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  1. If someone asks me why I like the automap so much, I'll keep this thread in mind.
  2. Nameless

    [WIP] Vela Pax (on hiatus)

    I'd say that if you spend more then 2/4s of a map wading throuout lava it should not be damaging. Really, not even Hell Revealed did it!
  3. Okay, didn't have time earlier but now I tried to run Alien Vendetta, but I just get an error saying that there is no maps. I can't even start it with the av.exe, but that is probably an other error. EDIT: Hooray, I got it to run! What I did was that I just dragged the av.wad to prboom-plus!
  4. Whatever the case, I'm sticking with prboom-plus for now.
  5. Not if it takes 1½ minute for a tic to pass.
  6. Thank you! One problem that seems to repeatedly occur is that prboom(-plus) doesn't like "Document and settings" because it contains two spacebar hits. Does anyone know a remedy for this? I'm going to test Never_agains tip now and report back. Once again: Thank you! EDIT: No, it dosen't work. What I did was that I changed "glboom+" to "prboom+", because glboom+ runs at a snails pace in my ancient computer(+5years), and the home-directory. As a work-around to the problem mentioned above I put the prboom+ folder in the local disc. I get an error saying that it can not find the selected unit, which I guess is the home-directory. EDIT:: Okay I sorted that out. I had forgot to change the first "e" to my home-directory.
  7. Nameless

    Doom Wiki

    I think you all should keep the discussion about moving, in this forum, lest wikia might decide to lock the admins from their adminpanel. Let it all be normal on the wikia. Always good to point this out. My two cents. Also, the new design doesn't bother me at all. Then again, I'm rather flexible.
  8. Yeah, but wouldn't you expect the prboom-plus autoloader to do this?
  9. I've been trying for like 3 hours or so to solve this problem, but I'm still firmly at square one and now I have ran out of options. Does anyone know why prboom-plus defaults to "Entryway" when you try to play an custom pwad by dragging it to prboom-plus. I tried this with prboom too but with the same result.
  10. No need to snotty. It might had nothing to do with what is happening now. However, It does now but I am not sure because the article does not state when the aircraft carrier was sent to the region, which would be important in this discussion. You are making a classical human logical mistake: Failing to correctly handling and interpetating information from several planes at the same time. Just setting for the simple 1+1=2. I see so much of this. One sequence of occurence does not mean that they, the occurrence, are linked togheter. However, they might be linked together by occurrence. And I need to find a synonym for "occurrence". Isn't that an... incident? Get it? Read it a few times.
  11. Who's spreading lies? Also, why do every news report feel the need to emphazie that children are suffering. No, it is still not triggering an emotional reaction from me. Finally Not the whole truth. USS George Washington was sent to the region to participate in a planned exercise together with South Korea, which is mentioned above in the article, THEN this shit happend. More misinformation. Yay for misinformation.
  12. Nameless

    The Mapper Thread

    Whilst speaking of lesser known mappers: Anyone know if Haggay Niv has made any other map, other then the one he made for Hell Revealed.
  13. I think I found the shareware by accident while browsing around shareware-sites somwhere in the beginning of the new milenium. Needless to say, I was hooked.
  14. Nameless

    Strife under Doom 3 Engine?

    I'm just typing what I remember regarding Strife 1. Strife ISN'T FREEWARE. The Copyright-ownership is a bit dodgy to say the least: Because of various incidents in the past nobody knows who owns the copyright anymore. 2. Most of the stuff in Strife is hard-coded. Good Luck with that. 3. Finally, the musican who made the music is dead but if you have the courage you can probably ask his living relatives if you can use the music anyway.
  15. Just posting so you know how cool that would be.