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  1. SevenYearItch

    Sky Issues

    Nice, thanks so much I appreciate the quick reply. This resolved the issue. As to why I started using SKY1 in map04 as opposed to F_SKY1 like I did in the other 3 maps, I'm not sure. Anyways thanks again. Cheers ^_^
  2. SevenYearItch

    Sky Issues

    Hi all, I've been working on my map04 in DB2 using ZDoom in Heretic format, was curious as to why this would be happening.. My other levels (map01-map03) do have outdoor areas, however when I set the sky texture to those outdoor areas, I was able to pull off an outdoor feel to the area. When I'm setting my sky texture in map04 to F_SKY1 (or just SKY1), it shows up as a tiled-like texture instead of a sky appearance. Does anybody know why this is happening? My only guess to this had to do with the actual map, considering in Doom2, there is NO outdoor areas on map04. However that theory doesn't make sense because there are also no outdoor areas in map02 in Doom2. I watched a few tutorials on youtube before posting this thread, and they all just tell me to set the sky texture, and the lower the ceiling, the more of a surrounding feel that the sky has. Please help.. really trying to finish up my 4th map :P
  3. SevenYearItch

    Speed of Doom

    I love when they surprise me like that. Speed Of Doom is quite possibly the best megawad made, in my opinion. Very challenging as well.
  4. SevenYearItch

    Speed of Doom feedback thread

    I'm no great mapper, but I am good at the game. I found SoD to be the best wad out there, along with scythe2. SoD was challenging and very appealing to my eye, and err.. would love to see a second one? :D :D
  5. SevenYearItch

    Ugliest Monster

    The Spectre's.. they're so damn ugly they have to hide what they look like. But yes mancubi are pretty ugly but they have potential. A number of laps around the track, along with some situps and weight lifting, and it'll probably kick the crap outta any cyberdemon :D. You're right though, killing mancubi are fun.. I love watching them melt.
  6. SevenYearItch


    Yea I dunno must have happened by accident. I actually noticed it with the enemies in the separate rooms, however I forgot to add easy/medium/hard difficulties back on to the teleport destinations :P
  7. SevenYearItch


    Ty very much Creaphis this solved my issue. I now know to double check that "easy, normal, hard" are all checked off. However, why would the program decide to uncheck those on it's own? At no point did I start unchecking some of the things that I put in my map. Either way, issue is solved. Thanks again mate.
  8. SevenYearItch


    Hello all again, I ran into another issue that I'm hoping I can be helped with. I'm currently using Doom Builder 2 and ran into a small error. Nothing comes up during gameplay, and nothing comes up in map analysis mode, however I have issues with items and portals in my map. I basically have a lot of (w1 door open stay fast) traps, in which case those monsters then walk over a line that teleports them to a certain sector in the general vicinity that you are in. The first couple traps work, however the rest of them don't. I'm positive that I tagged everything correctly. Also, healthpacks/armor/ammo that I put down does not seem to show up while testing and I'm not sure why. Any ideas that can help?
  9. SevenYearItch

    All shots miss

    Thanks for all the help. I tried resizing the sectors that had this issue, as well as moving them to different coordinates on the grid, and neither of these worked. I decided to start from scratch, making basically the same layout of what I had, and the problem now ceases to exist. If it happens to come up again, I will definitely look into these solutions, thanks a lot for your help.
  10. SevenYearItch

    All shots miss

    The editor I use is Doom Builder, and here is the link to the tutorials that I took on how to learn how to use it. http://www.doombuilder.com/index.php?p=tutorials
  11. SevenYearItch

    All shots miss

    Unfortunately I'm still new to all of this even though on my fourth map. How exactly do you go about doing that? Alls I know is for the first 3 maps, I didn't need to change anything in the nodebuilder tab under game configurations. Basically, under the Nodebuilder tab I did exactly what the turotial told me to, and did not change it at all since I've set it up. Configuration for saving map: ZenNode - Normal Configuration for testing: ZenNode - Fast(no reject)
  12. SevenYearItch

    All shots miss

    But it's not that the bullets hit some sort of invisible wall, it's like the wall i'm shooting at isn't even there, nor is the enemy if it runs into line of fire. The bulletholes don't appear in midair, they just don't appear at all!
  13. SevenYearItch

    All shots miss

    I'm now onto editting my 4th map, though only released one here, and I ran into an error that I have not seen before, nor know how to fix. At one point, in the beginning of my level, there is a wall that is part of the map, however when shooting my gun, the bullet holes don't hit the wall. In fact, if there is an enemy in between me and the wall, and I try to shoot, the bullets do not hit the enemy, though the gun is blatently pointed at the enemy. If anybody can tell me how to fix this, please do so.
  14. SevenYearItch

    Last Doom Wad you played

    Played through speed of doom on fast monsters, as well as Scythe2. In my opinion, those are the 2 best wads out there.
  15. SevenYearItch

    Making monsters immune to other projectiles

    Cheers to that. And I thought I knew a lot about the game **.