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  1. UnendingRequiem


    New trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwdBXvWodis
  2. UnendingRequiem

    Heretic III / HeXen III

    You're joking? I always thought heretic meant blasphemer.
  3. UnendingRequiem

    I'm rather into wolfenstein now

    Anyone notice how the maps are all swastikas?
  4. UnendingRequiem


    Wow, that's a great trailer. The more I learn about Brink, the more I look forward to it. This may be the first game I buy in over a month.
  5. UnendingRequiem


    Quake Wars was just an unbalanced version of Battlefield...
  6. UnendingRequiem

    Darkspore beta

  7. UnendingRequiem

    Heretic III / HeXen III

    Maybe someone should mention that console piracy is just as rampant as PC piracy, in fact, it's easier. Trust me...
  8. UnendingRequiem


    Or his use of quotation marks around "excitement"
  9. UnendingRequiem


    I find your post hilarious, despite the fact that I don't know why...
  10. UnendingRequiem

    Darkspore beta

    My computer can't even run Battlefield 2142 on the lowest settings without it being extremely slow and laggy, even in off-line single player. And my comp came out at about the same time as BF2142.
  11. UnendingRequiem

    Duke Never Comes Early

    Fox News HATES Duke Nukem, that means it must be good
  12. UnendingRequiem

    Heretic III / HeXen III

    This generation they started something new in the industry, where it's common practice to dumb down games for console players.
  13. UnendingRequiem

    Firefox 4.0 released!

    What's new in FF4? I can't tell any difference.
  14. UnendingRequiem

    another DOOM 4 thread

  15. UnendingRequiem

    Darkspore beta

    Your girlfriend plays games with you? You lucky dog, don't let her go.