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  1. I didn't work on my level for a long time now, but I will post some screens very soon. I'm happy to see that this project is still alive. I just want to say, that my level is designed to be one of the first levels in the megawad. There need some remodeling to happen and some extra designing. I'm planning to extend the level with an older idea of mine, but then slightly modified to fit in. I got my inspiration everywhere. When I am walking on the streets, of sitting in the back of my parents car when we got somewhere and I see something as a shape, I just can reprint it in my head and can use it in my levels.
  2. Yeah, but there was no lack of things.... Only I was very quick. Not all monsters, items and secrets. I had blue, red and yellow key... So maybe blocking the exit :) And I like the fake exit door :P
  3. I have downloaded and played the wad. Map01 was just perfect. Map02 had a bit too much health packs, where map03 had a lack of... Too bad, I died at easiest difficulty somewhere in map03. Lack of space killed me, again. I almost died (left 3-4 health) because I had cornered myself. When I died, same problem. Map03 was the hardest map, although Map02 was quite challenging, just too much health packs. I liked the idea of holes in the walls where health packs, ammo and keys were. Played with PrBoom+ Although I couldn't see all of map03, I give the progress so far a fair 7. Job well done! Oh, and about my map, Made some progress on it, added the first secret and a brand new room.
  4. IS.. THAT.... NEWBIE.... What a killer level Kildeth... Bit much red, red is my favorite colour, I like it :D About my newbie level? Hmmm, nothing very special... Just did some little texture changes and made some 'fail' protection.
  5. I needed to make the walls higher then 128 because of the door. A friend of mine said the door was like floating when it goes open. There was no building etc...
  6. Are my hights good? Doi my texures mix up with the door and other textures? The door is working, allowing the player to a wooden room with a former human and some items. Note: This three former human shown on the screens are not with all difficulties. This in UV stance, should I make more monsters in this area, ex. more former human, some imps, former sergant?
  7. On the official PrBoom(+) site, I only could download PrBoom 2.5.0. I couldn't find a download link for PrBoom+.
  8. Some progress has made and some screens are ready. You start, undead human in front, Water cisterns in the middle, be careful to not fall in. You can't come out there. Left side, you see a switch, there is a floor moving up, you can walk around the starting area behind the fences, Chainsaw near the door. Be careful again, fall off means never return up. Right side, nothing special here exept the undead human. Some health bonus and armour bonus lying in the left and right. The door leads to a room with a undead human, an health bonus and a stimpack. Nothing more done so far. Tested in PrBoon 2.5.0 and on UV. More monsters comming when there are more rooms. Hopefully a good beginning and I will post more screens when I make more progress.
  9. Killer Z


    Well, it is just pizza bought in the supermarket and then it's frozen. 20 minutes in the oven, and you can eat. It comes in different kinds I can choose, but not much bacon or sausage. More Salami and Ham, that kind of meats. Or fish like Tuna.
  10. Killer Z


    Wow. Pizza is considered to be vegetable.. Too bad I don't live in USA. I love Pizza, but my mum won't believe me when I say Pizza is vegetable. So, no pizza everyday :(
  11. Killer Z

    front page color broken?

    I just have the normal layout and I'm using Firfox 8.0 as well. Nothing wrong here.
  12. Killer Z

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    I have Skyrim for xbox 360. Just don't have the time to play it. Need to play this weekend. I think Skyrim is a very good game. My friend advised to buy the game and all my classmate are talking about it.
  13. I'm not good at making some good maps or wads. Can I come in and join to make a map? This will let me learn some new things, I hope. Doom 2 (Vanilla) map. Testing with PrBoom+? On the official site I found PrBoom 2.5.0, is that good too? In what kind of theme I need to make my level and what size should it be? I know I can make long boring one-textured levels or short easy and still boring levels. I have tried some mid-levels.. But with no success. So can I join? Killer Z