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  1. BondEar

    FreeDM is underway!

    So as I mentioned in the Vanilla Freedoom thread, there's a medusa effect in dm02. The effect is in the whole entire hallway. This is especially problematic since one of the deathmatch starts is in the hallway. Looking at dm02.wad in Yadex, there's a bunch of vertices on top of other vertices in the hallway somehow. On the affected walls there's always these two linedefs that are almost on top of each other. Hopefully one of you will know what to do. I tried fixing dm02.wad in Yadex but every time I gave chocolate-doom a modified dm02.wad I got this: Z_Malloc: failed on allocation of 1558088496 bytes
  2. BondEar

    Vanilla Freedoom

    Unfortunately it can't be used to run Ultimate Doom pwads. Also there's a medusa effect behind one of the doors in FreeDM Map02.
  3. BondEar

    Vanilla Freedoom

    This thread is about making Freedoom compatible with vanilla. Therefore the bug is relevant to this thread.
  4. BondEar

    Vanilla Freedoom

    I found a bug that occurs when playing doom.exe with Ultimate Freedoom and pwads. When you run doom.exe with doom.wad and one or more pwads, a prompt comes up that says that Doom has been modified and you have to press Enter before you can play the game. If you use Ultimate Freedoom instead of doom.wad, the prompt doesn't come up and it hangs with a blinking cursor. Interestingly Chocolate Doom doesn't have this bug.
  5. For testing how well the game would run on a 386/486, DOSBox has options to set the processor type emulated and its speed. According to this website, a 16MHz 386 runs at 5 MIPS and a 33MHz 386 at 11.4 MIPS. According to the DOSBox wiki, to emulate the performance of a 33MHz 386, you would add these lines to your DOSBox configuration file (they're under [cpu] in the default one): cputype=386 cycles=max limit 11400 From the above frequencies and MIPS values, 386s have a MIPS/MHz ratio of about 0.333. This means other 386 speeds can be emulated by multiplying their clock frequency by 333 and putting that number (or a number close to it) as the cycles value. EDIT: These numbers seem right. I playtested the 33MHz settings in shareware Doom and it's just fast enough to play E1M1 and E1M2 somewhat choppily at the default graphics settings. If I set cycles to 5000 (which would be roughly equivalent to a 16MHz 386) then I have to reduce the screen size and/or set quality to low. EDIT EDIT: If you want to emulate a 486, the MIPS/MHz ratio is closer to 0.8. So what you would do is set cputype to 486_slow and then multiply the clock frequency of the 486 you want to emulate by 800 to get its cycle value.
  6. BondEar

    Map Status and Map Bug Reports

    Uhhh... did you read RjY's post? Open up access to your FTP or put your changes where cato can access them.
  7. BondEar

    This is good - BUT

    Well, to run pwads, what you can do is go into the terminal and type "prboom -file /path/to/wad/pwad.wad" then hit enter (replace prboom with whatever the name of your Doom engine is). Another thing you can do is associate .wad and .WAD files with your engine. Go look up how to do it on Ubuntu. If your engine isn't in the list of installed programs, you'll have to click "use custom command" or something like that, then type "[enginename] -file" in the text field. That way you can just double click on a .wad file and it will automatically start. Very convenient.
  8. BondEar

    Freedoom being sold on Apple's App Store

    It is completely legal to sell the Freedoom IWAD as long as the terms and conditions of the COPYING file are included with it. However, it is illegal to distribute GPL-licensed executables (like PrBoom and the iPhone Doom port) if any of the freedoms in the license (freedom to copy and distribute, freedom to alter the source, etc) are not granted to end users. However, the terms and conditions of the App Store require that end users are denied some of these freedoms. The copyright holders of the GPL-licensed software being used for these apps could get them removed from the App Store by notifying Apple that Moalab is violating the terms and conditions of the GPL.
  9. BondEar

    Death Eggs Maps

    Found some texture misalignments: http://imgur.com/a/VmMCi
  10. BondEar

    Death Eggs Maps

    On my first play through of the level, I started out by exploring the back cave passage type things and got the blue key. Then when I first saw the exit door I noticed it required a blue key. So I just rushed past all of the enemies, opened the exit door, and finished the level. I was able to skip going through about half of the map. Was this intentional? You might want to make it harder to get to the exit door, like having a demon or two come and block you if you try to rush directly towards the exit. Or you could have an enemy inside the exit room, one that makes you have to retreat backwards to kill it.
  11. BondEar

    Map Status and Map Bug Reports

    There's this one big hallway in E2M8 that moves up and down and can crush you. At the end is a teleporter with a plasma cannon on top of it. So I figured I'd run there as soon as I could and then I would be teleported out of the hallway. Only problem is that there wasn't a teleporter. When I figured it out, it was too late. I think the level would be better if that teleporter looking platform was taken out. It makes the player feel like the level is cheating. Also, there's some texture misalignments in E2M1 (warning 600k images): http://imgur.com/Iv35O.png http://imgur.com/wnLNi.png
  12. BondEar

    Gloomy Dungeons

    I'm tempted to ask Doom's Knight guy for the iPhone/iPad source. The exact source that he used to compile the game for the iPhone and iPad, not a link to PrBoom's Sourceforge page. Here's the thing: if he distributes a binary of a modified GPLed program (like his iVersion of PrBoom), and someone who he gave the binary to asks for the source of this binary, he must supply the source or face penalties for violating the terms of the GPL. However, if he distributes the source of an App Store app, then he is violating the terms of the App Store and Apple will remove his app. This has happened before, for example with the GNU Go app. The only problem is that to request the source you have to legally have the binary, and that costs money. Maybe Apple will remove it if you point out that Doom's Knight guy is selling code that violates the terms of their store. As for selling Freedoom, what are you going to do about it? Add a "-NC" clause to the license? Then if someone sells it while knowing the terms of the license, what are you going to do? Take them to court over Freedoom?
  13. BondEar

    Medikits shouldn't use the Red Cross emblem

    Is a leftward-facing mailed fist OK?
  14. BondEar


    It might be best to finish the free IWAD projects currently in progress (like Ultimate Freedoom, FreeDM, and Blasphemer) before starting another one.
  15. BondEar

    Medikits shouldn't use the Red Cross emblem

    Are you sure about the aspect ratio? Vanilla Doom's resolution is 320x200, or 8:5. However, since Vanilla Doom was played almost exclusively on 4:3 monitors, most art was made with the assumption that the output pixels would be stretched to fill the screen. To compensate for the vertical stretching by 4:3 monitors, the art was stretched horizontally by 20%. This is because the pixels drawn on the 4:3 screen weren't square (1:1). The ratio of the pixels (not the screen) was 5:6. To correct for this in your art, you have to draw it with the inverse ratio (6:5, or 20% wider). All of these numbers are related: video buffer ratio * display pixel ratio = display screen ratio, or 8:5 * 5:6 = 4:3 Really the only number here you need to know for creating art is 6:5, because that's the width:height ratio in your graphic editor (or anything that displays square pixels) of something that appears square in Doom.