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  1. I know right, I was always jealous of that. Why do chaingunners get the beefy shotgun sound for their chaingun and mine gets the little pistol pew-pew. NOT FAIR Also, level 10 in doom 2 refueling base has an unofficial secret shotgun room directly right of the starting point
  2. Everybody strafes in fps games lol. Some people just don't care to learn the term for it on the internet
  3. Level 10 refueling base has a secret shotgun room to the right, at the start of the map. It's an unofficial secret
  4. Weird. In doom 2 it literally says in the guide that when a demon dies, they pick him up, dust him off, reanimate him and arm him with a missile launcher lol. So I always saw him as some sort of hellknight that has been brought back from the dead, sort of like the dragoon/immortal from starcraft Now revenants are former humans? Since when do humans have 8 foot tall skeletons?
  5. maybe you were just younger or more impressionable. I find this to be the case with lots of people and it sort of biases them towards nostalgia since it was so novel at the time, so you tend to remember certain things. All the dooms are great, even the alternative style of doom 3 has it's place in the doom archives for me. But honestly Doom 3, while a great game, got sloppy after awhile with it's sort of generic environments and imp-spawns-in-front-of-you combat which isn't really the best gameplay idea for a slower-paced deadspace type shooter. Doom 2016 may be repetitive too with it's constant arena-style stuff but the sheer combat dynamics really stand out to me and compensate for it. Not many modern games really feel as fluid to me. I definitely had a bit more fun overall playing doom 2016 than doom 3. doom 2 ofc is the best, I agree there
  6. Too short? By modern standards I find the game is a decent length. 13 levels is pretty good, and the game could even be like 20+ hours if you explore
  7. doom 2 doom 2016 = doom 64 (this is tough for me, but I might go with doom 2016) doom 3 doom 1 Final Doom
  8. Well yeah, they look cartoonish for sure. I mean why they hell are they now the hardest enemy in the game, coming from generic demon cannon fodder in the originals?
  9. I still don't get why they had to make pinkies so damn jacked
  10. I don't think I've died to revenants or hellrazors yet. They're relatively useless enemies. Like once to a hellknight. A few close calls with cacos, but I'm fairly sure they haven't got me either. Barons and imps pick me off a lot, a couple times chaingunners. Pinkies are ruthless as well. Fell in pits a few times from doomguy glitching and not grabbing ledges I think around 20-25 times on UV
  11. >Mild annoyance >wouldn't touch this game in the bargain bin so which one is it?
  12. chaingunner closets exploding open when you pick up a healthkit? hazardous floor traps that make you walk on nukage? getting cornered by barons in a narrow hallway?
  13. Yeah, exactly. I don't mind it either. Even the original Dooms had some share of pseudo"lockdown" arenas, usually escapable only by some hidden switch in the room that you likely won't find anyways until the fight is over. I'd go so far as to say that it's uncommon to find any sort of shoot em up game that doesn't have them whatsoever. It just happens too much in Doom 4 and it begins to chip away the flow. Just decreasing the obvious arena frequency would have been good enough and maybe instead of tons of big fights, break the fights up into smaller ones that begin to eat away at your health and force you to explore for more goodies
  14. It's definitely unlike me to so assertively judge a game before I've even finished it, but I'm too poor to buy a ps4 or a new pc right now (rent and car insurance to pay lol) and I can only go to my friends' on weekends. So all I have are some youtube vids that I peek at during work
  15. hitscan enemies punishing chaingunner closets for every stimpack you pick up tight rooms full of barons and archviles impossibly cryptic secrets entire levels of platforming