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  1. Moebius

    Solved - 156 Line Set Portal

    OK, I changed Portal Type to Static (Enternity Style) and the ambient sound peters out as one crosses the line. That wasn't very clear in your first response. Thank you for the solution.
  2. Moebius

    Solved - 156 Line Set Portal

    The 156 Line Set Portals are correct. I even made a two room sample map with just the 156 Line Set Portals and the ambient sound cuts off as the Player crosses the line. PortalSound.zip
  3. Moebius

    Solved - 156 Line Set Portal

    I saw a thread where someone had an issue with monsters alerting even when they tried to block all sounds using stacked portals. My issue is with 156 Line Set Portals. To avoid stacking two detailed areas with a ceiling hatch I used 57 Sector Set Portals. Everything works. To reconnect the higher room back into the main area I'm using 156 Line Set Portals. The re-connection works fine except when the Player crosses the 156 portal line all ambient sounds placed in the "behind" sectors instantly cut off. Is this unavoidable?
  4. You can make a tall thin 3D Floor and put a PBR texture on it. Not sure if either is what you're looking for.
  5. You can put a PBR on a wall/ceiling/floor, even scroll it. You could draw a line in front of a wall, or any where for that matter, and apply a PBR texture to the Middle Texture. Define it in TEXTURES.txt and GLDEFS.txt.
  6. I have a 3D model desk with 5 displays. The desk is wrapped by one texture, each display is a different texture. I want to flip/mirror the desk and position it next to the other. Piece of cake. Except the displays on the mirrored desk are mirrored. The desk texture wrap is good. I can flip/mirror the desk in UDB by making the Rendering Scale -1. Or I can define a second model in MODELDEF by setting the SCALE to -1.0 1.0 1.2. But the displays are always mirrored. I want to avoid going back to the model and repositioning the textures as this isn't the only 3D model I want to do this flip/mirroring to. Want to avoid doubling up on the 3D model files.
  7. Moebius

    Scrolling Texture on 3D model?

    So far I have this: SHADER Code FileName = 3dscroll.fp //3D Model UV animation shader. uniform float timer; vec4 Process(vec4 color) { vec2 uv = vec2(gl_TexCoord[0].s, gl_TexCoord[0].t + (timer*0.03125)); return getTexel(uv); } In TEXTURES texture BCTRIA6A, 256, 256 { XScale 2 YScale 2 Patch BCTRIA6A, 0, 0 } In GLDEFS HardwareShader "textures/bctria6a.png" { Shader "shaders/3dscroll.fp" Speed 1.0 } If "bctria6a.png" is a single diffuse texture it works. I took my diffuse/normal/specular images and blended them in GIMP to make a single texture. Semi-acceptable, but no real "shine" or "depth". I wanted to use something like this (also identified in GLDEFS): material texture "textures/BACTRIA6.png" { normal normal/BACTRIA6n.png specular specular/BACTRIA6s.png specularlevel 1 glossiness 4 } This DNS texture will not scroll on the 3D model. It will scroll if I assign it to a floor/wall/ceiling but you have to identify it in GLDEFS like this: material texture BACTRIA6 { normal normal/BACTRIA6n.png specular specular/BACTRIA6s.png specularlevel 1 glossiness 4 } Anyone with some suggestions?
  8. Moebius

    Scrolling Texture on 3D model?

    I meant scrolling like linedef scrolling. I've animated models. Have a hanging monitor and the screen changes using FrameIndex. I was pretty sure it was not possible, as in easy. Just had to ask. One could take a 128 x 128 image = Image#1, then shift a couple of columns of pixels from the left side to the right side and call that Image#2. Keep doing that for 64 images and then FrameIndex all 64. I've neither the time or inclination to do so. Unsure of the direction it would scroll or how smooth it would look. I have no idea how to use a shader to scroll. Can you elaborate? We also need a way in MODELDEF to make a SurfaceSkin transparent. You have to define transparency in DECORATE, which means two models are needed. Unless someone has a way to do that.
  9. Moebius

    Door Sound Sequence

    I have several polyobject doors that I have assigned specific open/close sounds to. I now want to use a regular up/down Doom II door (12 - Door Raise), but give it a special open/close sound. In SNDINFO I have: HGDR01OP HGDR01OP HGDR01CL HGDR01CL In SNDSEQ I have: :DoorOpenNormal play HGDR01OP nostopcutoff end :DoorCloseNormal play HGDR01CL nostopcutoff end This works fine, but it replaces the open/close sound for all normal Doom II doors. I just want to change the sound for this one specific door. How do I do that?
  10. Moebius

    Am I doing SetLineSpecial correctly?

    I believe 3D Sectors, like PolyObjects, have some fixed physical properties that can never be changed. If one uses the ThurstThingZ method is the movement on the ladder always going to be up? I have another MAP where the Player needs to go up and down a long ladder that has a safety cage structure one might see on a real crane. I'm currently using the invisible 3D steps method but had to make the steps only 0.5 units deep. It works, but uses 18 steps. There isn't any other way down except by the ladder. Making 18 3D sectors isn't hard, just tedious. One sector and one linedef seems so much more simpler, if I can make it bi-directional, when needed.
  11. I have a 3D model ladder that comes up out of a recess in the floor so you can get up to the higher level. Initially, I made solid invisible 3D sectors as steps. They're 1 X 32 and each one is 16 units higher than the next. The Player can go up the invisible steps. I then set the 3D sectors to non-solid (arg1 = 3) with the intent of using Set Line Special to change then back to solid (arg1 = 1) using a script to do all eight steps. It's not working. script 2 (void) { Floor_RaiseByValue (232, 4, 120); SetLineSpecial (233, 160, 221, 1); SetLineSpecial (234, 160, 222, 1); SetLineSpecial (235, 160, 223, 1); SetLineSpecial (236, 160, 224, 1); SetLineSpecial (237, 160, 225, 1); SetLineSpecial (238, 160, 226, 1); SetLineSpecial (239, 160, 227, 1); SetLineSpecial (240, 160, 228, 1); } Raising sector 232 raises the 3D model ladder correctly, but my SetLineSpecials aren't changing arg1 from 3 to 1. 233-240 are the line tags. 160 for the 3D sector. 221-228 are the step sectors. I'm wondering if it's something like polyobject problem I had. It's solidity is fixed at the start of the map. I might have to raise the ceiling of each invisible step to make this work.
  12. Moebius

    Doom4GZ Ultra HD Edition 0.1 Alpha.zip

    Thanks, this must be where I found it. Looks like the project might be dead. Anyone else like/dislike it?
  13. Can't remember where I found this MOD. Pretty sure it's Russian and it is unfinished. The 3D Monsters are absolutely amazing. Except maybe the green piggy-man that replaces the Arachnotron. All are much harder to kill. Anyone else played this MOD? It's 1.38 GB. It's set to run on LZDoom. It also has PBR for all of the Doom 2 textures. A bit too shiny for me. Who created this? Anyone know if there are plans to finish it? Or make the Monsters, Weapons and such as a separate MOD?
  14. The polyobject door opens like an elevator door so the activate line is set to 8 (Polyobj_DoorSlide) for normal operation. I already have a sound sequence for it. I changed the activation in my script to 4 (Polyobj_Move) to permanently open it so the animated 3D models can move in to place. It now works as I want it. So you can't "remove" a polyobject from the map. You have to move it out of the desired area. Thanks All.