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  1. Glass Rook

    Firefox, crashing more than Doom Legacy

    GOOGLE CHROME http://www.google.com/chrome/intl/en/landing_chrome.html?hl=en
  2. Glass Rook

    So you think you're fast?

  3. Glass Rook

    The Answer

    I'm not ashamed to admit that I have no clue what anything in this thread is about.
  4. Glass Rook

    Death Metal discussion thread

    Seems to me that Doom and Death Metal are a natural combination. My faves are Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and Deicide. But thanks for this thread. I've been looking to explore some newer sounds, but they don't exactly play this stuff on the local "I-wannabe-a-white-teen-girl-dating-black-boys" radio stations.
  5. Glass Rook

    Have you seen the Doom movie?

    If they had given the film a different title it would have been fine. It's not Doom IMHO.
  6. It's always good to hear someone new looking to play Doom. The above is all sound advice; stick with the guidance of the experienced players here and you'll be Doomin' in no time!
  7. Glass Rook

    The /newstuff Chronicles #373

    In my opinion, I've always felt that a "linear" map is one where I've felt throughout that the mapper has led me every step of the way and I haven't had to do much thinking or searching for anything. There's only one way to go, it's obvious, and I go. Seems this usually applies to smaller starter maps. I'd call a map "non-linear" if it has optional areas or routes, possibly secrets, where the extra ammo and power-ups are, but the exit could be found without visiting these areas. The optional areas and routes would make the map easier by the end but are not essential to reaching the end. But these are just simplified black and white definitions, and as has been said above, there's a huge world of gray full of everything else we can imagine.
  8. Glass Rook

    Michael Jackson MMO in development

    Perhaps next will be the Liberace game...
  9. Glass Rook

    GZDoom 1.5.3 released

    Bravo Gez and Graf!
  10. Yeah, maybe you're right. With the name "Limbo Projects" perhaps visitors would mistake the site as a place for people who like to dance in prostrate contortions under steadily-lowering obstacles.
  11. Just semantics, but perhaps switching the words around to "Limbo Projects" would be more fitting, immediately telling new visitors to the site that this is a site with more than one project, where "Project Limbo" sounds like a single megawad WIP. I clicked "yes" BTW.
  12. Glass Rook

    a random idea for a wad

    What he said.
  13. Glass Rook


    How will it be different? Maybe we're rejecting the idea because we can't read your mind...
  14. Glass Rook


    Then I guess you should go for it. But you did ask for opinions.
  15. Glass Rook


    So let's make some Hexen and Heretic maps. Why do we need to convert anything?