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  1. rgerber

    Doom Music Teaser

    Hello there. Shameless self-promoting the Vintage Doom Music project again. Before you rip it apart and judge by the first few tracks. Let me say that this music project/pack for Doom 1/2 has got nothing to do with Doom Metal music. https://www.doomworld.com/vb/creative-works/72002-vintage-doom-music-orchestrated-original-compositions/ It's a project that's trying to reimagine the Doom midi music using sampled orchestra instruments. As opposition to pure metal chugging and thrash metal, it's going the way of acoustic music only. Everything could be played by acoustic instruments. This is the first music-project going this way I know of. To tribute the way of the Doom Midi music. Those are actual tunes, and not soundscapes. Each track is trying to re-capture the emotional content of an actual Doom Level-Track. Each is an original composition with new melodies and harmonic structures. Tributing the 12-Bar progression, Metallica/Pantera/Motörhead. To give it a new look at familiar old things. Before you misjudge it. Give it a try I dare. It's the kind of music that's going back to the basics I'd expect from a new Doom. Not the typical modern Ambient/Industrial/Chugging/Thrash. Thank you. I compose each track from the memories of each Level-Music. I played Doom so much that I can hum each tune. So please give it a try. If you really love Doom and can't hear that in my music. I'm really sorry for you.
  2. ======================================== Hey there! I just wanted to take note that this project has been making progress. Currently there are 29 Tracks released on Soundcloud The project will be a Music Pack/Wad to replace all of Doom 1 & 2! With new original compositions that emulate their respective counterparts using only classical Instruments. One of the first or few Doom music projects that goes a different way and captures the midi format with acoustic music, instead of going the all Metal way. The project still needs some decisions of how/where to assign tracks to corresponding level. All help is welcomed making those decisions! See the original (updated) thread at Doomsday Forums ========================================
  3. Hello there. I probably went over your message a bit sorry. I will upload the sound project to YouTube in near future. Because it probably get's a lot more feedback. That's unfortunate to hear you can't visit Soundcloud. I guess it's a welcome greet to the modern internet, where half of the Browsers get prohibited their access, because they are outdated, incompatible or anything (means you are OLD!). I will also release the project as a Doom WAD/Music Pack. But not before I released some more tracks to the public. Allthough there are about 20 tracks, the project is ongoing for an unspecified timespan (lifetime probably). A few more are needed to fill all of Doom 1+2.
  4. rgerber

    Doom [4] reveal first impressions

    Did any of the fatalities involve the twisting of nipples?
  5. rgerber

    Will Doom 4 have music like Doom 1 and 2?

    No it won't ;) (see my signature) Probably it's gonna be sort of a cinematic minimal (spooky-accents) or epic soundtrack (bombastic, war-drums). If it's industrial-Ambient I have bad hopes, because the Quake 3 Soundtrack and especially Quake 2 are kickass pieces of art. But I see more something of a techno-style influence you would find in an old Free-G racing game.
  6. rgerber

    How will Doom 4 depict Hell?

    @ Piper Maru Way too fucking cool. Primary structures are a thing of the past. That's absolutely as I would like to see Hell in fashion. But unfortunately it will rather be cramped and unorganized and there will be no bold design. In a bad way featureless. You will not get a giant symmetrical temple structure, no bold stone-pillars or anything the like. It's just too primary. And modern sense of aesthetics do not allow that, at least I won't see that coming :( I love the fact that Doom depended on strong primary color's to depict the sense of closing in to hell or being at a powerful out-of-this-world place. Complex structures will never be able to provoke that sense of claustrophobia and intimidation as primary shapes do.
  7. rgerber

    There's something about hands...

    You know what those hands are? It's a reference to The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Every Movie with a hero references it. The Doom-Marine has a dark background story. In the end it's revealed that he is partially, or halfway one of "them". That he sort of had a contact with the evil powers (Demons), so he is basically having a deeper relation to his enemy's. Because He is the ONE It's like having cancer and being doomed to die in the first place. So the only thing left to do is take as much of them with you as possible. And I perceive that as a very boring and uninspired side-aspect....
  8. rgerber

    We gotta figure out what those Russians are doing.

    Please, please let me also citate John Carmack, somewhere in the 90's development of Doom/Quake following: "Story in a game is like a story in a porn movie." -John Carmack
  9. rgerber

    We gotta figure out what those Russians are doing.

    I'm voting this to be the most generic footage I've ever saw! Pseudo-Cinematic's are always a sign of bad gameplay (greetings to every modern FPS) The sense of colors are the usual wash of grey and brown The Locales are a master-class of being generic and uninspired The Weapons look like your usual hunk of mechanics that don't even have the slightest touch of aesthetics to them (Doom Shotgun hell yeah) Random Characters all over the place. Politically Correctness? Not even one Structure or Object that reminds me of Doom, Hell, Medieval, Space-Stations of the slightest hint. The only thing being worthy called anything "Doom" at all is a red cloud of smoke
  10. Just to inform. I will continue updating the project in the Doomsday Forums http://dengine.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1983&p=13250#p13250 For I see no reason nor desire to continue posting without any kind of feedback at all.
  11. I uploaded a new track. The first that's not a direct stylistic quotation of another track. GRAVE DESIRE on Soundcloud Link Description: A slowly paced track that's keeping the tension up. It's in a rare time signature of 5/4. It's the kind of music I would like to hear if your tipping on your feet through a demon infested base, where you know a ominous presence lies behind the next corner. Thank you very much.
  12. rgerber

    Modern color-grade palette/mod?

    Well, I guess that debate's over then. But it's clearly missing a plain teal-orange movie-style color palette, just as I posted in the mockup above. I hate the look but it still look's rather unique. Any way to contribute that to the InstaDoom mod? I've got the filters saved in Pohotshop and simply need applying to all palettes, done.
  13. That's just hilarious. Doomguy's face reminds me of someone, just can't put it right. Mel Gibson? Especially that grin, does he look like Jim Carrey? I swear that face is someone else.
  14. rgerber

    Modern color-grade palette/mod?

    Ah yes, the instagram school of color-grading. But Instagram is a photo-taking mod, I want this to apply as simple color-palette.
  15. rgerber

    Modern color-grade palette/mod?

    proof-of-concept mockup: http://i.imgur.com/qaj2FuE.png?1