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  1. bejiitas_wrath

    List of all VANILLA slaughter maps

    The nochance.wad, super hard slaughter map. Very hard in UV. Almost impossible. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/m-o/nochance
  2. bejiitas_wrath

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Stalker mods like New Arsenal 7 and Dead Air. Such a creepy atmosphere and cool mutants. Would a Doom game made in the X-ray engine even work? You could have creepy hellish anomalies.
  3. bejiitas_wrath

    why do people care about hitler and medkits so much?

    But wolfenstein is fun...
  4. bejiitas_wrath

    My old TNT Map.

    I am wondering if anyone has a copy of the map that I posted about here: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=40742 It was for TNT Evilution and it is about the only old map of mine I lost. It was a while ago, but someone might have a copy, the Internet Archive could not help.
  5. bejiitas_wrath

    Bare Bones iWAD

    Make sure the header is IWAD instead of PWAD.
  6. bejiitas_wrath

    Tnt wadfile. This WILL work.

    Here is a new wadfile for Tnt.wad. http://one.fsphost.com/goten/cratnew.zip MAP01. This is a good map, and one I like to play. The darkness.wad has some problem with the blockmap I will give up on that one. I am better with the standard Doom textures. And I got a proper file host. You need Zdoom for my decorate monsters. [OFFTOPIC] For the Doomworld people here is a Yadex 1.7.0 rpm for OpenSuse Linux. With the preview patch merged in. http://one.fsphost.com/goten/yadex-1.7.0-1.i386.rpm Might want this for the utilities page they still have v 1.5... [/OFFTOPIC]
  7. bejiitas_wrath

    New Scythe2 wads.

    I have decided to re-work the map as per your suggestion and reduce it to about 1300 monsters, I will just include MAP28 and change the map around. I am sorry I got carried away with the map without peer review. Look for an updated version just including the MAP28 soon. http://www.geocities.com/hungry_mancubus/darkness.zip This is a new copy of MAP28. Just load it instead of dark.wad. I just ran this map with BOOM v2.02 in xdosemu and it ran perfectly with monsters so give it a try. I have chopped out the chapel area, but sped it up considerably.
  8. bejiitas_wrath

    My Doom artwork so far.

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/10025160@N07/ I have finally seen the light and setup flickr to host my coool pics. I have put up the Doom wallpaper and my textures. Enjoy.
  9. bejiitas_wrath

    New Scythe2 wads.

    I have created a new wadpack for scythe2 that has maps 24-30 as new maps I have made. The MAP28 is the one you should check out. http://www.geocities.com/hungry_mancubus/dark.zip. I hope you like the map I have made (MAp28) I made it in 13 months.
  10. bejiitas_wrath

    Nice new Doom3 texture.

    Here is a nice new Texture for Doom or Doom3 Usage. http://www.geocities.com/hungry_mancubus/moss.png 512*512 png format. Perfectly tileable. I made this with the Gimp about 3 years ago and decided finally to post it. I hope you like it. And my wallpaper I posted before has been finished. Check out the new wallpaper thread below to get the link.
  11. http://www.geocities.com/hungry_mancubus/doom3.jpeg I hope you like this one. I wanted something simpler than those HR ones I made before. I am accepting suggestions on how to improve this as I can fix this up and make it better according to suggestions. I kept the *.xcf file this time and I can change it whenever I want. 68KB Download Jpeg, but I can supply any format. Im taking a sh*t you fscking Gimp!
  12. bejiitas_wrath

    Was the Doom movie good?

    I have just seen the Doom Movie on DVD and I have to say I loved every bit of it. There were scenes where they paint on the walls with paint sticks which is taken from the Doom novel. Mostly the movie seems like the movie version of Doom]|[ which is not bad at all and could be seen as a good move considering the popularity of Doom]|[. And the scene where Sarge fires the BFG for the first time is classic. Totally cool. And there are the monsters which are well done and the dark atmosphere of the facility. The only gripe I have with it is the Ark travel device which is totally unexplainable physics wise and I will leave that alone. But the action is very good and the monsters and other things crawling around in vents is good too. I agree with those who have said that the action and the overall thrill ride provided by the movie is the best thing and that we should not quibble over which things in the movie are not like the original story set in Phobos and Deimos. Because that is not what the movie is about. And yes I did wait a long Time until the movie came out before I watched it because I waited until I could rent the DVD. And it was worth it to watch the Doom Nation documentary. Speaking of that, why was the footage of Doom shown to have such a slow frame rate? and it had low quality 8 bit sound. Maybe they used v1.2? Can someone who has seen the extended edition help as I want to know which version of Doom they were using that would have such low frame rates and sound quality. And I thought the Pinky monster was cool, it looked exactly like the Pinky in Doom3 which proves my point. Not that Doom ever waned with the popularity of Quake and Counter strike but I think that the Doom movie can only add to the user base of our beautifully violent and gore splattered game. Long live the Doom movie. Even though Sarge never did the Peoples Elbow on Dr Carmack/Imp. But what happened when Reaper and Dr Grimm got to the surface. Sounds like they could make a sequel. Doom2 Hell on Earth. Or Maybe not. Anyway anyone who has not seen the Movie watch it now or I will send a Spider mind to your house. Go to my PSX Doom page http://members.tripod.com/bejiitas_wrath/psx_doom.htm for a gratuitous picture of transformed Pinky. One of the coolest monsters although the Hell Knight in the Jail cell area is the best.
  13. bejiitas_wrath

    Alien Vendetta 96% Kills.

    http://www.geocities.com/hungry_mancubus/av96.zip Here is a nice demo I recorded with prboom 2.4.1. I wimped out of getting 100% kills. But I got most of the monsters killed. And I had some great fights as well. Enjoy. <OFFTOPIC> And base.wad has been updated! http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=36770 </OFFTOPIC>
  14. bejiitas_wrath

    Largest Doom Map

    I have removed the DEH patch and I have added a new experimental map as E1M2. I hope you like this map now, I know there are not as many monsters in this map, but I think the Barons are still challenging. They can come from anywhere and throw plasma from some distance. And I put the matter transporter conveyor belt from the original version. E1M2 uses a bug from prboom, so I think it will only work properly in prboom 2.2.6 to 2.4.1. #define EDIT 1 Just tested it in Zdoom .98 and the E1M2 \thing does work. Sweetness and light.
  15. bejiitas_wrath

    Largest Doom Map

    I have finished this map and made it much more fun to play. I removed the extra areas and changed the huge nukage pit into an area you can go down into and fight in. Now it is easier to get %100 kills. There are only a few Barons in this map now and I can easily get through it without much backtracking. Have Fun with this.