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  1. VoltDriver

    Need GZdoom testers/mappers!

    Hey can i test this? Those screens look pretty inviting!!
  2. VoltDriver

    Cheogsh 2 - megawad for GZDoom

    Playing the first Cheogsh was a delight for me. Kinda inspired me to do Blood Born a bit, based on the architecture. Keep it going!! Cant wait to play it, and judging by those screens, this will be on my window beyond thanksgiving break!
  3. VoltDriver

    PrBoom Questionds

    Yup PrBoom. Cant wait to try it out!
  4. VoltDriver

    PrBoom Questionds

    Aw, not really a loss then. I get the grip of Boom, amazing friendly monsters, all in a good port. I can live with Autoaim!! Thanks :D when will the next Boom release come out?
  5. VoltDriver

    PrBoom Questionds

    I just recently downloaded PRboom and i love the Enhanced DOS approach. Its my second fav. port with GZDoom. I hope to make maps using Boom soon in a more classic way, as opposed to my detailed mapping in GZDoom. The only questions i have, is will i ever be able to turn Autoaim off? I want to be able to freely aim without Doom's restraints, and keep the classic feel without switching over to gzdoom out of frustration. Ill be honest, PrBoom is the shit. Hands down.
  6. Been looking for some good quality maps for Boom. Cant wait to give this shot - and i love that detail and architecture!
  7. VoltDriver

    DOOM 1 E1M8 question

    So basically you wont need scripting in order to lower the floor. Once all barons are dead, any floor tagged with 666 will lower? I must try this..
  8. VoltDriver

    Sprite modifications question

    Go with either Photoshop, GIMP, or Paint.NET. As for adding your sprites, I HIGHLY recommend Slumped. Everytime i use XWE it screws up something, so Slumped is the way to go for that.
  9. VoltDriver

    Threshold Of Pain

    Ah, alrighty then. Time to get rid of nash for a while, and im using the r375 gzdoom release. I'll update shortly.
  10. VoltDriver

    Threshold Of Pain

    Thanks for linking me to those sprites. I couldnt load the wad :O I got a long list in the startup menu of long unpatched textures and whatnot. Maybe its my version of GZDOOM? Im using psxmusic, psxsounds, brightmaps, lights, and nashgore. Whenever i load ToP, i get the TITLEPIC and everything but it just takes me to Doom2 Map01. Help?
  11. VoltDriver

    Blood Born: Demonic Siege

    Thanks! Although the lighting a kinda dark in the screenshots, i will fix the overall lighting in some areas soon. There will be colored lighting usage as well, so look forward to that. Edit: The decorate for some of the original monsters has been enhanced. I will be using Nash's Blood decorate, along with a few of my own. There are no former humans D: but there will be chaingun toting demons instead, to give the fact that this is a Demon Castle. Hell Knights are alot stronger, so the 3 shot super shotgun technique will require a bit more technique. Barons shoot red balls instead of green ones, and there is a sleeping decorate for one of the barons in the cathedral area, who guards the blue key.
  12. This is my first official wad, Blood Born. It is constructed to have good detail, a creepy-ish atmosphere, and challenging gameplay, but not enough to run off the HMP players. Here are some screenshots taken around various areas around the map. This single-map wad is currently in the map development stage with a few gzdoom and light source things placed around. It also makes use of Realm667's Stronghold Torch Spawner as well. This wad will feature: -Stacked Sectors -Dynamic Lighting -Custom Textures and MINIMAL use of the Quake1 texture set. -Traps and stuff -Dark Study with books and demons -Catacombs filled with monsters -Nice room-over-room effect, thanks to the TransferLine action. -Nice gameplay hopefully.
  13. VoltDriver

    Threshold Of Pain

    been watching this project for a WHILE!! Now that i can get a chance to play it is splendid! How did you manage to get those Final Doom SuperShotgun sprites?