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  1. Doom_Collector

    My Doom Collection!

    Thanks! :)
  2. Doom_Collector

    My Doom Collection!

    Thanks guys! Thank you, I think 2-3 years:)
  3. Doom_Collector

    My Doom Collection!

    UPDATE! NEW PICTURES!!! on first and second pages :)
  4. Doom_Collector

    My Doom Collection!

  5. Doom_Collector

    My doomguy pic

    heh nice **
  6. Doom_Collector

    My Doom Collection!

    Quakecon 2011 t-shirt send from Bethesda for me: BFG: Nvidia 6600 GT Graphic Card + Keyboard set: Others:
  7. Doom_Collector

    Doom game for Facebook

    Open letter to id Software: id Software and Doom are one of the most known names in the Video Gaming industry. Most of the Internet population is using Facebook and logging in at least once a day. Lately Facebook started to serve lots of games like Farmville which has millions of users and Farmville is just one example. id Software creating games for mobile phones and Apple products like iPhone and iPod Touch. For example Doom II RPG just released. There are lots of web sites for Doom and sites like Moddb or doom3files are creating many mods for Doom. The Last Stand, Hexen are two of them and number of these mods are growing everyday. Fans are working on not only Doom 3. Doom I and II aswell. Doom and Quake can be played on browsers with Flash. In short words, Doom is a really big franchise and we think it must be used within Facebook. There are lots of games on Facebook. But why not Doom? A browser based FPS or FPS + RPG. I think the Doom games created for mobile platforms would look better on bigger screens and played by more users. That's why we want Doom for Facebook. Please don't turn down this request of Doom fans. Please! http://www.facebook.com/group.php?v=info&gid=316795102702
  8. Doom_Collector

    My Doom Collection!

    UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE!!! :))) ------------------------------ Hi guys. This is my Doom Collection. Doom is very important game series for me! Video link (Old version): Signed by John Carmack, id Software team and Bethesda: Doom 2, Doom 3 and Doom 3 Fat Box. My custom made id 20th anniversary t-shirt.