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  1. naftakin

    Just tossing this out there (Doom fan-fic)

    I think, i don't get it, should it just, end, like that, i mean, it's no good end,
  2. naftakin

    Ceiling lights in hell-maps

    Just raise the ceiling high enough so that the lightning does not go all the way down,
  3. naftakin

    Life Hacks

    Step one, go to your local coffee house and get in, order a cup of your ordinary liquid, i mean, not some crazy shit now but the thing you always drink, if you don't drink coffee get an espresso libro, and then step three, pour some milk in your coffee cup, then put the coffee back in there, take one of those small spoons of wood, plastic ones is not the good sort so don't use them because they will fuck the whole shit up, and gently the whole coffee, drink the coffee, but first, step four, order another coffee, something that you don't always drink,
  4. naftakin

    Metroid: Other M

    Every metroid after super metroid is very fag0t.
  5. naftakin


    The fact that the appstore has an app that's gay doesn't mean that Apple themselves are. Even if it's true.
  6. naftakin

    Losing weapons efter level finish

    I'm to busy to look up shit now.. What does the digit after the inventory item mean in the command TakeInventory?
  7. naftakin

    Which is the best lump editor?

    Probably not, no.
  8. naftakin

    Play wav as music?

  9. naftakin

    Danger regarding DOOM 4's title

    Well we can only hope for the better.. But isn't bethesda going to bitch about the title?