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  1. Found it! It's after the crate room full of pinkbeasts, a balcony above where you go to invulnerably berserk punch a baron and two tomatoes. I think Avoozl's renderer just makes it a bit darker.
  2. In the ID levels, isn't it always bright? It looks odd in Avoozl's screenshot because the lighting level is low.
  3. Coo, my lists for mapping were more: rooms textures monsters and maybe some ammo and stuff ... mind you, it was 1994.
  4. Everyone knows the true doomer cannot look up or down anyway. If I want to see my feet I have to sit down and squeeze them up into my field of view.
  5. This is why the Bible image is unacceptable.
  6. Romero's always had long hair, I think, so it's just emulating him. Don't look at me, though, I've been somewhere between a buzzcut and an inch of hair forever. :-)
  7. Album here. This was a few years ago, when our Christmas cakes started to get ambitious.
  8. Even on low detail - it must have been pretty zippy for a 386/25. Aha, it's an https://deskthority.net/wiki/Commodore_KPQ-E99YC - an odd looking beast in that it's exactly the same _shape_ as a Model M.
  9. I'm surprised you could play fullscreen on a 386/25. (And is that God's keyboard, the IBM Model M, you are using?)
  10. I know what you mean but I've not really felt the need with the weapon colours for high/medium/low ammo.
  11. It's... your elbow?
  12. I do like Fortress of Mystery - it was one hell of a surprise the first time we hit it, in co-op multiplayer. I still don't like most of Doom 2's gimmick levels, and never did, so that's holding them to the standards of the iwads. (Each to their own, and all that, I'm not saying you shouldn't like them - but for me, it's not about modern mapping at all...)
  13. I'm invisible.
  14. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say "probably seawater".