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  1. zepolleon

    The Ethereal Shard - SPOTLIGHTED!!!!

    Wonderful job man! I love the decal work, looks gorgeous. The ice and organic stuff really stands out. Skyboxes are well done for ceilings/walls. Nitpicking two "problems": 1. Didn't get the "powerup" on the start of the first map: is it really necessary to kill players getting the pickup? You might wanna try alerting the player beforehand. 2. Jump boots reset inventory - but then again, I don't think you can not reset it. My micro missiles got removed by picking up jump boots, and considering it's before a fight with 3 PSecs, it's kind of a hassle. As far as I know, though, there's no way to add a double-jump without resetting inventory altogether. Hopefully I'm wrong. Have no problems with the map's pacing and layout though, it's perfect! The second level's hub is simple enough to navigate, but interesting enough to explore. Also digging the new screens, the third one has that TNT feel to it. Vids: https://youtu.be/QZL2iMMlWCo - LVL1 https://youtu.be/RTtvhlVUanA - LVL2
  2. zepolleon

    Custom geometry multilevel megasnap "Reality bending"

    A lengthy campaign? I'll give it a whirl! I'll avoid watching the vids though until I finished a map or have trouble doing so.
  3. zepolleon

    Precision Placement

    Dunno if this is exactly what you're looking for... but I'll bite. Here are a few tips for PC: 1. Right-clicking while grabbing an object will align the object to whatever floor/ceiling/wall you wish. Great for quick alignments, and you can just adjust slightly for angles. 2. X - align to grid, then a quick Q - E to align it's angle along the grid (based on it's snap angle, default is 15). Adjust when necessary. 3. Reduce movement/view speed on Snapmap properties. Lower = more precise placement. That's everything on top of my head. Unfortunately I don't know the controls for consoles, so you might wanna google a bit. Have fun :)
  4. zepolleon

    Need help with custom map + WIP screens

    Well, you really can't. Player starts, demons and demon spawners has to be on the grid that runs along the ground. A workaround is to have enemies teleport on spawn (un-tick the Use Teleporter Effect on the spawners). If your player start is there as well, you can teleport via Player Proxy or Player Start itself.
  5. zepolleon

    Quantum Hazard - MQ6NU6PF

    Map's incredible with setpiecing and usage of BV's. When will you publish the next map? Seconded.
  6. zepolleon

    PHØBØS¦ The Argent Anomaly

    No problem. Looking forward to your next map :)
  7. zepolleon

    PHØBØS¦ The Argent Anomaly

    Hey, just finished your second map (Deimos Mission Unknown). Cool stuff. Like ShadesMaster said, pretty good architecture, and now you have really good heavy-hitter enemy placements. Kind of intimidating at first, though, seeing a Baron spawn at the first u-bend. Also, I'm not sure if you intentionally put the BFG at the start. If that's your way of saying, "this map is REALLY hard", great job of doing so! Have some suggestions though: You might want to set your knee-high props to [Is solid: FALSE]. That way it will not obstruct players who move around too much. Getting pinned between an Hellknight and a small skeleton prop, for example, makes for frustrating gameplay. Also, lives system is good, but loops back the welcome messages. Link the Welcome messages to a Map Object to stop it from recurring. Lastly: Powerups that are meant to be setpieces should be set with Any AI custom filter to avoid players from accidentally touching/using it (the Demon Rune in the O of Destruction module). Haven't played the first map yet, but I'll get to it later. Pretty happy with your map! Keep it up! :) Edit: Oh, yeah, vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GtEgcZMa8E
  8. zepolleon

    Snapmap blog

    Thanks, mate! That's a good question. I'm still settling in on a format. There's even one map that a user requested to be played, but wasn't able to post the video, because the map was broken - I don't know how to present that at the moment. For now, I'm thinking of doing some 'renovations' for broken maps (I realized they take a long time to make, but they're fun to do).
  9. I've worked on a prototype prior to Free Update 4, I haven't checked if it still works. Also, out of my gaming PC so bear with me here, have to recall this from memory. Anyway, what I did is I had the player incapacitate itself on reaching certain health percentage (20 or 50%, depending on default health) and have an integer count up (shown on screen). Once the integer finishes counting, player goes back up, and 1 life is deducted. So: Vitals > On Health Percentage Reached > Incapacitate > Player Proxy, Player Proxy > On Incapacitated > Start Repeater > Repeater > Integer, Integer > On Changed > Test > Integer Compare (100) > On Equal > Revive > Player Proxy. The problem with the system is: sometimes it won't trigger since the player dies immediately (unless you set it to a large enough health or have small enough enemy damage). Also, tried recreating this for my recent map, but I wasn't able to implement it. If you can make it work properly though, it's kind of immersive. EDIT: When incapacitated (alone), enemies ignore you but they mostly stay put.
  10. zepolleon

    Electro City (Survival)

    Made a map, you guys wanna play it? AN6E2P4C It's a survival map that revolves around a power station. Includes unlockable weapons via kills and some stuff. Was supposed to be "hard", but not really a problem for KB+M players. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QdoFirWU6A I need your input guys. I'd like to update this in the future and/or make more maps like this
  11. zepolleon

    Snap Map prop questions

    This. In addition, you might want to set up some blocking volumes to keep monsters on top of props, if that's your intention. Be sure to set it to block monsters and not shots, and make it transparent. Thank god for free update 4, they included a revised BV so you don't have to use awkward methods to keep demons on props.
  12. zepolleon

    SnapMap update

    Decals are amazing Interactibles are great New small/large props are great Construction materials are a bit lacking, but still good The new FX and spawner are top of the line great Also, Blocking Volumes now blocks monsters properly? Neat I'm very happy with the update, but I feel there will be MORE. EDIT: Also, did anyone notice textures not loading as fast as it should when in Edit mode? The engine now feels more like RAGE, except it feels like nothing is ever preloaded.
  13. zepolleon

    SnapMap update

    Z1M1? Looks very nice
  14. zepolleon

    SnapMap update

    I'm at work now, and the update came while I was at bed. This is some awesome serious stuff, unlike Free Update 3. I'm too overjoyed
  15. zepolleon

    Snapmap blog

    Thanks mate! I'll look into it. I haven't made a multiplayer map yet, but that sounds mighty interesting. Probably your best bet would be to use a Player Proxy linked via On Match Joined -> Add to an Integer. Then Integer -> On Changed, have it test against a series of Int Compares (comparing it to 1, 2, etc). Then set individual arguments when equal for each, with your intended output. Then set up your Player Proxy with On Match Left and Subtract to do the opposite. But that's just my initial thought. I'll go grab the map later!