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  1. david-arquette

    Your greatest achievements

    Actually continuing to work on a mapping project after I completed the first map. Usually I just get bored but I've almost finished the third map. I don't really play for achievements. Just for the style and atmosphere of DooM more than anything.
  2. david-arquette

    PSX sound effects Vs. PC sound effects

    Overall I prefer the PSX sound effects, but there's a couple of grunts and groans that they should've carried over or left untouched from the PC version.
  3. david-arquette

    Open Season: The most horrific level of IWADs?

    Unless you play Final Doom on PS1 or Doom 64. They creep me out so much.
  4. david-arquette

    Heretic or Hexen?

    Hexen by default really. Haven't played much of Heretic at all.
  5. david-arquette

    PS1 Doom controller

    I use the default control scheme but swap X and triangle around.
  6. david-arquette

    TNT or Plutonia: What was better?

    TNT.. though it's not a fair comparison as I've mostly just played the PSX version of both. I think there's only 5 or so levels from Plutonia. On the plus side, most of the shitty levels from TNT aren't included.
  7. david-arquette

    The music in the console versions of DOOM

    The PSX music will always be my favorite. Turned Doom from an action shooter in to something a lot more atmospheric and unsettling. More so in Final Doom which gives (me, at least) a full on sense of abandonment.
  8. david-arquette

    Does anyone ever listen to Doom music while mapping?

    I'll sometimes listen to the PSX Doom soundtrack but mostly when mapping I'll listen to either the Quake soundtrack or Nine Inch Nails' Downward Spiral. Something about Trent Reznor's music really helps my inspiration haha
  9. david-arquette

    Psx Final Doom

    Be aware of... it's awesomeness! Seriously, good purchase. This is my favorite version of any Doom on any format.
  10. david-arquette

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I'll also say that Doom 1 has better maps whereas Doom 2 has the better gameplay. Though some of Doom 2's maps are flat out terrible I'd pick it as my favorite. But that's out of THOSE choices. My absolute favorite Doom game is Final Doom on the PSX
  11. david-arquette

    What difficulty do you usually play on?

    Mostly Ultra Violence but sometimes Hurt Me Plenty.
  12. david-arquette

    Single Most Iconic thing from Doom

    It's got to be the overall style of the game. Even if you're not that familiar with the game, you see someone playing and you just know it's Doom. No other game that I've played has that look and that atmosphere.
  13. david-arquette

    Were Doom cheats known about from the get-go?

    Ahh I still remember being about 6 playing through 'Entryway' and my Uncle randomly leaning over and typing letters on the keyboard. A few seconds later I had tonnes of firepower and couldn't die!
  14. david-arquette

    Doom WAD wip - MAP01

    Thanks for the comments so far guys. I'll experiment a bit with the textures in the hall and stairs. I'm trying to keep that medieval/castle look but I'll see what I can come up with. Thanks :)
  15. david-arquette

    Doom WAD wip - MAP01

    Hey everyone. I've made a few maps in the past and progressed and learnt new things along the way but this is my first attempt at a multi level WAD file. So far just the first level is complete. Anyway, I thought I'd upload it to see what you guys think. It's configured for Skulltag though I'm assuming it will still work with other versions. Please let me know what you guys think. Cheers. http://www.mediafire.com/?15hb7paw25yx0x3 I would've provided screenshots but for some reason they aren't showing up in the folder they're supposed to.