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  1. mmx

    From scratch mod?

    Both are awesome! Exactly what I was looking for. I'll take a look at the standalone template.
  2. mmx

    From scratch mod?

    That's really informative, thank you @Doomy__Doom
  3. mmx

    From scratch mod?

    I'm working on a total conversion, not a gameplay-specific mod. That's why I asked for a good base. I'll eventually replace everything, except monster/weapon logic.
  4. mmx

    From scratch mod?

    What would be the best way to start a mod from scratch, or at least, with the bare minimum (weapons, 1 enemy, doors, explosives) to get a mod working? The Quake community has the https://www.insideqc.com/qctut/scratch.shtml tutorials, as well as https://github.com/Jason2Brownlee/CleanFixedQuakeC for anyone starting a new mod. Is there anything similar for Doom? Should FreeDoom be used as a base instead of Doom 2?
  5. Are there any plans of adding multiplayer support to the WebGL build? Would be great for those non-tech savvy friends.
  6. I have some office friends that really struggle with anything technical. On top of that, everyone is on a different platform. Is there any source port with emscripten/webgl support and multiplayer? I'm technical so I can compile that and then just host a heroku thing with it and then send the link to everyone.
  7. mmx

    Darklight Arena on IcedTech

    was this abandoned? because it is pretty damn cool
  8. Bumping with this other tool, for future people reading this thread: https://github.com/jminor/omgifol/blob/master/demo/wad2obj.py
  9. mmx

    Q-Zandronum 1.4.3 Released.

    I did not knew about this. Awesome! It's great to see a networking-focused source port.
  10. mmx

    Map generators?

    I ended up starting to work on roguelike-ish mod. :D
  11. https://arxiv.org/pdf/2302.05981.pdf Mostly text-based representation, then conversion: https://github.com/shyamsn97/mario-gpt/blob/main/mario_gpt/level.py
  12. mmx

    Map generators?

    I think it might be difficult for someone without experience playing roguelikes to enjoy generated maps. It is a different feeling and a different experience.
  13. mmx

    Map generators?

    Obsidian is pretty fantastic, thank you. Do you guys have any preset configuration for generating good MP maps?
  14. mmx

    Map generators?

    Are there any fun map generators out there? Looking for something to spice up coop play, as well as deathmatch.
  15. Thanks for the link, there's plenty of info there. I've been using Zandronum for a while, but unfortunately it does not do NAT punchthrough, nor provides any P2P facilitators. So I always end up having to run a server on a VPC so people can join that instead. I was wondering if there are any "shiny new engines" that people are using instead of the traditional ones.