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  1. Nerukau

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Looking for an old WAD, most likely created before 1998. As I recall the levels are the same as the original doom, but there were 2 differences: 1) The Skull on the main menu was replaced by some kind of a flashy thing that reminds me of a blue anchor turned upside down. 2) Either the zombie guy or the shotgun guy was replaces with a white colored sprite. 3) The lost souls also looked a bit different, something like in the Doom Alpha I think. Anybody have ideas?
  2. Nerukau

    (Least) Favorite IWAD?

    1) Heretic -> I can't understand why you guys trashed this game so much, first of all it had an interesting story, the weapons were super - all of them had sort of analogues in Doom, but every game has analogues (knife/pistol/shotgun etc.). I loved the level design more than in doom, because it had more colors, which did not annoy me, but looked to me with a certain charm. Also the inventory and the items!! Woohoo!! 2) Doom I -> the best of them all. It had lights go out and become scary in certain areas, when you get a key. Quite darky levels (atleast in episode I and II), perfect atmosphere, balanced A.I. and of course the levels were made perfectly, not like in Doom II, which I hated most of them. 3) Doom 2 -> Hated the level designs, atleast most of the levels. Loved the Suburbs level, reminded me of Doom I, which was a great thing. Quite a large map for a good shootout. 4) Hexen -> Not bad, not bad, but not too god. Loved the levels design a bit less than heretic, but still. Hated the weapons, needed a bit more.. 5) Plutonia / TNT -> by far the worst. Commercial purposes and thats all.. Repetitive in all. Not interesting. Levels way to hard and paranoic. No fun, no sir.
  3. Nerukau

    Looking for an old Doom I version

    Well I guess you helped me as much as you know :) Thanks everyone! If someone somehow finds the pwad/mod I'm looking for, write me a pm, will be grateful :) thanks again!
  4. Hello. I'm looking for an old Doom I version (at least I think it's an early version or somehow). Now what is the difference between the simple Doom 95 and the one I'm looking for? Well here are the two things I remember: 1) I'm sure that the menu's navigation point was some sort of an arrow, a shield or something with a blue/red color as I remember. Later on it was changed to the skull with glowing red eyes as on later dooms. 2) Not this one I'm not sure, I may have mixed up with some other game, but maybe I'm right.. So I somehow recall the shotgun guys were different. The model wasn't like in Doom 95 and later ons. It wasn't a bald zombie, it had something like - white/grey suit. Did I mix up or my memory serves me right after all? 3) There was one thing more.. When I ran the DOS version, I remember a blue color line before running Doom and the display of files or something, just before launching doom (don't know how this process is called). As I remember the Doom II dos version had red line. The other things were the same as I think.. 3 episodes, when you complete the map, it shows which level-base you are on and which you will be the next level. If anyone knows anything, please help :) I'm dying to find this version or whatever it should be called.
  5. Nerukau

    Looking for an old Doom I version

    As I rememeber - the missions were all the same. Ok, let's try again. The major things that were changed and as I remember: 1) Sure about this one. The skull logo in the main game menu was changed to an arrow shaped shield or something containing red/blue colors. 2) Not sure about this one. The exploding barrels looked differently than in Doom 2 and so on. 3) The shotgun guys/riflemen were different - not bald zombies, but wearing white or grey costumes or something. 4) Sure about this one. As you know if you don't start the game, and wait in the menu for like 10sec or less - demo of the game appears -> I clearly remember that the Episode 3 Level 6 was played quite much during the demo play. 5) All of the other things were the same - weapons, all other monsters, missions and everything else. Anyone ring a bell maybe now? If not.. well guess I'm a goner then :(
  6. Nerukau

    Looking for an old Doom I version

    Definetely Not. I played this version again in 2000' somewhere. There are old disc games containing DOS games, and this version of Doom was in it, so no - it was not a dream.
  7. Nerukau

    Looking for an old Doom I version

    Well, I downgraded from Doom 1.9 to Doom 1.1 ..But I guess that wasn't the problem. The doom version I played had some other sprites, the main one -> the skull menu was changed into some sort of glowing arrow shaped shield or something. Maybe there is an archive or something where I could find some old WAD's/sprites or something like that? Oh! And maybe this may help as well - I'm not sure, but I think the exploding barrels had some different sprite than in Doom II (the grey barrael with the green slime). It looked somehow different, but I can't recall how.. Maybe any thoughts? Or atleast where I could download old Wad's
  8. Nerukau

    Looking for an old Doom I version

    Is there any way to retrace the Doom v1.1 version?.. There should be some archive or a database of old doom logs/wads/sprites etc. ...
  9. Nerukau

    Looking for an old Doom I version

    Well, I might be mistaking for the riflemen that are white grey, but I certainly remember that there was something else than a skull on the menu as the navigation point. Let's say it might be a PWAD or somesort of "mod", but were there any other PWADS/WADS/MODS (sorry I don't know much about Wad's) like in 1996 (or it may be even 1995 or 1994)?
  10. Nerukau

    Looking for an old Doom I version

    hey, thanks for replying, but unfortunately I already checked all I could find including the wiki. But I didn't find. One thing - it is certainly NOT HERETIC. I love this game too and I clearly rememeber it was Doom, because of the characters main face on the status bar. It wasn't more of an arrow, it was more like a arrow/ACE shaped glowing shield or something like that. One thing is for sure - it wasn't the Skull, which happens to be everywhere I tried to find..