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  1. I recently created a boom configuration which adds the zdoom-only linedef specials for sloped floors. However I would like that GZDB renders these slopes, in real time, within the visual editor. I understand a plugin is usually responsible for the visual mode to determine when a slope should be rendered on what configuration. So my question is; is there a way to physically edit a file so that doom builder will render slopes for 3 specific linedef specials that have no arguments to them?
  2. Hello this is a deathmatch wad and it is 99% done all but a few floating islands to draw. This release serves as a final testing ground to make sure all bugs and errors are ironed out. It goes from maps uptdm01 - uptdm32 and uptdmse1 - uptdmse2 uuuuuuuuuuuh Have fun https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/megawads/uptightdm "copied and pasted" Uptight dm was a personal project I started where the original goal was to spend as much time as possible on each map perfecting its design and item placements in order for me to learn and create professional competitive maps. This devolved into then making joke maps to poke fun at a large influx of dm creations which I found to be quite bad at the time, a very mature move. Then after I had realized ultimate-dm was not going to be the ambitious project I had desired I then merged the two together in hopes to make a massive dm megawad so everyone has to spend 10 minutes downloading from getwad. Shortly after this then I began taking submissions without a single possible care for details or level design because it was more maps, this was short lived as I had come across some maps and thought "these look god awfuly butt ugly" then scrapped a majority of them. Today the wad stands at 32 maps (2 secret maps) and is a celebration of the years of doom deathmatch and popular doom deathmatch staple wads and tropes. From all the way to udmx back to grand daddy dwango roots there is something in uptightdm for all to enjoy at least at some point or another, its even got a map so big one could host a 32 player match on there and feel satisfied with their life I guarantee it. The wad works on all multiplayer ports, I can assure you that.
  3. EmZee712

    Uptight Deathmatch Beta

    It's been a while since I've posted something here, hello. Anyway a small team of mappers including myself have been working on this deathmatch wad early this year as well as late last year. Currently production has died down but what we've already completed is quite acceptable. The wad currently has 40 dm maps, originally suppose to be 43 but like I said the production has died down, so I'm just going to release what I've got as a beta until I get around to filling in the gaps. This is compatible on the 3 major multiplayer ports, Oda, Zandro an ZD maps are - UPTDM01 to UPTDM35 then UPTDM37 to UPTDM39 (UPTDM36 is a wip) extra levels are GOLD1, GOLD2, (and GOLD3 is a wip) And credits go to the team: EmZee712(Myself) Decay Rosking/Caboose Collision Alterzero Nautilus Frank Heavenwraith/Kuchi GhoulSlayer Baron Caution/X-Ray and Dr.Noob/Edd for making the interpic http://www.mediafire.com/download/moy0ljovx4ear3e/uptightdmbeta8-23-2014.zip
  4. Now that my mapping abilities and skills have increased substantially I feel a lot more confident posting my work up for critique. However I'm not just posting for opinions, I'm also looking for possible recruitment to aid within my struggle! Whats my struggle you ask? Lets begin then: Uptight Deathmatch was started for the sole purpose of making more... Professionally done style maps in the terms of gameplay, which quickly gave way to me just messing around and eventually making parodies, styling maps after certain wads, and just plain experimenting with what I can do. And thankfully the pack up to this point holds up very well. I've begun work with GIMP 2, and thus was able to create a lot of vanilla doom style textures for use giving it more of that 'homemade' feel I've always wanted in a wad of mine. As an added note Uptightdm also contains a lot of Alpha doom wad textures, a few of them I outfitted to look presentable and useable in most maps. But enough chat, let's actually showcase this thing: More Screenshots: 1 2 3 4 And the Download: Uptight Deathmatch Version 11 Uptight Deathmatch contains 19 maps, meaning from map01 to map17 and then 2 gimmick maps for map31 and map32. All maps are designed in Doom2 format with limit removing in mind and they are also designed around jumping and crouching if a game were to be played with those flags on. Most maps already work with some type of gimmick, whether it's a lowering or raising a wall or a certain way that the player can retrieve the BFG. And any other map that doesn't have a gimmick is more than likely a gimmick itself, as I poke fun with famous deathmatch wads, or just playing around with maps that you wouldn't see in a DM wad to begin with. I currently have no music (yet) because it's really hard to find some good original midis that are fitting for a deathmatch wad. I'll post a maplist shortly in the future And now I extend my offer to you fellow mappers of DoomWorld, if this project interests you and you'd like to take part in it then please let me know. I will warn you however your map can and will be removed if it is deemed unappealing or boring obviously.
  5. EmZee712

    The Land of UltahBuhVaria: Ultimate-DM!

    My bad thanks for lettin me know, turns out the U in the link had to be lower cased (silly capital nazi mistakes!)
  6. So I've been leading this clan called [U] aka UltahBuhVaria, AKA Ultimate if you don't want to remember my ridiculous long and original name. Were mostly stationed on Skulltag, but I hope to invoke players from ZD or Oda to join, but I'm not here to recruit I'm here to showcase the clan wad, which might not be a good idea seeing as how most clan wads are subjected to one port and one port only. Well I'm different. So I've been in development with a Boom created wad for compatibility on all ports, so far the levels work on ZD, Skulltag and Odamex (aside from a few bugs) and I'm willing to post about it here and let Doomworld tear this wad apart. Most of these maps were designed by me, and in the zip file you can find a changelog and a maplist which illustrates who created what and what I did specifically to the wad itself. However if you're too lazy to look at the maplist.txt then I will record the maplist here as well. Screenshots are many so I'll just post a few. So heres the wad Ultimate-DM Version 13 And heres the maplist along with screenshots: ULTDM01 = Shane ULTDM02 = Shane ULTDM03 = Shane ULTDM04 = Shane ULTDM05 = Shane ULTDM06 = Shane ULTDM07 = Spider ULTDM08 = Shane ULTDM09 = Shane ULTDM10 = Shane ULTDM11 = Stipsi ULTDM12 = Baron ULTDM13 = Shane ULTDM14 = Baron ULTDM15 = Baron 1 2 3 4 Known Bugs: So far the only bugs originate on Odamex, and are pretty severe but to a certain degree if you're a visual nazi. -After ULTDM10 the sound cuts off -A lot of ANIMDEFS issues, certain textures animate the wrong patches -Custom switches do not work Now I know Odamex staff team is swamped, so I'm not pushing them to fix these changes anytime soon, in any case you can play all the maps on Odamex just fine! Theres a issue with the music, yes everyone doesn't really like it, so I'm asking for any MIDI composers out there to replace my placeholder songs, except for ULTDM11, the MIDI in place there is for joke reasons and will remain. Britney Spears + DooM = Genius. Minor minor mis texturing on ULTDM13, which will be fixed by next release, promise <3. Neat Extras: Ultimate-DM on Skulltag allows usage of it's cmpginfo lump, which means when you play the levels on ST, you can choose them from episode and play with bots if you don't feel like going online and playing with people. This is a fun wad, it has it's ups and downs, and I hope you enjoy what we put together (so far) and if you feel like you want to join in on this fun, you can! It's not restricted to clan only members developing it, it's a open project that allows anyone to submit maps.
  7. EmZee712


    Incredible. Who knew the one day I come and look at DoomWorld I see a vague attempt to try and bolster the popularity of a over-rated crappy mod. I've played LA worlds, all of them, but I would instantly ragequit after the first map of getting tired of constantly needing to catch up to the other players. Speaking of which... I believe this wad was made SOLELY for the purpose of Team Damage, thats the only reason possible players ever stick around that long in DBzone servers it's because as soon as they get bored killing monsters, well they just wanna be pricks and kill their teammates because "jajajajaja lol u ded" is hilarious aint it? Death is funny kids, kill your friends, all the time. LA worlds is a exact rip from DBZone, they are trying too hard to look just like them, like a annoying little brother trying to live up to his bigger brother's legacy. The incredibly tall ceilings and lava pits just mask it's disgusting lack of design, Doom textures were designed for 256 tall rooms (at most) anything more than that turns any texture into a pixelated mess of grey or brown dots. There is no thought put into these, from what I remember, a new LA wad would pop out every week, so given this logic none of these maps were truely planned out they just stay true to 3 given elements: -Lots of monsters -Plenty of cliffs -Quite a few jumps Infact looking INTO these wads, not only do they mimic DBZone's weapon sounds, weapons, monsters and even their mapping genre, hell they go so far as to steal their scripts too because they lack the mindset to truely learn or look up any formal training so they can make their own useless wads. And lastly, the ONLY reason I believe ZDaemon players even play this wad is because of the fact they get too frustrated with actually traversing well thought out wads that they just want to run forward and never stop and shoot other people to stay entertained with infinite ammo.
  8. This would be my second try at recruitment but here goes! Lucked Out is a new going to be a Survival Last Man Standing Invasion, and if you haven't guessed by now, yes it's made primarily to be a multiplayer experience. Luckily the ACS coding works in singleplayer for those who wish to actually test their skills! However currently I just finished 8 maps and I don't simply have the time to construct this all by myself so I'm extending a welcome to any developers who would like to hop on. I'm looking for mappers, musicians, even GFX or texture artists. Instructions for mappers: 1) Make a map in a way to where theres no sector that a monster can't get to or a area where the player can't get hit. 2) Always place health on health pads, and ammo on ammo pads, and put weapons on elevated pedestals so players can distinguish them in the game. 3) Don't use Doom2 stock textures, Lucked Out has it's own set of textures, however I wouldn't mind if anyone wanted to add their own, I only have tech textures and very few outdoor textures as well. 4) The weapons have changed (keep this in mind as you map and where you put your guns): - Pistol is now a Rifle (shoots like the chaingun) - Fist is now a infinite ammo pistol (just in case players run out of all their ammo) - Chaingun is now a 'Minigun' (shoots much faster, and depletes ammo quicker) - BFG9000 is now a railgun (I deemed it overpowered for survival, and changed it) 5) I do expect healthy detailed maps, but I'm also not expecting Tormentor667 quality. Screenshots below for what to expect. 6) Your map must atleast be ZDaemon compatible, currently undergoing certain issues with Skulltag, but I'll have it fixed in due time. 7) Even if you're not a good ACS scripter, theres a already loaded script in the Alpha's zip file, all you need to do is copy and paste and perform certain changes but theres a small tutorial on that in this pastebin with quick instructions on what you can do with the script. Screenshots: Map01 -Completed- Map02 -Completed- Map03 -Completed- Map04 -Completed- Map05 -Completed- Map06 -Completed- Map07 -Completed- Map08 -Completed- Download the Alpha here. These maps are still in Alpha and will probably change over time (Map 08 is getting a definite change from a few bugs it has, and size issue). Note to mappers: If you have a theme you wish to use, it's best to look through the wad to make sure it hasn't been taken! Like I've already created a Plutonia map11 style map (or the archvile map).
  9. EmZee712

    Why is the player immune?

    Well theres only one route I see available now... Looks like this Doom Marine... *puts on sunglasses* Isn't really doomed. YAAAAAAAAH
  10. EmZee712

    How do you REALLY feel about Doom 3?

    Eh, I always thought Doom 3 was ID's interpretation on how they wanted the original Doom to look and feel. The whole "horror" element wasn't all that great, I mean once you get the pattern, telling when another Imp is going to pop out of a vent becomes pretty easy. However on the bright side, Doom 3 is easily moddable not just out of the game but in-game as well, a full array of customizable sounds, pdas, lights, and creature spawns, is cool to take a look at and fool around with.
  11. EmZee712

    Doom 4 should have...

    Doom_RO: you basicly just quoted my entire WIP for a doom wad, except the extra weapons parts and homages
  12. Hello, I have slowly begun making a new Megawad currently in the works and after 5 maps I decided to make it a community project. It is a wad that makes use of a script that was originally in another wad (x-noob_survival) and I wanted to use the same concept atleast with a wad that looks a little better (no offense XXX guys). Basicly anyone can submit anything to the production of this wad! I am currently looking for mappers or anyone who can make graphics for the wad. Anyone is eligible to send a map, no need to PM, unless it is done, there is just a few guidelines to follow which are: 1) -You can only use the stock textures in the wad provided below, I will allow additional patches added, but this wad replaces Doom2 textures, so it's not wise to just use Doom2 as a resource. 2) -When making the map, you have to create a spot where the player spawns, steps off the spawner and activates the map's designated script. 3) -You do have to use the designated script, however alterations and additions are okay as long as it is still able to function like the all the maps do. 4) -If you are planning on adding a patch, there is a limit to the amount a map can have when submitted, this limit is: 20 5) -Detailing maps is fine and all, but you have to make sure your detail doesn't block the path of the monsters. 6) -This is a Last Man Standing Invasion wad, so try to avoid making doors or lifts that might obstruct monster's paths and don't make places where players can hide until everyone else is dead. 7) -Be sure to design your map with jumping and crouching in mind, and when I say that, I mean make sure theres no secret areas players can get into by crouching and or jumping. 8) -Lastly AND MOST IMPORTANT, make sure the wad is ZDaemon compatible, ZDaemon compatible you say? yes. Meaning the maps can be done in ZDoom Doom in Hexen Format If you wish to submit a map but you have no clue about ACS? Don't worry! A short tutorial will follow. I need graphic designers, and anyone who can make music, for those who wish to do these fields, please send me a PM and I will inform you of where to send the files. HELL MAPS: There are currently little to no hell-type textures in the wad, if you wish to make a hell style map, then patch limit for you is raised to 30, I would add hell textures myself, but I can't seem to go through a bunch of wads and pick out good textures that go together. Other Details: The wad does have a Dehacked script which changes the weapon behavior of two weapons, the Chaingun and the Pistol, which are now the Rifle and Minigun. Hopefully this will make both of these weapons more effective and better tools out in battle. The wad also features a lot of textures which were made using the TEXTURE lump, conveniently named the TEXTURE2, if you see a texture you want to modify, please create a TEXTURE3, so that it would be easy to transfer it over to TEXTURE2. First some screenies, then the Download and tutorial for the non-ACS users: http://i1022.photobucket.com/albums/af343/Masterzorc/Screenshot_Doom_20110326_180605-1.png http://i1022.photobucket.com/albums/af343/Masterzorc/Screenshot_Doom_20110326_180521-1.png http://i1022.photobucket.com/albums/af343/Masterzorc/Screenshot_Doom_20110326_180546.png Download: http://www.wadhost.fathax.com/files/Lucked_Outv1a.zip Tutorial & Script Understanding: The script itself is in the wad, but I will explain what has to be done to make sure the map is functional and does what it has to do. Download the script without any modifications here: http://www.wadhost.fathax.com/files/Lucked_Outscript.zip go into Doom Builder, and when in a new map, press F10, you should see where you can copy and paste the script from the .txt file: ___________________________________ Line 59: int monster[MAX_MONSTER_ARRAY] = {T_IMP}; This is where you define what monsters can spawn in the map, the script picks these out at random, you can define a monster twice if you want that monster to have a great chance to spawn. Doom Spawn Numbers = http://zdoom.org/wiki/Doom_spawn_numbers ___________________________________ Line 133: if ((monster[ran2] == T_VILE) && (ThingCount(T_VILE, 0) >= 2)) This is a script that allows a certain number of Archviles to be spawned, the number 2 is the number of Archviles that the script allows. ___________________________________ Lastly in order for the scripts to work, a map needs a "Actor Enters Sector" with the action "Script Execute" AKA 80 and where it says "Script" it must be number 3. As for the spawners, you can place a Map Spot and give it a tag 1-10 and it will spawn monsters into the map. I would write more but I'm sure it would be too big to explain in all that detail, so if you want to know more, just reply. ___________________________________ Maps Completed: Map01 - Name TBA = Completed Map02 - Name TBA = Completed Map03 - Name TBA = Completed Map04 - Name TBA = Completed Map05 - Name TBA = Completed If you have any concerns on the maps already in place, or anything about the wad, feel free to say.
  13. EmZee712

    Scary Moments in Doom 3

    Depends on what gun you prefer to use most, I have my gun position to make my machinegun look more cool and showing less wrist. If you use the shotgun mostly then you might want a center view of the gun so shooting heads off becomes more satisfying.
  14. EmZee712

    Scary Moments in Doom 3

    Aw you forgot the most satisfying and fun cheats: editpdas - allows you to change and create new PDAs (Warning, changing other PDAs will result in deleting all other PDAs, making them "default pda") g_gunx - Changes gun placement on the x axis g_guny - Changes gun placement on the y axis g_gunz - Changes gun placement on the z axis That and my most favorite of all, summoning allies without the use of a mod: spawn monster_zsec_machinegun def_head head_security_helmet npc_name Security team 0 Edit: I forgot, Doom3 doesn't use the "summon" command The def_head part gives the monster a security guard's helmet so that way you can tell which ones are on your side. However the only way they can be activated is when another monster makes a noise by shooting a projectile With these cheats, not only does it make it more fun but easier when you have a pda with all the codes, monsters willing to fight for you, and a cool looking gun that you like to see being fired.
  15. EmZee712

    Is zdaemon and doom3d still developed?

    ZDaemon 1.08.09? Why, I remember that, it was one of the famous legends told in Greek Mythology. I don't know why they don't just release it already, I mean, everyone has the beta... Well anyone that hangs around with [XXX] a lot, that is, I even have a beta for it and it seems to work well. Kilgore rather wants to play the product he has now instead of working on it more, he's lazy like that, like me!