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  1. I calculated (one year ago) 11.25 BFG 22.5 Plasma
  2. The BFG is half as efficient as the plasma gun!
  3. Yeah, I hate the plasma pickup.
  4. I thought that there was no nightmare in shareware levels, so that only people with registered get it! Then I realised that only Ultimate Doom has it!
  5. Of course I did, but I said it sucks and it will never be accepted
  6. As you see, I can't draw! Maybe recolouring the painelemental! Then again, that sucks!
  7. No, it's a sh*t eye! You could put a sign that says: Freedoom Graphic looks shit! Ok, Urric's stays!
  8. Yes, it sucks! We really need DeHackEd if we use this! But here is CYBRA0 I can't pixelate it! Help!
  9. I thought the cyberdemon was four barons!
  10. No, heretic weapons summon: Crossbow = Crossbow Dragon Claw = Blaster Hell Staff = Skull Rod
  11. Yeah, and the zombieman sprite is "POSS" but it's summon is "zombieman"
  12. Give us the wad so we can see the errors.
  13. Yes, in quotes, 1 wad!
  14. no, name = "Master Levels"