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  1. Naming the new enhanced port standard

    BEST (Boom Enhanced Standard) BOB (Boom, Only Better) DDR (Doom Done Right) ID Tech 1.5 (followed by either 1.6, 1.7 .. 1.127, or 1.5.1, 1.5.2 .. 1.5.667)
  2. ZDoom LE does all OP wants.
  3. [v1.4a] Doom 64: Retribution

    HA! Couldn't you just swallow it instead?
  4. MAPINFO not working

    Why is your map named "MAPINFO"? Shouldn't it be MAP01 according to... MAPINFO?
  5. No. If they are different heights, you enter ++64 into the Ceiling Height field, then boldly press OK.
  6. Yes, by searching for Sector Flat using Find and Replace mode in DB2/GZDB.
  7. Doom Builder 2 - Enemies on a 3D Surface

    Use Z Height in the menu to spawn an enemy on the upper portion of the 3D texture.
  8. DB2 (and thus GZDB) has sidedef compression logic. It's used only when sidedefs count exceeds map format limit.
  9. Gzdoom Model not showing up

    Can you provide one before conversion for testing? Preferably in .obj format.
  10. Gzdoom Model not showing up

    Something is wrong with your model. Each vertex has coordinate X stored as NaN.
  11. How do i catch death on wall

    Use appropriate state?
  12. That's a bug. You can help fixing it by providing the GLDEFS lump, which triggers this crash.