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  1. I like it! The DPCM drums are nice and subtle, too.
  2. The low health warning sound in Comix Zone. ...Correction, almost every "low on health" sound drives me nuts.
  3. DSBRSSIT I also have a soft spot for the equivalent Doom PSX/64 sound.
  4. I was born in '96, and I was raised in the early 2000's with a lot of older systems and games my family had lying around. Doom PSX was one of those games, along with other titles on that system (and the Genesis), so I've naturally become attracted to older or otherwise retro-esque games. Years later I got the PC version of Doom and found myself far more invested in it than I thought I would.
  5. Demons biting at Hell Nobles. From a sideways glance the Demon looks like it's shouting at them before getting smacked in the face.
  6. This is my only gripe from what's shown so far, they look more or less like plastic action figures. The Chex suit HUD looks pretty nifty, though.
  7. The first Cacodemon most would find in Episode 2, the one standing in front of a switch to the exit room. (is it T104 or T125?) Yeah, he's named Steve.
  8. Watching any unfortunate monster walk into E2M2's crushers.
  9. Play through Evilution in its entirety.
  10. I feel like texture resizing makes things way too muddy. The crispness of unfiltered textures is both easier to focus on and aesthetically pleasing in my eyes.
  11. My brother got a Cacodemon plush and we named it Deimos. Ever since then we've established E2's first Caco as Deimos and refuse to kill him. The other ones are fair game, though.
  12. This reminds me a lot of MIDI Maze which, keeping relevance to the topic, was on the Amiga's biggest competitor.
  13. I'm kinda tired of hearing Johnny Yong Bosch in everything ever. Him and Steve Blum for sure.
  14. I always wanted to give this game a shot. I'm a sucker for fighters made in the gorefest/MK klone era, regardless of quality. It kinda gives me vibes of MACE: The Dark Age, but that's apparently a common thought.