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  1. bankai

    Music and Sounds

    No you can't, versions older than 0.6.4 were removed.
  2. bankai

    MAP 12

    So I'm wondering why the map creator didn't build on it. It had potential, although very little.
  3. bankai

    MAP 12

    Why is map 12 now map 10 from the older versions?
  4. bankai

    Need help in MAP04 (The Focus)

    How does this game resemble Sonic the Hedgehog?
  5. bankai

    Music and Sounds

    Is it still possible to find the old music that were taken out?
  6. bankai

    Sprites Status

    So I'm guessing that the sprites for every monster in freedoom has been completed?
  7. bankai

    Concerns about MAP 32

    I see that the map in question has been removed from the latest version.
  8. bankai

    General Noncritical Bugs

    When will the next version be done and out?
  9. bankai

    What's This Crap?

  10. bankai


    What was the name of the old map 12 and 20 music?