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  1. TheMightyBamBam

    What are your favorite music groups?

    The Beatles Barenaked Ladies Smash Mouth Michael Jackson The Jackson 5 The Jacksons Billy Joel Elton John Green Day Journey
  2. TheMightyBamBam

    LOST Season Finale (spoilers)

    I hate lost I think its stupid they just cant decide on were to take the show so it changes every other episode. But I think the new season just started.
  3. TheMightyBamBam

    lol "racism"

    I hate racism with a passion. I think there is not call for it all and I think it is just terrible. With that said Id like to say thats the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I dont complain about white rice so they can shut up.
  4. TheMightyBamBam

    Millionaire gives away fortune which made him miserable

    Not that I think there is anything wrong with being rich as I am the farthest thing from a communist but I think that if it was not right for him to be rich than I am impressed he did this. Most people just live on there rich miserable lives and trying and buy happiness. Good for him.
  5. TheMightyBamBam

    Doom II RPG is out.

    What? were do I get it?
  6. TheMightyBamBam

    Best custom DOOM 3 maps?

    Idk hard choice but id have to say techbase
  7. TheMightyBamBam

    Crazy Doom 3 computer case

    Whoaaa. that has got to be one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Wish I had it.
  8. TheMightyBamBam

    Olympics 2010 Opening Ceremony

    I didnt watch it. But I dont think it was the best as someone died (RIP).
  9. TheMightyBamBam

    Google Buzz

    Hmm I saw it like a week ago when I logged onto my Gmail account. I havnt messed around with at all yet but its Google so Im sure its good and Ill have to check it out later.
  10. TheMightyBamBam

    Dante's Inferno

    Looks like a really good game but I heard its only for PS3 so that sucks (since I only have Xbox).
  11. TheMightyBamBam

    I just got my 11 year old brother to play

    I think that Doom has a chance with the new generations. I mean they have it on the Xbox Live Arcade now and you can play it online (on freedoom.org)
  12. TheMightyBamBam

    Hell Commander - Doom based RTS (new video!)

    Wow man that looks really cool. I am really excited to see were this project goes. Hope you finish it and it turns out good. Look forward to it, BamBam
  13. TheMightyBamBam

    Modern Warfare 2

    I love this game. Although I havnt played Xbox in months MW2 was the game I played the most probably in the month or two before I quit playing Xbox.
  14. TheMightyBamBam

    Doom in 3D

    Wow man some pretty cool stuff. Thanks for the share.
  15. TheMightyBamBam

    Whats your Doom Origin?

    Years ago we use to have our computers in our basement. On it (and possibly the only video game we had at the time) was Doom. I remember we use to play it all the time and it and I had an absolute blast doing it. We still have the computer it has a password on it and none of use can remember it from 10 years ago (can you believe it? lol)