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  1. GameArena

    Interview with a Quasar

  2. GameArena

    Interview with a Quasar

    We got a new server up and running :)
  3. GameArena

    Interview with a Quasar

    Do you want to work with us ;) . You have to do a lot of them volunterly, but once we get enough paid interviews going, you'll receive pay.
  4. GameArena

    Interview with a Quasar

    You'd be suprised at how many people signed up, most sites have $300+ rates. Our prices may sound steep, but you must take into consideration that we also provide advertising in addition to the interview, which is usually a completely different service.
  5. GameArena

    Interview with a Quasar

    It'll be back very soon, the server was overloaded and we're trying to get it operational as quickly as possible.
  6. GameArena

    The /newstuff Chronicles #176

  7. GameArena

    "Witty" Virus

    Nothing beats my english teacher who would shut all the windows because she was afraid the computers would "freeze".
  8. GameArena

    Bare Breasts

    I... Have... A... Camaro.
  9. GameArena

    The /newstuff Chronicles #162

    tp :'(
  10. GameArena

    Homing missles via a DEH - Is it possible?

    The player will never have a target, therefor no method will allow for player homing missiles through dehacked. In fact the normal revenant rocket shouldn't even fire because the functions returns NULL if there is no target.
  11. GameArena

    Matrix: Revolutions. WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS

    I liked it a lot better than the last one, but would say it's equal to the first. However, I did think the overall cheesiness (is that a word?) seemed to really reach the extremities in Revolutions. Definitely one of the better movies this year, although not that great if you were expecting something excellent for a matrix closing. There is one thing that does sort of bother me, why do they have to sneak in some form of nudity in the last to films? It's such a dramatic transition from the previous scene, it'd be like forest gump sitting on the bench talking to someone, and the next minute have some naked chick humping him.
  12. GameArena


    There are some rather large rooms in progress too, but in this case the bigger they are, the longer they take to create.
  13. GameArena


    Another Shot: http://modarchive.gnlive.com/files/shot5.png
  14. I don't think you really know the meaning of "Stand-alone", and if you do I imagine you're doing something strictly illegal. If it were truely stand-alone you wouldn't need Doom too play it, which means you'd need to replace all the visual resources in order to release it as "stand-alone". Just wanted to make sure you know, because you can get in major trouble for infringment on copyrights.
  15. GameArena

    ZDoom 48.cab Released

    Welcome to the club :)