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  1. bejiitas_wrath

    Adding new objects with DECORATE.

    Here is the file. TNT.WAD required. This is UMDF format. securitronlinux.com/arma3/hateme.wad.zip See if you can find the problem. No matter what I do, Ultimate Doom Builder and Gzdoom Builder will not show my DECORATE items.
  2. bejiitas_wrath

    Adding new objects with DECORATE.

    is this not working because I have a ZSCRIPT file as well. Is that interfering with the DECORATE lump? I still can not get this working. I installed the latest Ultimate Doom Builder and still nothing.
  3. bejiitas_wrath

    Adding new objects with DECORATE.

    I am using this code in a UMDF Doom 2 map to try and add new trees, but they are not available in Ultimate Doom builder. ACTOR PineTree 8400 { Radius 32 Height 108 ProjectilePassHeight -16 +SOLID States { Spawn: TRENA A -1 Stop } } ACTOR PineSTree 8500 { Radius 32 Height 108 ProjectilePassHeight -16 +SOLID States { Spawn: TRENB A -1 Stop } } ACTOR PineSTree 8600 { Radius 32 Height 108 ProjectilePassHeight -16 +SOLID States { Spawn: BRPLA A -1 Stop } } Is there something I am missing? I want to add all new items and have no inheritance. Thanks.
  4. bejiitas_wrath

    Hangar 2021. Gzdoom map for Doom II.

    I have updated the map in the OP. I have added a few more enemies and tweaked the map a bit. I used portals to make a long corridor much shorter without having to change the map too much. But I also added more ammo to compensate as well.
  5. bejiitas_wrath

    Hangar 2021. Gzdoom map for Doom II.

    This map for Doom 2 is a version of Hangar E1M1, this has a runway for planes to land or whatever landing ship they used in Doom canon, and a hangar to put it in. No screens, but I have a gameplay video to show the map and gameplay. Download the map here. Instead of trying to make a Scythe2 map, I am better at making a classic Doom map instead. I played with Text To Doom.wad just for fun. securitronlinux.com/arma3/hangar.zip I hope you like this map, it has more height variations and is pretty big as well. I even added landing lights for the runway. Gzdoom and doom2.wad required. I have been working on this one for a while, now I want to see what you think of it. Did I do Hangar justice?
  6. bejiitas_wrath

    New Gzdoom map I am working on.

    This is a new Gzdoom wad for Doom 2 I am working on. This requires the gothictx.wad file to load textures. This will be a Scythe2 early maps level of difficulty, this does not require jumping or crouching at all, this is classic Doom gameplay. I am still working on how to place monsters, so it is a bit sparse at the moment, but this map plays well with Brutal Doom. I am just looking for a tutorial on how to place new decorative items with Zscript, then I can finish adding new objects. All of the examples I can find are decorate instead. https://securitronlinux.com/arma3/vorpal.wad Screenshots. https://ibb.co/7y9LwXS https://ibb.co/0nz340q https://ibb.co/gjjYFP3 https://ibb.co/YRPZ3BC
  7. bejiitas_wrath

    Fake transparent floors in Boom.

    I used standard Prboom-Plus.
  8. bejiitas_wrath

    Fake transparent floors in Boom.

    Here is my wad for Doom 2. No texture packs are required. https://easyupload.io/qshpuc
  9. bejiitas_wrath

    Fake transparent floors in Boom.

    This is a very cool trick, a transparent floor effect. This is done via the nuke24 texture aligned as shown in the screenshot and then set as a translucent line with the Boom engine. As you can see, the NUKE24 texture is lowered right to the bottom of the lower pit and it is set as translucent. This results in a fake 3d floor effect. Make sure it is only 1 unit away from the edge, this makes the illusion look as good as possible. This seems to only work well with certain floor textures and only with a maximum wall texture of 24 pixels. But is relatively convincing. Above is the setup in DB2. This is really easy to do, and this is a very neat trick.
  10. Is there a way to extract the maps from the Doom 0.4 alpha? I can open the doom.wad in Slade 3, but I cannot view the actual maps. They are in a different format. This is a pity. I think I did it decades ago, but I forget everything.

  11. bejiitas_wrath

    Old Mystery Burner Phone Found in My Bathroom Ceiling

    How would the world react to Doom 2 in real life? Would we be able to handle a massive invasion of horrible monsters that are not very smart, but are relentless and bent on killing us all?
  12. bejiitas_wrath

    Old Mystery Burner Phone Found in My Bathroom Ceiling

    Imagine if you switched it on and it opened a portal and demons poured out. Then we would have Doom II in real life.
  13. What does MALVM SPECTO at the start of Unholy Cathedral in Deus Vult II mean? Thanks.

    1. Use


            Evil eye? Watch evil? Something like that. It's Latin. 

  14. bejiitas_wrath

    List of all VANILLA slaughter maps

    The nochance.wad, super hard slaughter map. Very hard in UV. Almost impossible. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/m-o/nochance
  15. bejiitas_wrath

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Stalker mods like New Arsenal 7 and Dead Air. Such a creepy atmosphere and cool mutants. Would a Doom game made in the X-ray engine even work? You could have creepy hellish anomalies.