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  1. Yes, let's punish achievement because of a bunch of jealous crybaby leftards suffer from Crab Bucket Syndrome.
  2. BrokeAndDrive

    Any other deathcore fans?

  3. BrokeAndDrive

    Which doom 2 maps creeped you out on first impression

    The one with the music and the monsters.
  4. BrokeAndDrive

    FCC Struck down on Net Neutrality

    http://www.cracked.com/article_18453_5-reasons-internet-could-die-at-any-moment_p2.html Pay special attention to #1.
  5. BrokeAndDrive

    The new YouTube

    I don't like that I have to click twice to do everything that I could do with one click before -- and some that used to be just there, I have to click, then scroll through a tiny fucking menu, AND click -- and why do I have to hover my mouse over someone's name before I can thumbs up/down or reply? But I do appreciate that I don't have to scroll all the fuck way down to comment. I haven't been youtubing much since they changed it, so I can't tell you more details than that. Oh, and I hate that it broke my greasemonkey scripts, but that's not really their fault.
  6. BrokeAndDrive

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    In my favorite invasion WAD armageddon, I spotted a cacolich corpse caught in a tree.
  7. BrokeAndDrive


    6'5" and.... uh... well, let's just say even if I were to manage dropping to ~2% body fat (or whatever is "healthy") I'd still weigh over 300 lbs. I'm a very wide-shouldered, muscley guy, which is surprising given my lazy-fuck lifestyle. A LARPer friend keeps trying to get me to join up since "you'd make the perfect half-orc". An old school gym teacher once told me if I actually tried to work out I could weigh over 500 lbs of pure meat. I don't know about that, but he'd know more about health and fitness than I would.
  8. BrokeAndDrive

    Nerd questions for women

    No, not even nerd girls would date your geek ass. ;) Also, some random links anyone may feel free to look at or ignore. Doesn't matter to me, they're there for those who care. nomarriage.com happierabroad.com menarebetterthanwomen.com dumpyourwifenow.com thenononsenseman.com blowmeuptom.com + tenetsofleykis.com mgtow.net the-niceguy.com + forums manhood101.com
  9. BrokeAndDrive

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Very true. I tend to treat the BFG as a much bigger shotgun. I love one-shotting spider masterminds at point-blank range. :)
  10. BrokeAndDrive

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I... err... uh... YOUR MOM!
  11. BrokeAndDrive

    I'm switching my party affiliation

    That's all the critics have, emotional appeals and ad hominem attacks. Disregard those who have nothing more to respond with than lolconspiracaytinhatfoillazz, if they want to act like teenagers on an internet forum then treat them as such.
  12. BrokeAndDrive

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Bioshock II. Refuted. On the Doom vs Doom 2 subject, not sure what I can say that hasn't already been said, level-wise. But I will throw out that I just could never get into Doom 2, and 2's the one I actually played first! Doom 2 was so weak that I mistook it for the one made by some other schmucks, not Final Doom. It wasn't until I got my hands on the original was when I began to love Doom -- that and remembering watching big brother play it from when I was too young to play it myself. I didn't play then because it looked much harder than my then staples of Commander Keen and Cosmo's Cosmic Adventures. Nostalgic sigh... Anyway, by the time I started playing, I was too spoiled by the SSG and killing fatties and flamers to get into it. Anyway, Doom 2's levels are largely forgettable, and much of the music just SUCKS. I mean, listen to M1. What the fuck is that? What the fuck is that!? It's like Prince's dog shit all over his equipment, then he just shrugged and used it as lube, and the result is M1! The next four are: snoozefest, freaking star wars (you kidding me? and don't tell me it isn't really star wars, every time I hear that tripe, threepio wearing a pimp hat and his army of ewok whores try to have rough sex with my mind, which is not cool), dunno what the hell to call this next gunk, and another uninspiring snoozefest. It wasn't until I got to M6 that I stopped muting music altogether, and M7 is my favorite Doom 2 music ever. M8 is decent, makes me think "Oh shit, what ingenious method of murder are they gonna throw at me next?" M9 I've decided I want playing at my funeral, M10 is more overtly gloomy and not as good but it's better than the first four levels. On to more of my half-assed musical critiques. M11 is where they began to reuse the MIDIs. It isn't until 18 where we get to something new: a nice doom-and-gloom soundtrack. 20 up until they play the "louder" stuff is excellent for tension. 23 is alarming, perfectly capturing my initial forays of "barrels o' fun? what's this all about? wait, they weren't kidding... whuh oh mancubus attacking, and he just SHOT THE BARRELS! BARRELS EXPLODE!! SSSHHHIIIII- *BANGBANGBOOMDEADBOOMBANGBANGBOOM* ...fuuuck..." 25 is yet another boring snoozefest, 28 is good and what I'd call very "heroic", and 30 is their best "creep-out" tune. 31-32 are their wolfenstein levels and IMO don't really count, though 31 is what I'd want to hear when marching with my fellows to stamp out the necks of the lesser races. SIEG HEIL! I'm thinking since they already hit the jackpot with the first Doom they probably were too distracted by their ascension into the gods of game-making to crank out another true masterpiece. But once again I ended up writing a lot more than I wanted to -- level music really is that big a deal to me -- so I'll just thank all those megawad-creators for slaking my Doom hunger with prime rib instead of a preservatives-loaded burger.
  13. BrokeAndDrive

    lol "racism"

    I can't wait for the day when someone criticizes the black line being changed to ebony.
  14. BrokeAndDrive

    Linux - to install or not to install?

    Or Linux is just a piece of shit that STILL can't handle modern technology.
  15. BrokeAndDrive

    Linux - to install or not to install?

    I've been using Ubuntu for maybe a month now, and after the novelty of omg I'm using linux I'm not too impressed. Can't really think of anything I can do there that I can't do in windows. Oh, and being unable to play games nor watch youtube... I'd definitely like linux better if this were my old xp box, but I have 7 now and have found all the people bitching about it are full of shit and don't know what the fuck they're talking about. Maybe I just need to try one of the "real" distros. I'm half-considering trying hackintosh/osx86 (I'm not going to plop $3000 down something I MIGHT not end up using) to see if I take a liking to that since neither windows nor linux has truly done it for me.