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  1. Thanks, Will see you around.
  2. Thanks, Appreciate the help on a newb. Any wads worth playing for a newb and amateur?
  3. Thanks, here are your results, and I get a a good FPS, holy moly I didn't expect this smooth. Even runs background ♥ Update: ignore the Cheat for now, something worth noticing, if you use the DOOM cheats and restart game, I get even better FPS.
  4. Thanks, also, any good launcher that it is updated or current?
  5. Does GZDOOM uses the Graphics card? I got a good one but I do not know how to actually make it to use it. Since it is OpenGL, I don't know how to.
  6. I'm probably a noob but why is GZDOOM not that great? I though it was the best of all. Also I was using project Brutality for it :D
  7. gzdoom but you got me. what should I use then?
  8. Thanks mate.
  9. Thanks I think I will have to learn how to do that. Any program to modify the MAPINFO? notepad++?
  10. What about a Room with just a Pistol, 12.000 Demons and 0.1 FPS, wait isn't that Nuts3.wad?
  11. Still 2018 and I couldn't even run Nuts3.wad, anyone have any configuration for the rendering? or I'm just hitting a very think brick wall?
  12. I actually like it, thanks mate, now I can screw up demons while I eat :)
  13. faster than "Chick-fil-A"
  14. Hi, I'm new at the forum and need a bit of help on this, probably not a good topic to start a threat but regardless, I need some advice. I pretty much want to play Brutal DOOM 64 Mod with music mod with GZDOOM, using DOOM II/Ult DOOM IWAD (I already purchase both) and Ultimate DOOM MAPS using ZDE. I already tried to do it but I couldn't get the music mod running. How should be the load order or is it possible?
  15. Is it possible to use it on BD2, and then pass all the textures that I used to the wad file? I mean I would like to have them all at hand and don't constrain the creativity