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  1. Keonesan

    Die Alone - Demo

    You prove a good point. I will *******ely consider adding that into the next update.
  2. Keonesan

    Die Alone - Demo

    The loading screen is just to cover up the "teleport". Also there will be 12 maps. This is just the demo.
  3. Keonesan

    Die Alone - Demo

    Honestly, I really doubt it. Most of my mods that I work on, I never finish and wind up down the drain.
  4. Keonesan

    Check Floor Height action?

    http://zdoom.org/wiki/Doom_Builder_ACS_configuration Not that I know of but I hope this helps.
  5. Keonesan

    Die Alone - Demo

    I'm glad you like it. And believe me, this is really hard. I had to record about 5 times because I kept dying. You will recieve other weapons in the game so you're not completely screwed. Also, if anyone can beat my mod on "F@$KING IMPOSSIBLE" mode, I will worship them.
  6. Keonesan

    Die Alone - Demo

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOnJaSuD1Yo Download (DEMO): http://www.mediafire.com/?mxo1j8u263kkseq Just a mod I've been working on. Try it out or watch the video and tell me what you think! WARNING: This is only ZDoom compatible!
  7. Keonesan

    Architecture of DOOM

    I try to avoid square room myself because it looks LINEAR. If I am forced to use a square room, I spice it up. I add in missing wall and floor panels. Some (FAKE 3D) pipes and such. I try to make (FAKE 3D) Walkways and such and sometimes a fake floor sector above. I also try populating the room with crates maybe and try to use slopes to avoid that linear look. Personally my role in mapping falls greatly in city theme maps. My current project is Hollow City which hopefully I can get done by the end of next month if I stop being lazy. P.S. IdSoftware's maps were harder to make than you think. Due to the fact that programs were top notch like Doom Builder 2 and not user friendly and they had huge technology restrictions. Hate that you can't run your Modern Warfare 2 on max settings? You should feel bad for the people back then who couldn't urn DOOM 2 on high settings... :/ P.S.S. City theme maps are one of the hardest themes to create in my opinion relating once back to the LINEAR LOOK. You got tall, sqaure buildings. That's linear. That's one of the major issues I've been having with Hollow City. I've been avoiding this look by making interesting skyboxes and making sloped roofs, some blown up buildings, etc.
  8. Keonesan

    I am looking for a certain weapons MOD.

    My friend, fetalerror (Tot Comics, Joe Andersan) might be able to help you. He's pretty handy with MS Paint sprites and he has made quite a few in his mods such as his latest one: Sanity. Try ask him, he might be able to help you out.
  9. No. They both are zdoom builds but they are ONLY builds. Most features will work but it will be highly unstable and multiple textures might be missing because I like to use texture flats in ZDoom.
  10. 5-20-10: Well I got to work on the project and it's turning out nice. fatalerror has provided me with good city textures and I've been playing around with the level design. One of the major issues I've been having with the level design was making it non-linear and making the skyboxes look nice. Level 1 is turning out nice. I already finished the intro and the titlemap. I've been playing around with the storyline concept and I keep changing it. So far level 1 starts off in a back alley like neighborhood with some 1-2 story apartments surrounding you. You follow through the backalley and you enter a 3 story building. So far the building is empty but I just recently added a rain weather effect to the map. I also added custom weapons and difficulties: WEAPONS: AutoPistol: Damage - Low FireRate - Triple Burst [Alt Fire Shoots An Entire Clip - 12 Rounds] Reload - Fast [Medium With Alt Fire] Accuracy - Very High [Alt Fire Does Not Effect Accuracy] AutoShotgun: Damage - Medium [Alt Fire - High] FireRate - 4 Rapid Shots Before Reload [Alt Fire Shoots 2 Barrels] Reload - Medium [Alt Fire Does Not Effect Reload Speed] Accuracy - Medium [Low With Alt Fire] AutoChaingun: *Yeah chainguns are already automatic, don't remind me. Damage - High [If You're Right In Their Face] FireRate - Crazy [Shoots Twice As Fast As Normal Chaingun And Fires 3 Projectiles Per Bullet.] Reload - None [Spin-up Before Firing] Accuracy - Very Low [You Won't Be Able To Hit A Broad Side Of A Barn] DIFFICULTY MODES: Roamer: Desc - You Roam The Streets, Barely Noticed By Watchful Eyes. y/n Factors - 2x Ammo, 0.5 Damage Taken Citizen: Desc - You Live In The City, Unoticed. y/n Factors - 0.75 Damage Taken Rebel: Desc - You Fight For Freedom. y/n Factors - N/A Leader: Desc - You Lead Rebels Into Battle. y/n Factors - 1.5 Damage Taken Hero: Desc - You Die Among Your Comrades. y/n Factors - Fast Monsters, No Cheats, 2.0 Damage Taken legend: Desc - Heroes live Forever. Legends Never Die. y/n Factors - Fast Monsters, No Cheats, 3.0 Damage Taken *You Will Not Survive This, I Repeat, YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE THIS!!! Anyways please comment on what you think of the project so far, how I should change it, what I should add, map ideas, etc. ALSO: Keep an eye on this thread, I'll be posting updates here. HOPEFULLY I can get the demo up soon. Also extra city textures would be appreciated if you could provide! You will get credit!!! *Screenshots coming soon!
  11. Keonesan

    Madness 2 - Beta

    @ AveryMaurice There are screenshots at my website.
  12. Keonesan

    Player Arguements Help

    Apparently ACS won't accept a lot of arguements towards player properties. I attempted in making a repeated to script to heal the player that has a tag of (1337) by 10 health every 45 ticks. Is there anyway I can modify the player's health with ACS? I also had trouble making a script that checks if the player has died or not. I tried using action2.wad code and it sorta worked but it only detected if the player WASN'T dead. I tried the arguement by lesser and greater than and neither worked.
  13. Keonesan

    title screens

    Simply just replace the title texture with yours with wintex or whatever or you can do what I do: Go to doombuilder (I've only done this with zdoom) and make a new map called TITLEMAP. Then you can do ACS effects and such for a moving camera intro or text and stuff. Then when you run your wad, that's what will appear as the title. Ingame title FTW!
  14. Keonesan

    Madness 2 - Beta

    Hey guys. Finally managed to get some work done on Madness 2. Only one new map has been completed but I added difficulty modes for those who want a challenge or for those who want to at least survive a minute. DOWNLOAD: http://keogames.webs.com/doom2wads.htm Enjoy! P.S. Once again, post your records if you want. So far mine is: Map: Death Room Difficulty: Chuck Norris Time: 93 Seconds
  15. Keonesan

    I need deep water help

    Making deep water is not as hard as it seems. Here's my tutorial: 1) MAKE SURE YOU'RE RUNNING DOOM IN HEXEN FORMAT! OR ANOTHER ENGINE THAT SUPPORTS THE DEEP WATER EFFECT! 2) Create A Sector For The Water And Make The Sectors Floor To How Deep You Want It. Make sure to give the water a water texture! 3) Create a fake (dummy) sector, a 64x64 sector located outside of the map. 4) Give the ceiling a water texture and the floor a texture that you want to see under the water such as sand under the ocean. 5) Make the sectors ceiling height to as high as the REAL sector and the floor hieght to as high as you want the water to be. 6) Select one of the lindef and selec the action: Transfer > Transfer Heights 7) Fill in the variables. 8) Put a deep water entity into the fake sector OR go to the action variable thingy and select options then enable water under fake sector. 9) Don't drown! ;D