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  1. Nice changes, but I kinda loved old shotgun sound. Still waiting for shotgun's unloading function. Is there's any way to make rocket launcher and barrels be able to set some enemies on fire? For example, enemies within certain radius of explosion may be caught in flames, instead of taking direct damage from explosion. Also I'd love to see carbonization effect for deaths from BFG. Is magazine ammo meter turned off? Because all I can see is overall ammo count (with and without BrutalDoomClassicSBARFix.wad)
  2. Demons can't hurt crouching player. They just standing here and biting air around me. I've only seen damage when stepped a little towards them. Pic for visual reference when there's no damage. Rescuable marines acting rather strange. Here's one executing other marines And they won't follow me, just running away from me, playing their own Doom. Or running in circles in areas like this
  3. Yay! Now plasmagun really shines and sounds, Rocket drums and power cells are all over the floor! Still waiting for unloadable shotgun. Everything else ROCKS!
  4. Me too. No shots from me, blood not mine. After his death I successfully climbed where's he were standing. My shots here were harmless to me. Seems like bullets spawning at dude's head's level and ricochetting.
  5. Demons often can't hurt you if you crouch.
  6. @Mr. Chris: I getting something similar while firing at walls/enemies at close range with plasma. I only hear blast or pain sounds. And 1 shot is enough. @KwadDamyj: My plasma blasts are light blue with little shade of purple. Using Skulltag.
  7. Kick during ssg reloading makes all weapons unusable as well as kick. Weapon sprite disappears at the start of a kick. After kick animations ends there is.. that Shotgun reloading sequence cannot be cancelled with kick. It is only can be cancelled with shot or weapon switch. But when you switch back to it, it will automatically continue reloading sequence. Kick is unusable during plasmagun cooling time ("yellow mode") after regular or alternative fire. Plasmagun reloading animation is strange. It's looks like you taking off and placing back the same powercells. Maybe it should eject used powercell to the right out of gun, with little smoke trail behind powercell. So basically it will be similar to rifle reloading, with the powercell (those small ones) instead of a mag. Plasmagun will be slightly turned CCW (15 degrees) for a moment of ejection. "Blue mode" plasmagun glow on sprite looks too messy, is there's a way to make glow like those plasma bolts (3D stuff)? And it'll be good to add sound indication of the plasmagun modes. Hissing for the yellow mode, buzzing for the blue mode, short *beep* sound to indicate the yellow to green mode switching.
  8. Hell Knight's/Baron's Suicide Here his fire collides with upper and lower parts of "window". Fire simply detonates at the ceiling level at the emitting point. Baron is fried again. Similar happens to Imps. @Mr. Chris: At health more than 140% (or near) their attacks are not fatal. I survived some encounters like this. And like Sergeant_Mark_IV said it teaches to take enemy seriously. Look at this monster, he is taller and more muscular than usual man. So he really can simply tear you once he have a grip on you.
  9. @Sergeant_Mark_IV: Sorry, my mistake. It seems that "Living End" moment really shook me up so I forgot that teleportation was always like this. Just checked under DOSBox.
  10. @Haematobic, @DooM_RO: After a Doom 2 playthrough on ultra-violence I see that every weapon is pretty balanced (except some issues) and therefore needs no increase in speed or damage. It all comes to right usage of arsenal according to situation. My vision of mini-gun is in shredding pack of a zombies, keeping tight corridor under fire, when it's party time, moving down some enemies like cacodemons or hell knights, holing down pack of demons. BTW there's a good plasma-gun almost without spreading ;) But I like idea of a tracer round that is fired each 10th shot, little less spreading of a normal rounds, damage effect of an Imp fireball and maybe going through multiple targets. Isn't it a fun, setting little zombies on fire? @engineer: Both sounds are good, original feels like it powerful .50 cal machine-gun tearing enemies in two. Yours gives a feel of speed and makes clench teeth tightly and "die already" words whirling in my head while barrels rotate. My suggestion is GAU-19 firing sound. But I fear that it will need some work to make a sound match graphics. Also sounds of barrels slowing down when mini-gun stops firing really doesn't match animation (barrels simply stop at once). It'll be good if it will make slowdown animation so the next bullet will be charged while barrels stop, with shorter sfx. @Mr. Chris: I even got Imp suicides. Not sure, but I also saw something like hell knight's self injury. @Sergeant_Mark_IV: I strongly concerned about teleportation delay, when it's impossible to aim, but everybody taking aim at you. E.g. got some troubles on "Living End" level at teleporter where you appering near some shotgun zombies, three revenants. Lost 100 hp's there. About rocket launcher - sounds good :)
  11. Is gaining health and armor above 200% a feature of mod? Never seen this before.
  12. This mod is thousands of tons of fun. I have some suggestions: - maybe 600 round belt for chain-gun is normal, but rocket launcher with 100 round belt confusing me. It must dramatically slow you down. What about giving it 6 (or 3) round drum and slightly increasing splash damage to cover reloading blackout; - burst mode for chain-gun alt-fire that will fire at 3.5 speed of normal fire and overheating it after 50-60 round for 4-5 seconds (like plasma gun delay between consequential shots) as last resort option when got cornered or just want to feel like A-10 Thunderbolt; - good point, shotgun's alt-fire is still unoccupied. It'll be good if consequently pressing alt-fire button we will eject ammo for use in SSG; - I agree;