a MUST play) What you need to do Alando if your Serious about this and serious about wanting decent recognition, you need to follow the running trend of Wads being put out,and make a choice to either follow the trend or don't follow it, but the main thing is your effort has to STAND OUT. it has to blow us away or at least get some people talking and then the word will spread and other people will try it and then boom there ya go. and the one thing to remember is that it takes TIME and Patience.
  14. azureace

    A Little project i am working on

    Done and DONE! got the checksums finished and am just waiting for the next batch of listings from Ghost but everything on my end with what I have is Complete! (and all of it done with out a single drop of rum)
  15. I am also looking forward to this. And I also want to go on the record of saying I love the low res screen teasers. Oddly enough I could see some kind of odd trailer popping up soon.