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  1. I'm looking for anybody that has minecraft.jar files for any version of Minecraft in the Classic, Indev, Infdev, or Alpha eras of Minecraft development. Not every version of Minecraft that ever existed is actually in the official Minecraft launcher. Many still exist only on the harddrives of people who played the game at that time. Some places on your harddrive to check for old versions are: %appdata%\.minecraft\bin and %temp%\www.minecraft.net and %temp%\www.mojang.com Some old versions will only be able to be found in one of those 3 folders, so try them all to find as many rare old versions as possible. Just copy each of those above lines and paste it into your Windows Explorer path bar, and press enter. If it takes you to a folder then zip up the contents of that folder and upload the zip file, to Mega or Mediafire, and then PM me the download link. I'm archiving as many old versions of Minecraft as I can find. If it gives you an error about the folder not existing, then it doesn't exist.
  2. Videogamer555

    How do I export PNG or BMP from Slade3?

    But won't that change its internal format within the WAD file itself, corrupting the wad file?
  3. Slade3 has sprite export as performed as raw sprite data export only. How do I export as PNG or BMP files so they can be edited in an external editor?
  4. Thanks, that's what I was looking for.
  5. Videogamer555

    How do I make my wad file work? [with color-edited sprites]

    I just figured that out, but couldn't delete my previous post. And yeah it is more raw showing what's there, and not trying to guess what the user wants, BUT that also means it doesn't properly display color (instead shows color index value 0-255 as actual grayscale 0-255). Please help me. AND it can't convert to PNG or BMP uppon export of grapics, nor convert standard images to DOOM images on import. AND it automatically nor manually let me add an SS_* marker for sprites. It's basically SO unlike XWE that it is absolutely NOT USER FRIENDLY IN ANY WAY!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Videogamer555

    How do I make my wad file work? [with color-edited sprites]

    AND they require compiling. I'm looking ONLY for precompiled binaries.
  7. I heard of a Haruhi mod for doom, even letting you use the famous "Mikuru Beam" attack (it replaces the plasma gun in this mod). I even had this mod once. But I don't now. And a search in google for Haruhi Doom turns up ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! It's as if it didn't even exist, no trace of it ever existing at all (and usually if something exists you can find something about it on the internet)! PLEASE, someone help me find this doom mod. Thanks in advance.
  8. Videogamer555

    How do I make my wad file work? [with color-edited sprites]

    I don't want to have to install the required MS Visual C++ 2010 runtime. In order to not get unneeded reg entries added at install-time try to AVOID performing installations when possible (i.e. when I could just unzip the needed files). Could someone please zip up the needed DLL files and upload the zip file to Megaupload and post the download link here. Thanks.
  9. Videogamer555

    How do I make my wad file work? [with color-edited sprites]

    http://www.doomworld.com/classicdoom/utils/editors.php does not have Slade3, only Slade2 (which can NOT edit sprites, only maps). Were can I get Slade3?
  10. Videogamer555

    How do I make my wad file work? [with color-edited sprites]

    Well I have another problem now I just realized that doom requires ALL graphics to use the SAME shared palette. I'm using XWE to extract the sprites or other graphics for editing in Photoshop. And when I then try to insert my edited graphics using the "add" or "replace" commands it AUTOMATICALLY converts to the doom palette and performs "nearest color" indexing to try to match the image colors to the doom palette (often making the picture look UGLY!) if the palette I used for the image when saving the BMP file (which I then imported into the WAD using the program XWE) isn't EXACTLY the same as the doom palette. When I INSTEAD use the option "add (raw)" or "replace (raw)" in XWE it does NOT do any palette conversion, but then Doom crashes when trying to load the graphic! As I said, it seems doom REQUIRES that images use a shared palette and an EXACT shared palette too, the one that Doom was originally programmed with! PLEASE help me find a trick so I can use ANY palette with ANY image in Doom.
  11. Videogamer555

    How do I make my wad file work? [with color-edited sprites]

    Well I always keep a backup copy of my iwad incase the merge fails and corrupts my iwad.
  12. Videogamer555

    How do I make my wad file work? [with color-edited sprites]

    Are you sure the deusf command is -app, not -add? The only documented command line param even SIMILAR to -app is actually -append. Does -app work the same way? Well anyway I used -merge (which replaced the sprites in the Iwad with my modified version) and that worked when running doom.exe like regular (basically it makes doom the modded verison when running the bat file). You can download my "green plasma mod" from here http://www.mediafire.com/?9652e5guu5agu16 It replaces the blue color associated with the plasma gun with green. The desired sprites were ripped from the doom.wad iwad, and using photoshop were palette swapped then inserted into a separate file a pwad called myhack.wad. Unzip all 3 files into your Doom folder and run modinst.bat to cause deusf to run with the -merge param, which will replace the specific sprites in doom.wad with the the corresponding sprites in myhack.wad Then just run doom.exe like regular to run the now modded version of the game. use the cheat IDFA to quickly get access to all weapons and press "6" to switch to plasma gun. Notice the shots and explosions are green now, instead of blue.
  13. Videogamer555

    How do I make my wad file work? [with color-edited sprites]

    Many will have an alternate port, but many won't. I want my wad with sprites to work in the original DOS version of Doom made by ID Software. I'm trying to achieve compatibility here. How do I do this? is it even possible?
  14. I first did a palette edit on the plasma gun shots in the ORIGINAL Doom.wad. It worked. I could see the new colors in my plasma shot. YAY! Realizing though I can't LEGALLY redistribute this wad file I put the color edited sprites into my own wad file and replaced the altered Doom.wad file with the unedited original. I then used this command line to run it. doom.exe -file MyHack.wad I ran it and used the IDFA cheat to get the plasma gun to test it, and switched guns to plasma gun by pressing "6". So far so good. But then I pressed the CTRL key to fire, and BOOM the game crashed, sending me right back to the DOS prompt, and giving this error: "R_DrawSpriteRange: bad texturecolumn" What is going on here? Please help me fix this.