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  1. arepakiller

    What is your favorite sector light mode for GZDoom?

    Do you wish to share some settings? I'm pretty much tired of testing and I don't see results after changes.
  2. what did you use to record? I just got something working. I put up High res textures + UDV (Ultimate DOOM Visor) + Project Brutality 3.0 + IDKFA Music Some lighting effects and wow, I mean I want to share the same experience, I on E3M4 and looks sick as heck, and freaking fun to play too!
  3. Yea I mean, I know maps are loaded with that info, but why hasn't anyone made a mod that incorporates a library of monsters and plays them at random. That would keep things interesting for a quite while, well DOOM is about you, your gun, and those dudes.
  4. That's cool. Will check it out. I was thinking how no one has come up with a mod that replaces the default ones with random ones automatically or have the same function as Project Brutality functions that set its to progresive mode, random, etc. Eg: Lets say you load up valiant with the mod, that that will replace the default enemies by random ones saved in the mod that serves as an library or predetermined set of groups.
  5. Hi and sorry to bother all of you in your busy DOOM topics and doings (also wrongdoings), I'm looking to play some WADs or megaWADs that have a quite variety of demons/monsters/bestiary like Hell on Earth Pack (From Project Brutality) but I don't know where to start reading or what to actually do. Do you guys know some WADS that includes the bestiary or in any way to just load the external files in ZDE without mapping stuff? Any help is appreciate it since I'm coming back from a long time.
  6. arepakiller

    Anyone managed to run Nuts3.wad smooth?

    Thanks, Will see you around.
  7. arepakiller

    Anyone managed to run Nuts3.wad smooth?

    Thanks, Appreciate the help on a newb. Any wads worth playing for a newb and amateur?
  8. arepakiller

    Anyone managed to run Nuts3.wad smooth?

    Thanks, here are your results, and I get a a good FPS, holy moly I didn't expect this smooth. Even runs background ♥ Update: ignore the Cheat for now, something worth noticing, if you use the DOOM cheats and restart game, I get even better FPS.
  9. arepakiller

    Anyone managed to run Nuts3.wad smooth?

    Thanks, also, any good launcher that it is updated or current?
  10. arepakiller

    Anyone managed to run Nuts3.wad smooth?

    Does GZDOOM uses the Graphics card? I got a good one but I do not know how to actually make it to use it. Since it is OpenGL, I don't know how to.
  11. arepakiller

    Anyone managed to run Nuts3.wad smooth?

    I'm probably a noob but why is GZDOOM not that great? I though it was the best of all. Also I was using project Brutality for it :D
  12. arepakiller

    Anyone managed to run Nuts3.wad smooth?

    gzdoom but you got me. what should I use then?
  13. arepakiller

    Edit: Play Ultimate DOOM Maps for DOOM II WAD Engine.

    Thanks I think I will have to learn how to do that. Any program to modify the MAPINFO? notepad++?
  14. arepakiller

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    What about a Room with just a Pistol, 12.000 Demons and 0.1 FPS, wait isn't that Nuts3.wad?