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  1. Grul

    idgames Maintainer Ty Halderman Passes Away At 69

    RIP, Ty. I remember when I uploaded one of my first WADs to /idgames, and he shot me an email shortly thereafter saying I had a blocking bug in my map (which accidentally made it in just when I released it), because he had happened to play right away. I could fix the level before anyone else tried it. I thought that was really decent of him.
  2. Hi! Alright, so I haven't kept up with the Doom news the last, say, 10 years. However I actually fired up ZDoom yesterday and played some Hexen, and for some reason that got me thinking about Doom Millenium. What happened to it? I remember that it was being worked on a few years back and that it was, ahem, "nearly done". I looked forward to playing that! I looked around now and couldn't really find any info about it. Is it still in development hell or has it actually been released? / Grul
  3. Grul

    The /newstuff Chronicles #216

    Perhaps it has come to the point where the number of new Doom 2 wads will dwindle into oblivion, more or less to the benefit of Doom 3 and other new cool games. Kind of sad, but who can stop the circle of life?
  4. In my case there were experiments that failed. The thing I regret somewhat is that those experiments took place in full public environment. I wouldn't do that today, but evolution and improvement is always essential. Also do you think your wad took a wrong direction??? that sorta thing?? Sometimes the maps gain an own life that just happens to develop into catastrophe. This is painful, and has happened. another one: are there any wads of yours that you wish you never made in the first place?? Some of them required a too large investment of time and affection to be worth it. one last one: are there any wads that someone else made that you wish you made?? No, what other people make is their business.
  5. Grul

    The /newstuff Chronicles #201

    I hardly think that this was the intention. Nontheless it is good that names associated with the best band ever come up even when uncalled for. Now we'll see if this Daniel's next release is Opeth related. Then it starts to get interesting.
  6. Grul

    No Doom Experience without Win XP/2000

    It can run up to 20 gigabytes (or whatever it is), but it does so grossly inefficiently. I never said it can't run larger than 20 mb, but it's not good after that limit.
  7. Grul

    doom3 newstuff soon?

    The first levels people makes will probably be crap anyway. Doom 3 editing probably requires a much larger skill set, and it is probably not as easy to mix and match map components either.
  8. Grul

    No Doom Experience without Win XP/2000

    FAT32 is a good file system for disks up to, say, 20 megabytes. After that the issues with fragmenting become increasingly larger to the point of being catastrophic. I don't know how NTFS is implemented (I guess only MS employees do) but I assume that it has an allocation policy that actually takes into account how hard drives write and read data physically instead of just taking the first found spot of free memory, and just that is a tremendous improvement.
  9. Grul

    Which first, SP or MP?

    Doom is a SP game, not a tough choice.
  10. I intended to upgrade my system, but after a brief check of the prices that comes with higher resolutions and frame rates I decided that it isn't worth it. It's not even close. No wonder that the console market is moving forward at the expense of the PC market, it's the insane computer prices.
  11. Grul

    PC Gamer Swedish review out

    Far Cry was an excellent game in both mine and, as it seems, the pc gamer reviewer's opinion. It will probably be silly to compare the two games since they will have very different settings and athmosphere. It isn't as simple as that Doom 3 had "fewer faults", I think the reviewer judged the game more from the feeling he got from it, which is what he should do.
  12. Grul

    No Doom Experience without Win XP/2000

    Ah ha hah, that's a good joke. You are joking, right?
  13. The door open/close sounds can be found in a radio commercial for an air conditioning system, where the door open/close is supposed to be when a competitor's ac break down. Cool stuff.
  14. Grul

    The /newstuff Chronicles #181

    Hmm, correct when I come to think of it. Cool name still.
  15. Grul

    The /newstuff Chronicles #181

    Don't worry, there are plenty of other Opeth songs that would sound cool. "Patterns in the Ivy", "Blackwater Park", "Demon of the Fall", "Circle of the Tyrants", "In Mist She Was Standing"? Need more? :) Texture alignment is boring.