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  1. AzaryDoom2020

    VDP-MonsterRandomizer - UPDATED March 6 2022

    Thank you! I will waiting! 🤗
  2. AzaryDoom2020

    Share Your Sprites!

    Best sprites ever! 😂
  3. AzaryDoom2020

    VDP-MonsterRandomizer - UPDATED March 6 2022

    Thanks for nice custom monsters! How about add QUAKE monsters into Doom games!
  4. AzaryDoom2020

    WhackEd 4

    Thanks for updates! 😇
    I likes Doom and Duke3d forever! :D Thanks for nice tool! Better than Wad2Map! Because I found some glitches map and force me make better one by drawing with Paint or other programs. After that, make the maps with Mapster32!
  5. AzaryDoom2020

    New Forum

    Oh great! New forum! New software! New anything! Welcome to new area! Because is FUTURE TIME!!!! :D
  6. AzaryDoom2020

    [ZDoom] Sliding Doors Tutorial

    Thanks for tutorial! :)
  7. AzaryDoom2020

    Share Your Sprites!

    Nice sprite! I will waiting for this after uploaded this one into Realm667 soon! :)
  8. AzaryDoom2020

    GZDB plugin: 3D floor mode

    Thanks for the nice plugin! :D
  9. AzaryDoom2020

    Some editing softwares besides SLADE

    That's right, beside I have 2 PC right now! One for newest PC (HP with AMD E1-2500), including Windows 7 Home sp1 64 bit, which I buy it last January or February. Another one is very oldies pentium 4 (just useless) with Windows XP Pro sp3 32 bit on it!
  10. AzaryDoom2020

    Some editing softwares besides SLADE

    I hope next version will fix the kernel32.dll soon... OR.... Just use seperated something depend on OS are you using. One for Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT and XP. Another one for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and newest 10.
  11. AzaryDoom2020


    My memory.... making doom map since year 2000 or below (I think) until I stopped it, because doesn't support Windows.... (can run under dosbox) Right now, (GZ)Doom Builder is the best map editor for me!
  12. AzaryDoom2020

    Duke Nukem 3D corner

    I loves Dukem Nukem games forever! Yeah! :D
  13. AzaryDoom2020

    Slade 3.1.0 released

    Thanks for update!
  14. AzaryDoom2020

    Any Doombuilder tutorials?

    All tutorial was available on Youtube website. Just visit Google video website here! video.google.com Then type "Doom Builder Tutorial" and show the results. Select any video with this famous creator here! JaundiceJaun and Chubzdoomer (there are more, so you check that) Enjoy making levels!