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  1. Took me a few tries to survive, and then a few more to find the secrets. But I liked it a lot! Demos recorded with dsda-doom v0.27.5 -complevel -1 -skill 2 earthbase.lmp.7z
  2. epg

    moop.wad Version 2

    I got fragged by... myself? I might not be smart enough for this one. Also gzdoom 4.11.3 reports many errors:
  3. "i was too lazy" and "i was´╗┐ bored" are unlikely to inspire anyone to give this a try.
  4. I'm terrible and never play at UV, but I thought I might be able to handle it given the size of the arena and your generous allowance to choose the monster density... So here it is! Once again: thank you and happy Chanukah! Chanukah.uv.lmp.7z
  5. Happy Chanukah, alando1! I enjoyed this a lot! Not sure why it's not getting any attention... Here's my demo, recorded in gzdoom 4.11.3. Thanks! Chanukah.lmp.7z
  6. epg

    Only Pistol For You!!! WAD Game

    It's... interesting :) I fell a lot... OnlyPistolForYou.lmp.7z (recorded with GZDoom 4.11.3)
  7. This is great! WOOD5 was always my favorite, but I never dreamed of a map with no other texture. The buttons were clever. Nice work! Here's an FDA from an old, rusty player, played awkwardly on a laptop and without my trusty trackball :) Recorded with dsda-doom v0.27.4 Wood5forLife.lmp.7z
  8. epg

    i made my first doom WAD !!

    @kaimilus, are you planning to share more maps? I thought these were a pretty good start! When my friends and I were your age, our maps were not this good :) I'm going to show this to my kids to see if I can drum up their interest... Thank you, and keep it up!
  9. epg

    Doom 1 and 2 maps mapped

    I exchanged mail with him back in May. His response was the usual embarrassed of the code and it's stuck in a rewrite. I see that a lot from people who haven't worked on free software before. Anyway we all think our code is crappy. Oh well.
  10. epg

    Odamex Saturday Nitro #2

    I missed most of the action (I'm on Pacific time, and couldn't get on until after 9), but did get to fight two duels. So far, both my Doom deathmatch experiences have just been one-on-one :) Even so, it's quite different from my only other deathmatch experience, playing far too much Quake 2 in college. If there are any other west coast players out there, how about coming back for a PDT round next Saturday? :)
  11. http://www.teaser.fr/~amajorel/doom/dck22-f.zip It at least started and loaded a map under DOSBox; I haven't tried to edit anything. I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  12. Again, thanks for all the feedback. I have the second (and probably final) version ready. Changes: * added some stimpacks and ammo on UV * made two secrets more obvious with off textures; I maintain that the other secrets are already sufficiently marked. You just have to be paying close attention. * recorded new demos which reveal two secrets * placed multi-player starts reasonably (maybe?); earlier I had them all clustered in the sewers just to shutup DEU's warnings when they're missing Finally, I added a text file; since the response wasn't "this is irredeemable crap", and this generated some interesting discussion, I thought I'd try for a larger audience.
  13. esselfortium, sorry, I did not mean to knock Doom Builder, as I have not tried it :). It does sound interesting. Mr. Chris, I was using the DJGPP build of DEU 5.21, which has no such memory limitation thanks to DJGPP's old GO32 extender. DETH uses it, too. hex11, it's disappointing to hear Yadex doesn't have undo/redo either. WTF? What about Doom Builder? And thanks for the kind words.
  14. My impressions of DEU: - It's not bad at all! After a few weeks, I really had the hang of it and enjoyed using it. Except... - No undo! I don' t know when (or if? *shudder*) undo appeared in map editors, but the absence really, really hurts. I eventually developed the habit of saving and testing very frequently, even though that slows me down. I lost too much work to irrevocable mistakes. This is my number 1 gripe. - It's very slow in DOSBox. I wonder if it was so slow back in 1994 or if this is just an artifact of DOSBox or the GUI system. - Though it requires arcane knowledge of exactly how a map is assembled (no detail is hidden!), it takes you far. I got a lot of mileage out of splitting and joining lines and sectors. It does require a solid understanding of the internals of a map. - Some features seem poorly implemented. For example, when I split a monster closet off the outdoor area, the sector number that the outer pillar sidedefs were assigned to was moved to the monster closet sector, with the new sector number being given to the larger outdoor area. You have to select lines in the right order in such situations. This bit me a few times. - Related to this, the error checking functions are strong. Even if I blame DEU for a mistake in the first place, at least it's good at detecting it. - Still related to that, it's easy to change low-level details! I just shift-selected the pillar linedefs and entered a new sector reference for them. And boom, fixed! I've seen screenshots of Doom Builder, or some modern map editor, that has the floor rendered into the map. That looks so distracting. And why should the floor get special treatment? I need easy visibility to the ceiling and walls, too. DEU is the other extreme, showing nothing until you open two levels of menu. I started up DETH earlier today, and I like the way it does these things better. It shows the images in the bottom right when you mouse over an object; this seems to strike the right balance. I'm looking forward to using it for my next map.
  15. Thanks for the comments, everyone! Especially Memfl, for the demo, and esselfortium, for the thorough criticism; that's the only way I can improve. But also thank you guys for the positive comments; I honestly didn't expect any. I figured this would be interesting only for the DEU angle. Hehe, sorry about the shortage of health and ammo. I bet you're all playing in Ultra-violence; certainly Memfis is. See, all the popular PWADs completely kick my ass at UV; probably Knee-Deep in the Dead is all I can handle at that difficulty. So my theory on health was that I should not be able to make it to the end alive on UV, so I scaled back until that was the case. Of course, that means I only left enough ammo and health for someone who knows exactly where everything is to survive... Oops. In the mean-time, try a lower difficulty. While I may have gone over-board with UV, I did put a fair amount of effort into differentiating each difficulty level. As for the berserk pack, well, really I think my demons in the sewer idea was not a very good one. I didn't want the berserk pack right in front of the start; seemed to on the nose. And I didn't want to make the player wade through any demons to get to it. But, you have to really be paying attention to see it, so that's a problem. I made sure to highlight it in both demos. Resolution: add stimpacks to the monster closets on UV. Hmm, I'm pretty sure they're all marked except for the mega-armor. Oops. Resolution: use some kind of texture mismatch on the entrance to the mega-armor hall. Oops. I admitted that I'm unsatisfied with the layout; I'm not sure what I can do here other than try harder next time. Would you mind elaborating on this? I don't think I understand. I did use lower unpegged for alignment in a few places, e.g. the stairs out of the sewer, but I'm not sure that's what you're talking about. Memfls, thanks for that demo! Watching someone else play is eye-opening. 40oz, I was aiming for pistol-start. I put it on E1M3 for the music; that was the only way to select its music until DeHackEd came along. I don't even know how to react to your offer to work on "Doom the Way Id Did". Thanks! I have been following that project with much interest, but there's no way I'm of that caliber yet. And even if I were, look at the build time for this map; family and work keep me too busy to map at any decent speed. I hope to contribute to such a project one day, but I am not ready for it yet. NaturalTvventy, I'm glad you like the secrets! They're really the only aspect of this map I'm satisfied with.