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  1. I've got a Pentium 4 with a GeForce 4 and I'm rocking through my collection of Half-Life, Quake, Doom, Unreal, Rune, NOLF, Blood... so much fun! However, I'm getting out of titles and before I even get tired, I wanted to play a few mods. There's probably a lot of interesting stuff that I ended up missing back then, or even new stuff that came along. So, let's make this thread something fun: post here your favorite mod for any pre-2000 game!
  2. mmx

    Tools for Odamex editing

    I'm confused. Here it says that it changes the EXE: https://zdoom.org/wiki/DeHackEd You're saying that i can apply the patch to a special lump file or something? And the engine will read it?
  3. What is the minimum data i need to create an initial game in Odamex or other similar engines? I mean, Quake 1 has CleanQC and a sample basegame created by the community so mods don't depend on existing pak0.
  4. mmx

    Tools for Odamex editing

    Dehacked changes the executable directly right? So, i'm better off modifying the source directly.
  5. I just wanted to know what are the tools under the toolbelt of the pros around here. I've been using SLADE but i find the limitations very hard. It is very very difficult to replace sprites and to add new ones. Also, there are lots of hidden logic in the way sprites are played (pistol and chain gun, for example).
  6. mmx

    Best weapon editor?

    What tool do you guys use to edit weapons? SLADE?
  7. So, creating muzzles is a pain in the ass. Specially for sprites likes the minigun or the pistol that have this stupid overlay routine that ruins my sprites and turns into an alignment hell. Is there a source port that allows me to separate the muzzle animation from the weapons themselves? Like, associate a specific muzzle effect with different weapons? That would drastically improve my productivity when adding new weapons. Also, is there a way of having a dynamic light affecting the muzzle?
  8. mmx

    Rendering Doom maps in OpenGL 3

    I decided not to read the source from ports like GZDoom in order to avoid those special cases. Those engines have a legacy of supporting different formats, different games and etc. I've wanted to create something clean, supporting only Doom 1 maps. I've found a very nice Rust-based implementation and i'm using that as a reference: https://github.com/cristicbz/rust-doom/blob/master/src/wad/level.rs
  9. Does anyone know any good source ports that support emscripten builds?
  10. Hi guys! I'm learning OpenGL 3 and i'm looking for some tutorials or examples on how to render Doom maps. I'm trying to create a very simple level viewer to learn more about graphics programming and i wanted something simple and easy. I'm starting with Doom and then Q1 BSP. :)
  11. I've decided to use freedoom2. Works great so far! Thanks for the advice guys.
  12. My intentions were to add some code to parameterize the generation, based on the current stats of the player. I can track ammo usage, the action pattern and things like that to increase or decrease difficulty, making the gameplay more fluid. I can also use that to dictate a better tone: make a very difficult level, with lot's of actions, and then cool the player down with some mild, easy level with some puzzles.
  13. I'm interested in creating my own game on top of the Zanondrum codebase, but i'm not sure if i'm allowed to. I assumed Doom was under GPL, which would be perfect: i want to release the source-code, but i will sell the game data (my own art, music, etc.) and compiled binaries. However, i've noticed that the licensing is quite a mess: There's the BUILD license, the DOOM license, + FMOD license. Is there any engine that is 100% GPL?
  14. I'm starting with Doom modding and i'm attempting a multiplayer-focused mod. Should i use doom1.wad as a base for my mod or doom2.wad? Can i use the shareware versions? Also, for total conversions, what would be the best option?