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  1. sym

    Doom 1 or 2?

    i would love to see this reviewer try to beat E4M6 on UV the comedy that would arise from seeing that.. would be near unmatchable
  2. no, but seeing this: makes me blow a load
  3. 2008, yet clearly there are people in this thread who haven't heard about it but have no problem giving their uninformed opinions all i'm saying is, some of these people are too quick to jump to a conclusion without any information people saying things like "i bet they're going to make it just like doom 3", when there have been public statements by id staff saying otherwise, is just stupid
  4. this thread is filled with stupid assumptions and terribly misinformed people i think it's hilarious how little you guys think of id after they are the ones who basically invented the fps genre sad, really btw: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/85484-John-Carmack-Sheds-Some-Light-On-Doom-4
  5. thanks for the help! appreciated
  6. it doesn't bother me personally, i just wasn't sure if it was something i was doing wrong.. i've been sitting here messing with brightness values for like 30 minutes..
  7. the lighting on the ceiling trim on the farthest inner-wall is not as bright as the other walls' trim, and it's the same for the opposite side (the ceiling trim right above where i took the picture from) would you consider this to be an issue? or is it just a limitation of the engine?
  8. This isn't a whine post or anything, I was just wondering what other people thought about Baron hp in Doom 1. I always liked the Hell Knight way more, because it was basically the same enemy, except it didn't have an absolutely ridiculous amount of HP. It seems like Ep.4 is full of these semi-annoying gameplay lulls because I have to stop and take my sweet time to kill them. They aren't that much of an issue in Doom 2, because the super shotgun makes quick work of them. Thoughts?
  9. sym

    Rediscovering Doom (and a question)

    Just for the record, I just finished MAP27 (Monster Condo) and I have to say I've never flinched/jumped (whatever you want to call it) so many times in one map. Whoever designed that level is a dick. Edit: Hell yeah, Doom 2 complete.
  10. sym

    Rediscovering Doom (and a question)

    The games I've most recently been playing are Starcraft 2 and QuakeLive. Both are pretty great adaptations of older games, and I'd say they are easily 2 of the very best things released in the past decade. What I love most about Doom is: the game is simple as hell. Run really fast, shoot bad guys, collect keycards. But, in its simplicity of gameplay, the level design makes it so complex that it's almost unwelcoming to a new player. Even with its autoaim, there's still a pretty hefty amount of challenge for someone playing it blind on the higher difficulties (me). Nearing 17 years since it's release, and very few have really even attempted to best Doom at what Doom does. It's simple by mechanics, and complex by design; seems to me like modern game developers kind of forgot this principle and now strive to make their games have so many extra bells and whistles you'd think a fucking parade was coming through every time a new game comes out. The days of dealing with enemies by being really fast have kind of come to an end, I believe because of the recent market dominance of console shooters. You just can't have that kind of speed/accuracy on a controller without insane amounts of practice. If someone were to put out a Doom 1 styled game in today's gaming market, it would be blasted for being "too hard", "too fast", or even "arcane" in its controls. Want an example of this? Put one of those fratboy Halo/Call of Duty bros down at a computer desk and make them play QuakeLive or Counter-Strike -- funniest thing in the world. Doom really stands out as one of the best games ever made, and this should be incredibly obvious to anyone who has ever scratched the surface.
  11. sym

    Rediscovering Doom (and a question)

    Doom: I distinctly remember really enjoying -- E1M6, E2M4, E3M3, and E3M5. Doom 2: MAP7-MAP11 were all very good. As much as I dislike outdoor maps, MAP16 was really fun. MAP18 and MAP24 can go to hell. They were really great levels but I'm not really in this for cheap scares. I'm actually up to MAP26 now, and 25 was nothing special, IMHO. Hope this answers your question...
  12. I remember playing Doom a lot when I was younger (obviously on ITYTD, haha) but the demons used to scare me, so I never got very far actually playing through the game. I moved on to other games and sort of forgot about Doom... ...until a couple weeks ago. I've been making my way through the official game wads (currently on Doom2:MAP21) and I really have to say, this game is quite amazing. It's pretty mind-blowing to me that a game from 1993 still has the capacity to deliver such a completely enthralling experience. So, my current plan right now is to finish up Doom 2, then go back and play 'Thy Flesh Consumed' to complete Ultimate Doom. With the increased difficulty of E4, I figured I'd season myself with Doom 2 before I even attempt it. Now, for my question.. After 'Thy Flesh Consumed', do I continue on and play Doom 3? or do I just play the many various extra Doom 2 WADs (like Final Doom, Master Levels, etc.)? If you answer that I should keep playing Doom 2 WADs, please feel free to name some WADs that you think I should absolutely check out. Thanks for reading this long post and thanks in advance for replying!