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  1. EvilNed01

    HYMN: Final Release, finally!

    You may or may not take this constructive criticism to heart, but I've spoken my mind on the matter. I find your disregard for my comments rather arrogant and will thus refrain from commenting on your map any further. It's a nice map, but respect the fact that I died several times from lack of having an arsenal to fight the monsters with.
  2. Given the project, I like the name mixing. I think I'll stick with Fear Base. I like it.
  3. EvilNed01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Hadephobia

    HYMN Doom Resolution 2008 Fava Beans
  4. Well, thats a bug... Thanks for noticing!
  5. I don't see the point in msking Nova a 20 map wad just because there's a prospect of Nova 2 around the corner. Get Nova 1 done first, we can make it by June, then start talking about Nova 2. Lets go megawaf if we can.
  6. EvilNed01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Hadephobia

    Love the idea for this DWmegawad club and wanted to join in on last months, but I was playing through DTWID at the time and didn't really feel to play two doom 1 megawads back-to-back. Map01: Nice starter map. I agree with what's been said by most folks. Nice atmosphere. Overall, I like how they turned vanilla textures into looking this good. It's mostly vanilla textures, right? Anyway, not much to say. Usually, I'm not crazy about Doom-maps trying to emulate or create a realisic enviroment and this is really no difference. Could have gond without the toilets. Map02: Feels like a natural continuation of Map01, which I know was part of the goal of the Wad. Dark corners and lots of zombies. Feels very turn-of-the-millenia shooter in it's style. A bit like Half-Life or Sin. Just an observation.
  7. EvilNed01

    Doom Expanded Final [RELEASE]

    Great mod. Been meaning to run through TNT again. This is the perfect excuse!
  8. EvilNed01

    Android version of Doom: The Boardgame

    Looks great!! If you can't release it for android, would a PC version be possible?
  9. EvilNed01

    What issue did that infamous "PROTIP" come from?

    There's blast marks on the wall on that image where rockets have previously hit. Don't think vanilla Doom had that.
  10. @MajorRawne tougher maps are right now very welcomed. I'd say map 1-10 could easily be map 1-5 in many other megawads.
  11. As it stands now, this is my suggestions; MAP01 Outpost by PRIMEVAL MAP02 Untitled/Admin.wad by Jaws in Space (Admin.wad) MAP03 WTP.wad by mrthejoshmon (WTP.wad) MAP04 Factory Factor by EvilNed (Map01 in EvilNedv5.wad) Map05 Hazard Facility by kildeth Map06 Sewage Processing by Arjak (sewage.wad) Map07 Service Station Sick by EvilNed (Map02 in EvilNedv5.wad) Map08 Suspend by Fuzzyfireball Map09 Hell's Furnace by EvilNed (Map03 in EvilNedv5.wad) Map10 Phobus Anamoly by Phobus Map11 Roundtable by EVilNed (Map05 in EvilNedv5.wad) Map12 Teleportarium by Paul D (telep3.wad) Map13 Warehouse District by sgt Dopey Map14 Cistern / Ring of Gyges by Stygian (cistern3.wad) Map15 The Prisoner by cannonball Map16 Man Cub Up by EvilNed (Map04 in EvilNedv5.wad) Map17 Power Core by cannonball (Power Core.wad) Map18 Bad Blood by Mouldy (badblood2.wad) Map19 Sewer City by EvilNed (Map06 in EvilNedv5.wad) Map20 Extorta Nova by fiend-o-hell here's a .rar file with all the maps: http://www.filmklubben.eu/wads/NOVA_Alpha.rar
  12. Just started another map, mostly because of the lack of hellish stuff in this project. Also, it will be my first hell map, so it'll be interesting to see what comes off it.
  13. I played through most of the maps like a week ago. We have very many "easy" or starter maps at the moment, so anything you guys can do to up the difficulty just a little bit would be great! I could rework my MAP01 as well, make it a bit tougher. Add chaingun guys and stuff like that.
  14. Here's version 2 of E4M9 (E1M9 done in E4 style). Pretty much finished save for any bugs you might find. http://www.filmklubben.eu/wads/E4M9ver2.wad