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  1. Tyro

    Small castle: help with gameplay

    I just started using Slade3 this week-end because I was so used to XWE, and boy once you master the few basic things to know about how it works, you can't get back to XWE, it's so much more powerful. In XWE the software does things for you without telling you, like converting your PNGs/BMPs/whatever in the Doom Palette. It makes the process faster but you can't do anything about it. In Slade3 it actually asks you about such things. Also, Decorate and lumps texts in general are in colors :p
  2. Tyro

    Small castle: help with gameplay

    My main criticism would be about the choices of textures. All the area are very similar and the brown brick/stone textures can quickly become tiresome. The level in itself is perhaps too small, I would have liked to have a larger manoeuvre margin. What I mean is not that the map is too short, but that the map rooms are too small in general. I get it that large rooms or sectors can make a map easier than it should be, but in that particular case that's how I felt about it. The tower where you get the red key for exemple, I thought 'wow, that's cool going on the remparts, but... can't help but feeling that this tower is too small'. Also the surrounding of the towers feel a bit too enclosed. I mean when you're on top of something that high you'be wanting to see farther than just a few 64mapunits squares I guess. I like that they are many windows/bars across which you can see other upcoming parts of the level. Also I think the monsters are not varied enough. I mainly remember imps, Cacos and Revenants; even if this is to be a small level why not make the enemies more diverse ? But all on all, I think it's cool to be willing to make small levels. People always go for long/large levels but once in a while I like to make small, faster levels too. Also stupid question but, why Map03 and not 01 ? Is this to be part of something bigger?
  3. Tyro

    Need some feedback on my maps...

    I really liked the design of Centrafuse (especially the first map) and NewAge (too bad the map is unfinished!). To be honest I'd like to make such good-looking maps :) However I didn't really like Hall of The Demon Lords, mainly because I'm not fond of these kinds of hell-looking maps, but not because it was bad-looking. I enjoyed much Hellspawn which is very fluid and pleasant to play, and rather good-looking. Overall I think that's pretty good. However, unlike most of the other members of these forums I'm not able to see small details such as lack of doortrack or things like that. I mean, that doesn't seem important to me as long as the map is good-looking and, especially, fun to play (and yours are).
  4. Tyro

    Brutal Doom version 18a

    That's awesome... very fun to play! The noise of the monsters walking in the water is scaring... The effects are very well done and the weapon that remplaces the old pistol is far nicer to play with than the pistol. However I found the game harder with this mode. Not insurmountable though. A great great work.
  5. Tyro

    First map with scripts

    Thanks for your response! Yes, I have already been told to lower unpegged the doortrak textures, but I always forget to do so. I'll be careful about that in my next maps. Anyway, thanks for playing :)
  6. Hello everyone! I made a new map. It's not much, just an average map which takes place in a base, so not too original, but I think this wad is still fun. It's one of the first maps I make which include some scripts in it. The first relased, in any case. So ZDoom is required. Here is the link: http://www.4shared.com/file/R2k9osOB/d_knell.html I'm sorry, I have to use 4shared, I think it's not the best site for this but I don't know any other and at least, this one is free. Hope you enjoy it and that i didn't bother you. Have a nice day!
  7. In the map configuration (the window just before you start mapping), type MAP then the number of the map you want it to be (MAP02 for exemple, if you already have one map in your file) then save your map by using the "Save Into" option, then select the wad you want to put your map in. Sorry for my bad English.
  8. Oops, yes, of course I meant to quote you, I'm sorry. And yes, it is indeed IDDT, I don't know what I had yesterday, maybe I was tired. :s Anyway, i'm glad you managed to shoot them all ! I don't know if I already did that myself.
  9. Try IDDIT (the cheat code) while you are on the map screen. Type it 2 times and you should be able to see where they are. But unfortunately I think that sometimes, some of the monsters are not teleported (they stay away of the teleportation lines). So you can wait long before they eventually come (if they come).
  10. Sorry for the late response. I have a limited access to internet (I have access to a computer only two weeks per months). Indeed the next step for me is to master the script thing; I will soon follow tutorials that I can found on the ZDoom Wiki. Also, I laughed at the end of your post! In any case, thanks you all for your response!
  11. Hey! I love in Paris too, I would really enjoy to see this in a doom-map :) Btw, the textures we can see on the pictures on your site seems to be very cool. But usually in Doom all textures are full of pixels, and it seems it is not the case here. How did you do that ? *Edit : I meant I live in Paris too.
  12. Hello again! Thanks for your comments. "bgraybr I don't know if this is intentional or not, but you can get to the exit before any of the monsters reach the city if you use a couple of secrets to get to the outer wall that is blocked and jump over the edge." Sorry, I still don't know how to do quotations :s Thanks for the info. No, that's not intentional. I'll have to see what I can do about this. But could you please tell me what secrets you are talking about ? "Manhunt21 One thing I seemed to notice, was the door's Doortraks weren't Lower unpegged." Well I did'nt know that Doortraks should be lower unpegged. From now I will always Lower unpegged them :) Thanks for the tips. "Manhunt21 Also, if I may.... could I request a sequel?" Well, I love this kind of level; when I was younger I used to create several map on the D-Day theme. So, I'll certainly make other maps in the same style.
  13. Tyro

    My new doom1 map needs feedback

    I didn't play it drunk. But I was pressing spacebar without interruption while walking along the walls and nothing happened... Until it worked. Don't know why it took me so much times before the lift lowered. And for a while I stopped press spacebar and tried to fire on the computer through the windows... :s (sorry for my bad English...)
  14. Tyro

    My new doom1 map needs feedback

    I love the level-design of this map; also, i like the fact that this is relatively easy, it's cool (i think) to go through the map without too much problems. Traps were cool too. But I've been stuck in the outdoor area (with the rocket launcher at the top of the pillar). I didn't know how to get out of there. It have taken me at least 10 minutes until I manage to get out of there! In any case, that's a cool level !
  15. Hello all! I just finished my new map today and i wanted advices and comment. Although I read all the rules, I don't know if this is the good forum to post this but anyway, I post it. Sorry if this is not the good board or the good forum to post this. This is the first map I made with the configuration "ZDoom (Doom in Hexen version)". Before, I used to do vanilla-Doom levels, just with the configuration "Doom 2". And recently I discovered that I could change "Doom 2" for "ZDoom (Doom in Hexen version)" in the map options/configurations (the windows before you start mapping). I was surprised how many things it does (it allows you to change the movement speed of the doors, make bridges, fake-floor, etc...). So after some test-levels, I did this map which is my first real map using "ZDoom (Doom in Hexen version)". The player is in a city and he must defend it alongside his comrades, against the two waves of monsters coming from the east and from the west (at the west, there is the sea). (Once the first wave is destroyed, player must press the switch which is in one of the buildings at the west, in front of the beach, in order to make the second wave appear. I was forced to do so, or else the game is laggy (too many monsters moving in the same time)). There is a lot of secrets; most of the buildings are opened and can be visited. There is weapons and ammo a little bit everywhere. I did some new textures, it was funny. The map can be download here : http://www.4shared.com/file/_q-ktv0p/_2__city_defend_wad.html or here if the previous link don't work : http://www.4shared.com/file/0pR6IqGd/city_defend_wad_alt.html Of course there's the .txt file inside. Here is some screenshots : http://s2.noelshack.com/old/up/screenshot_doom_20100605_111226-b1b3407d43.png http://s2.noelshack.com/old/up/screenshot_doom_20100730_145641-9f78471d98.png http://s2.noelshack.com/old/up/screenshot_doom_20100724_223910-6cb9bbf683.png http://s2.noelshack.com/old/up/screenshot_doom_20100729_220538-3699620999.png http://s2.noelshack.com/old/up/screenshot_doom_20100730_132607-7b7309bf38.png Enjoy! Don't forget it works with Zdoom. (Zdoom (Doom in Hexen Version)). And of course it is MAP01.