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  1. THE GMoD

    High-resolution Doom

    The Doomsday Engine would be perfect for this: http://dengine.net/ This supports everything you would need, High res textures, high resolutions and 3D Models, Slopes, and alot more. Check out: http://dengine.net/engine For more features.
  2. I am currently looking for someone to help out with the mod. I need someone who can script for the Doom Engine. If you are interested please either leave a message here or PM Me.
  3. THE GMoD

    Graphics Replacement.

    Yeah I remember when I wad modding Wolf3d that the transparency colour was Magenta. I guess I still assumed that there was a transparency colour :P.
  4. THE GMoD

    Graphics Replacement.

    Ok, its now got a white background. I will test it ingame though and get back to you. Thanks. Edit: It appears ingame now, only problem is that it has a white background, how would I go about fixing this without having the same problem?
  5. THE GMoD

    Doomworld Metal Thread (surely Doomers enjoy metal)

    To carry this on for just one more post. Nu metal is an umbrella term coined in the mid-1990s to refer to music that blends heavy metal elements with other styles, such as hardcore punk and industrial rock. Bands associated with nu metal derive influence from a variety of diverse styles, including electronica, funk, glam rock, gothic rock, grunge, hardcore punk, hip hop, industrial rock and jazz. While electric guitar plays a strong part in the sound of nu metal bands, turntables, sequencers and samplers also play an important part in the sound. Many nu metal bands use seven-string guitars, which are sometimes down-tuned to increase heaviness, resulting in bass guitarists using five and six-string instruments. The lyrics of many nu metal bands focus on pain and personal alienation rather than traditional heavy metal themes. Oh and btw Eyeless probably was not the best example. I think you should probably listen to Left Behind, it shows Corey's vocal talents as well as a bit of the heavy. Oh and whats his face that posted: "No matter how much they disguise it with fake screams that were studio produced" Slipknot, has never used fake screams. During the recording of Eyeless you can pretty much hear Corey's vocal cords tearing in some of the screams! And Corey strained his vocal cords witch ended up with Slipknot softening up abit.
  6. THE GMoD

    Graphics Replacement.

    I extracted it as a .PNG and then converted it back into the correct format and placed in the rom. Edit: Just opened and checked it out in SLumpEd. And... uhhg... it says that it is a Windows or OS/2 Bitmap! So... how do I fix this **. Edit 2: I have my own PWAD, its just that I did this as a test. Do not ask why.
  7. THE GMoD

    Graphics Replacement.

    I am inserting it into a iWad. Yes I am inserting it beetween S_START and S_END. Correct, this is a Vanilla wad, But it is being tested in both Vanilla and ZDoom I am using Gimp. Without the altered background it is white, but I can give it a try.
  8. THE GMoD

    Graphics Replacement.

    Well even with that fixed it did not help. The sprite still fails to either render transparency or appear in the map altogether. The background colour, I am pretty shure is correct, it is: Red: 0 Green: 255 Blue: 255 Hue: 120 Saturation: 240 Lum: 120 ?
  9. THE GMoD

    Graphics Replacement.

    Thats supposed to be a zero? **
  10. THE GMoD

    Graphics Replacement.

    No? What? Where?
  11. THE GMoD

    Graphics Replacement.

    Well I just did my first attempt at replacing graphics in SLumpEd... didn't go so well. So I wanted to replace the Chaingun's world sprite, so I load up my rom in SLumpEd and find the Chaingun's sprite (MGUNAO). And I extract a random world sprite to make sure I get the background right, so I extract that sprite, and use the background colour as the background for the sprite I am replacing (witch btw is the beta chaingun sprite). So once I am done, I import it into the rom, replacing the chaingun sprite (since it has the same name). So I try and set offsets, I set the standard for this type of sprite, 31 by 18, set offset type to normal, and save changes. alright, so I select another sprite and reselect the chaingun... and... the sprite is no longer aligned... so after about 10 minutes of realigning and saving and such, I end up giving up and save the whole rom. I go into Doom Builder 2, put the chaingun in the map as a test, and load up. The chaingun appears now as a exclamation mark... so it is not working, I go into 3D edit and check it in there, and the sprite works except the transparency is not working, witch is strange because I used the right colour... exactly... so what the fuck is up here?
  12. THE GMoD

    Doomworld Metal Thread (surely Doomers enjoy metal)

    Slipknot is no longer Nu-Metal. They qualify now as standard metal. And SO WHAT if a DJ is in a metal band, it does not make any kind of difference! And as for Murderdolls, just because Joey Jordison (drummer) is in both does not mean I have to like Murderdolls. allot of metal bands lose points by having absolutely terrible vocalists, thats where Slipknot comes in, Corey Taylor has a great voice aided by a awesome scream. And as for that definition on the Urban Dictionary, Slipknot has better vocals in my opinion then lots of the metal bands I hear, listen to Stone Sour, thats hard Rock, that has the same vocalist as Slipknot. It also pisses me off when people judge Slipknot by there genre, GO LISTEN TO IT. Seriously, if you have not, listen to Eyeless on youtube. Nao.
  13. I will check. The mod just went through a name change, as the current name is rather a temporary name. The new name it "Doom: Evil Unleashed" taking from Doom's original name and subtitle. Its moddb page can be found Here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-evil-unleashed-05-beta-mod
  14. Yeah it was an unclosed sector error. Why does Doom Builder not detect this when you check for problems with the map?
  15. THE GMoD

    XWE hates Vista

    I am having about the same problem with my PC running 7. I am thinking of trying WXE on my laptop and doing the editing there so I can then transfer it to my main computer.