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  1. Radon

    New Horizons arrives at Pluto

    The arguments for Pluto's demotion is pretty standard among Planetary Scientists. -Pluto would barely cover half of the USA. -Russia has a greater surface area than Pluto. -Most of Pluto's mass is in fact water-ice, if you were to put it close to our orbit or even by Mars' orbit it would quickly grow a tail like a comet. - Earth's Moon is bigger than Pluto. - Pluto's orbit intersects orbits of other planets. - Pluto's characteristics matches that of objects found in the Kuiper belt by various telescopes, again, dwarf like, at one point thought to be even carbonaceous rock bodies. In fact it's already been thought that the Mountainous landscape could be entirely made from water-ice as it behaves close to rock-like under such temperatures. The surface approximately pretty young apparently, ~100M yrs. So it's neat to think that Pluto had a recent collision around that time and had the cool down while under heat to perhaps even form such weird terrain. It's interesting to have such geological features without any influence of energy by an outside source of the body. (e.g. Europa - Jupiter) The hypothesis' were flowing like wine today!
  2. Radon

    New Horizons arrives at Pluto

    Very intrigued into the darkened sections. There seems to be an awful lot of Geology (Plutography) for such a body. Pretty neat to be on the same date as Mariner's voyage to explore Mars.
  3. Radon

    What you think about death?

    Charlton Heston said it best - "Guns don't kill people, Apes with guns kill people!" By the power of Ben-Moses Death trembles at the sight.
  4. Radon

    Hypothetical Question: What if the USA Collapsed?

    Us Canadians would take the torch. Then everyone would be friends and buddehs and guys! Ey Buddeh, Ey Guy.
  5. Radon

    New Zealand Out Orwells Australia

    Goddamn these are some offensive posts in here.. Better report this to the Cyber-Police.
  6. Played Project Cars. Prefer rFactor 2.
  7. Ack! The 90s! An Era of Seinfeld, Friends and Jenny Jones. Also when Jerry Springer had proper weirdos. Adam Sandler was one of the funniest people at that time even yet that is subjective. Bill Nye the science guy! single-handed propelled me into Planetary Science. Technologically, a curious point in time. Coleco, Videotron (Was it called?), VHS tapes. Big tubed TVs only aristocrats could afford. MSN Gaming Zone especially is something that vividly sticks in memory, too many good times. It seems online play these days, in a way isn't as enjoyable as it once was but perhaps that came with age. Aside from games there was plenty more to have experienced. Launch of Hubble on April 24th, the landing of Pathfinder with data transmittion. We even still had a Space Shuttle (LOL). Pluto was still a planet! Something about the 90s felt a lot more alive and real than the construct today.
  8. How can anyone dislike Carmageddon? :\
  9. Business before real human lives right? We've lost the way long ago.
  10. IBM Aptiva. At this time in Canada I remember it retailed $3500 roughly. Windows 95 was the powerhouse, until 98 arrived. Beautiful morning, excitement in the air. One of the main thoughts I remember was not dealing with those blasted floppies anymore. Although the install took two and a half hours, at the very end I was greeted by a lovely message indicating I had to upgrade from I think it was 2MB RAM at that time, which costed as much as a mortgage. Then all the hopes died off until said upgrade happened. Of all the systems, for some reason the 775 sockets hold mosts memory. Especially the K7-SEM board I had from Asus. Dear Christ what a nightmare. Mixed in with the Hercules GPU, it was a recipe for shit. Didn't do any better once the A8-ANE came out. (think it was labeled the A8-ANE or A8E-N or something of the sort). Happiest build even to this day was probably the time when HL2 was about to drop and with the emotion of approaching Armageddon, everyone HAD. No, NEEDED to jump onboard with those new ATi X800s. Had the x800 GTO Firehawk, firebird or as such. Partnered with the new Athlon x2 64, it was truly a pleasure filled tank. Coming to more recent memories I personally feel atleast from AMD the Phenom chips even to this day are the best. Quicker, efficient. It truly barely has ANY comparison with the newer 8-cores. I wish I had more to do with Intel and nVidia other than a Pentium III and a eVGA 7600 GT that melted during Doom 3 (Ironic, much?) Would love to get a hold of an older card, it's the size of our modern GPUs now that had roughly I think 8-bit or 16-bit graphics, only going by the name of "I've got a ticket to ride." - If anyone remembers?
  11. Currently work at a Observatory until schooling is finished and usually am playing any sort of Doom on the laptop until night falls and until most of the papers are gone. Strangely am able to finish Doom 3 but unable to get near enough to the BFG edition. :\ Cool to hear about co-workers getting in on the action though.
  12. Is she the politician who was constantly parodied as a witch?
  13. Radon

    Microsoft unveils the new Xbox machine

    Everyday it seems Microsoft just breaks another bone.
  14. Radon

    Microsoft unveils the new Xbox machine

    Well you make some good points, can't argue much at all there. I guess it's time to remove that 2000 era bad taste from the mouth..
  15. Radon

    Microsoft unveils the new Xbox machine

    Well unless you count the alternate and upgrade builds of consoles that come out every so often. In reference to Microsoft's business model of service(rumored) with X-One, it just seems that in the long run customers would be over-paying than compared to owning a PC. PC parts are also getting cheaper, especially when the next line of cards from Radeon is around the corner. Don't mean to use the biased example but just saying the parts that already rival the technology will become even more affordable. On the other hand, not everyone can just jump on the best new thing of the month as you've mentioned. I dont know, consoles in modern-era just seem sketchy.